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mandolas and octave mandolins

28 Mar 99 - 10:04 PM (#66571)
Subject: mandolas and octave mandolins
From: Susan A-R

I just strolled into our not very adventurous music shop, and they had an octave mandolin. I love this sound, and want to get opinions on who makes good ones (reasonably priced may be too much to ask, but . . . ) and thoughts on where to find 'em. I try them out and think of trading the guitar, fiddle, mandolin, dulcimer and electric base in for one. Anyway, let me know your thoughts.

28 Mar 99 - 11:03 PM (#66587)
Subject: RE: mandolas and octave mandolins
From: Lucius

eBay has something that they call a eight stringed lute backed bouzouki liked instrument" or something like that. Its from a dealer, and they regularly post these instruments, made in Pakistan, I understand. I can't say if it is a real instrument. The auction house is:

I just posted to the thread about eight string guitars with a real interesting site:

Everything that any sane person would ever want to know about mandolins, citterns, mandolas, bouzoukium, etc...

28 Mar 99 - 11:20 PM (#66589)
Subject: RE: mandolas and octave mandolins
From: catspaw49

Why not opt for a tiple? These are not for the sane as they are the main instrument taught at the Neil Young Center for the Terminally Screwed...a CIA backed place in Montana that trains crazed tiple bands to replace killing squads and aid the CIA in a world takeover bid. Cletus was in a group that bungled their operation against Libby Dole.


29 Mar 99 - 06:47 AM (#66647)
Subject: RE: mandolas and octave mandolins
From: bill\sables

Susan I have been playing a octive mandola for a couple os years now I find the tone much more mellow than a tennor Banjo but the same fingering so I did not have to learn to play a new instrument. After mandolin you have to get used to the longer scale length but that was no problem for me. I bought one from the maker Terry Docherty from Northumberland U.K. And I find it is much better than factory made models. One example was when I was playing at a session in a pub at Whitby Festival, We were all playing accoustically but there were fiddles, guitars, accordions,melodeons,and mandolins in the room which was about 40feet long. At the end of the tune one fellow came up to me and asked about my mandola saying he could hear it ringing out above all of the other instruments from the far end of the room. When I told him the maker he ordered one straight away If you want to contact Terry Docherty his e-mail is Cheers Bill

29 Mar 99 - 10:51 PM (#66803)
Subject: RE: mandolas and octave mandolins
From: Susan A-R

Thanks for the info folks. I'llcheck out the websites, and Bill, it's very helpful to hear from someone who actually has played a particular instrument and likes it I am a fiddler for starters, so I also like the fact that the fingering, although a stretch, is basically the same.

Oh, and Catspaw, You gotta figure out a Neil Young, cia, tiple condom. (just envision it man . . . ) Also, I'm still waiting on the Coconut Song!!!! come on, cough it up like a fur ball, please please.


30 Mar 99 - 12:41 PM (#66897)
Subject: RE: mandolas and octave mandolins
From: The Shambles

This may interest you, there are also some useful links and details of the mailing list. cittern