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Bledington Trunkles

01 Oct 06 - 03:20 PM (#1847708)
Subject: Bledington Trunkles
From: Mad Musix

Hi guys n gals

If anybody dances Bledington Trunkles as one of their dances for the public, ie have a solidly rehearsed version, I would value an indication of the source of the tune they play, and in particular the slows.

Alternatively phaps they could posting the actual tune ... under these circumstances ABC format might be convenient, as detailed in

01 Oct 06 - 07:00 PM (#1847856)
Subject: RE: Bledington Trunkles
From: Snuffy

Tune from Lionel Bacon A Handbook of Morris Dances (The Black Book), transcribed by me

X: 175
T:Trunkles, Bledington
e2e2 d2f2|edcB c2A2|e2e2 d2f2|edcB A4:|
c2cd e2e2|fgaf e2a2|g2fe ^d2B2|e4   e2||
f2d2 defd|e2c2 cdec|
d2B2 Bcdf|edcB A2d2|c2BA G2B2|A4   A2||
M:2/4 L:1/8
f4d4|d3e f2d2|e4c4|c3d e2c2|
d4B4|B3c d2f2|e3d c2B2|
M:2/4 L:1/8
                   c2BA G2B2|A4   A2||

06 Oct 06 - 04:39 PM (#1852250)
Subject: RE: Bledington Trunkles
From: Mad Musix

Well thanks Snuffy

I must say, my tatty ragged version of Mr Bacon's amazing book makes a right dog's dinner of it, so have you cleaned it up?

By the way, what dy use to edit/play your ABC files? Have you tried http:\\

Anyway fellow folkies ... are there any more ideas out there, or must I labour on under the impression that Snuffy and Morris On are the only sources of how to do it ...

06 Oct 06 - 04:49 PM (#1852258)
Subject: RE: Bledington Trunkles
From: Little Robyn

Morris On is where I got it! And most of the other tunes we use.

06 Oct 06 - 04:53 PM (#1852259)
Subject: RE: Bledington Trunkles
From: Little Robyn

But there are other old recordings available - like Greeny Up from Veteran tapes for example. That one doesn't have Trunkles but there are probably others that do. Try C# House.

07 Oct 06 - 05:00 AM (#1852553)
Subject: RE: Bledington Trunkles
From: jonm

The morris ring do a series of tapes, most have been transferred to CD now, too, of all the tunes from a given tradition. If I recall, the Bledington tape was Geoff Jerram, who is a fine concertina player and an authority on Bledders, so his version will be spot on.


07 Oct 06 - 05:09 AM (#1852557)
Subject: RE: Bledington Trunkles
From: Liz the Squeak

I'm sure I saw a Shirley Collins LP yesterday, that mentions Bledington dancing during the recording... it's the LP with the brown tiles on the cover if that's any use?