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Mill Run Dulcimer Band

24 Jan 99 - 08:38 PM (#55537)
Subject: Mill run Dulcimer Band

This month the Dulcimer Player's News featured the Mill Run Dulcimer Band. They certainly deserve this recognition. I don't know where they get their tunes nor who does their arrangements, but they are a joy to listen too. Many of us mountain dulcimer players and lovers of old time music have learned a great deal from their music, and their efforts have enriched our lives.


24 Jan 99 - 11:23 PM (#55562)
Subject: RE: Mill run Dulcimer Band
From: Bill D

they are local folk to the Wash DC area..(I have one of Keith Young's dulcimers)...very wonderful people to know and trade music with. They give free concerts in a local park in the summers months...they get tunes from all over and various members do arrangements....( I go for the autoharps which a couple of them play and which Keith also makes)

14 Oct 03 - 01:37 AM (#1035121)
Subject: RE: Mill Run Dulcimer Band
From: katlaughing

This band just came out with a new CD, Give Me Just A Little More Time.. I heard a cut, "Prairie Flower" on Hober radio. Made me go look for a website and I found this one where you can hear a cut from that new CD. Wow, they sound fantastic!


14 Oct 03 - 02:40 AM (#1035143)
Subject: RE: Mill Run Dulcimer Band
From: Greycap

Don't forget Keith Young's excellent autoharps. One of his fine examples found it's way to me here in England ( and it ain't leaving )

14 Oct 03 - 03:27 AM (#1035159)
Subject: RE: Mill Run Dulcimer Band
From: Ferrara

This is a lovely thread to see. Have loved their music for a long time. Their recorded versions of "Trumpet Vine" and "Roseville Fair" define those songs for me.

They wrote a song, "Marriage at the Mill," which I'm sure was written for one of their members. A few years later, two of my friends were married at Adelphi Mill in Maryland and I sang it at their wedding reception.

The Northern Virginia Carvers give free carving lessons once at month in summer at Mill Run State Park (in northern Virginia, where else?). Usually, the Mill Run Dulcimer Band is playing there -- a nice fringe benefit for volunteering to help with the carving lessons :-)

14 Oct 03 - 01:15 PM (#1035450)
Subject: RE: Mill Run Dulcimer Band
From: Carly

I haven't heard the new CD yet, but the Mill Run Dulcimer Band can play for me any time. We have enjoyed their music for many years; they are also lovely folks in many ways, and I recommemnd their music and their company.

14 Oct 03 - 01:40 PM (#1035473)
Subject: RE: Mill Run Dulcimer Band
From: Steeleye

I love this band! They are one of the reasons I keep asking myself what was so great about rock music. Who needs Dave Mathews or Bruce Springsteen when there's music like MRDB's out there? Check out their version of "Cold Rain and Snow." It sends shivers down my spine every time.

And to think they live in my area! One of the great things about the DC area. For some reason, we seem to be a bluegrass and old time hub. Who'da thunk? We're lucky enough to call The Seldom Scene and Country Gentlemen, and several others, our neighbors. Doesn't quite stack up to San Francisco in the 60s as a musical haven, but close.

Yes, Keith Young, at last count, makes autoharps, mountain dulcimers and hammered dulcimers and does them all justice. And he teaches those instruments and keeps the Mill Run Dulcimer Band together. What a guy.

13 Aug 05 - 03:22 PM (#1541907)
Subject: RE: Mill Run Dulcimer Band
From: katlaughing

Just heard these folks on Hober, again. Do any of them go to the Getaway, Bill or Ferrara? Like...maybe next year?!:-) Still "Wow" when I hear them!


05 Sep 05 - 04:37 PM (#1556858)
Subject: RE: Mill Run Dulcimer Band
From: cetmst

They have also released an album of their (and my) favorite gospel hymns: We Shall Meet
Will There Be Any Stars ?
Deep Settled Peace
Balm in Gilead
Fifty Miles of Elbow Room
Turn Your Radio On
Lord of the Dance
A Place in the Choir
If I Could Hear My Mother Pray
Long Time Travelin'
The Unclouded Day
Across the Bridge Where Angels Dwell
I'll Fly Away
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Down to the Valley to Pray
In the Garden
Lonely Tombs
Prettiest Flowers
Sing Me a Song
Give Me Just a Little More Time
Will There Be Chickens in Paradise ?
We Shall Meet

02 Jan 12 - 07:12 PM (#3283724)
Subject: RE: Mill Run Dulcimer Band
From: saulgoldie

Just adding my "voice" to the chorus of appreciation for MRDB. I heard them at a seasonal concert coupla weeks back. What a sound! Voices, dulcimers, and the other instruments. Just a good ole down home soft sweet sound. It really resonated with me!

Got a couple of their CDs, which I have been listening to a lot. Songs that really grabbed me are "Grandma Sang Off-key" "Didn't I Dance" and their renditions of "Hot Buttered Rum" and Bill Staines' "Place In The Choir."


02 Jan 12 - 07:38 PM (#3283740)
Subject: RE: Mill Run Dulcimer Band
From: katlaughing

My link above is broken, so here is a new one to their WEBSITE.

02 Jan 12 - 09:39 PM (#3283799)
Subject: RE: Mill Run Dulcimer Band
From: GUEST,leeneia

thanks, kat

03 Jan 12 - 10:35 AM (#3284076)
Subject: RE: Mill Run Dulcimer Band
From: fretless

In addition to the dulcimers, etc. noted above (unintentional pun, but I like it so I'll pretend it was deliberate), Keith Young also makes Profitt-style fretless banjos, and--based on personal experience--he does excellent repair work on his and similar instruments.

14 Apr 12 - 08:49 PM (#3338435)
Subject: RE: Mill Run Dulcimer Band
From: GUEST,MillRunSpouse

Please come to tomorrow/Sunday's concert at Colvin Run Mill in Great Falls, Virginia. As Keith Young has passed away, there are only a few concerts left before the band will break up. Their wonderful new and final CD "Roses and Memories" will be there for sale. Come help celebrate their 35 years of being together!

15 Jan 18 - 06:45 PM (#3899869)
Subject: RE: Mill Run Dulcimer Band
From: GUEST,Mary Young (Mrs Keith Young)

I just happened onto this page. Thank you to everyone who commented on the band. It was a dream of Keith's to have a band and The Mill Run Dulcimer Band was created by him with some of the students from his dulcimer classes. Keith enjoyed not only the music but the many people that became friends. He loved teaching his craft.

22 Jan 18 - 09:34 AM (#3901043)
Subject: RE: Mill Run Dulcimer Band
From: GUEST,Brian Grayson

I've been searching high and low for the band's CDs, but the links don't work. I have 'Sing Me One Song' and 'Roses and Memories', and I'd dearly love to hear more. Any suggestions gratefully received!
(Some of their LPs are available on Amazon etc, but I live in Australia and the shipping costs are too prohibitive for an elderly pensioner (pity me, pity me).

I'm contactable at

19 Jan 21 - 09:17 AM (#4088773)
Subject: RE: Mill Run Dulcimer Band
From: saulgoldie


The performance I referred to above turned out to be their last, as they have disbanded. In searching, I also discovered that they had a reunion in 2016. Also that Keith Young had passed.

I could only find a few of their recordings. Several of the CDs were going for, like, $30 or $40, which seems a bit steep. But the selection that returned on a web search was pretty slim.

I'll try to find my own copies, and I will report back.