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Crabtree L.P.

22 Jan 06 - 05:57 PM (#1653795)
Subject: Crabtree L.P.
From: GUEST,Andy

Many years ago when I was but a lad, the sister of a mate went to teacher training college in Matlock,Derbyshire. There was, at the time a thriving folk movement in that establishment and the regulars produced an L.P. of folk songs, which she acquired and which was one of my first introductions to the music. This was the early/mid 60s and the record was titled 'Crabtree 64', (or some other number)indicative of the year it was made. 'Crabtree, I think referred to the boozer in which they held their club. I remember only a couple of the songs on this record, these being Copper Kettle and Navvy Boots. Is there the remotest chance that someone out there in 'Catland knows of it, has heard it and , more importantly, still has a copy of it? Being a nostalgic old fart I would like to hear it again and would willingly pay for the making and postage of a tape or c.d.



12 Jan 13 - 06:06 AM (#3464914)
Subject: RE: Crabtree L.P.
From: GUEST,Karen

Did you ever get a copy?

12 Jan 13 - 03:20 PM (#3465086)
Subject: RE: Crabtree L.P.
From: GUEST,999