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Lyr Req: Rough Music / Rough Band (Bill Caddick)

20 Sep 05 - 03:47 PM (#1567055)
Subject: Lyr Req: Bill Caddick's Rough Music
From: Sonnet

Please could anyone supply me with the words of Bill Caddick's song Rough Music from his 1974 record of the same name?

I've checked the Digitrad and Forum to no avail. Google and Ask Jeeves didn't come up with anything, either.

Many thanks,


20 Sep 05 - 05:12 PM (#1567113)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Bill Caddick's Rough Music
From: Leadfingers

Sonnet - I presume you actually mean 'Rough Band' , side 2 track 2 on Rough Music ! In the next couple of days I will try to get the lyric down for you- But dont hold your breath , as I have the info in my catalogue , but I still have to dig out the vinyl and play it through .

20 Sep 05 - 05:29 PM (#1567127)
Subject: Lyr Add: ROUGH BAND (Bill Caddick)
From: Mick Pearce (MCP)

Terry I'll save you the trouble.

(Bill Caddick)

Come, good people, gather round,
To hand out justice we are bound,
So join us when you hear the sound
Of our rough music in horn.
Bring your pots and bring your pans,
Whatever you can lay to hand,
For anyone may join our band,
Save those we wish to scorn.

Ran-tan tiddly-an,
To play rough music is our plan.
Round this town to ride the stang,
Ran-tan, the rough band.

Around the town the word is rife
The tailor has a nagging wife.
She is the bane of all his life,
A curse on all his days.
With chaff her garden we have strewn
Her step we swept with a besom broom.
Now we've come with a different tune
To help her mend her ways.

While out for one we'll visit more,
So let us to the miller's door.
They say he beats his wife full sore,
A secret so he thinks.
His family want for clothes and bread,
His money goes for ale it's said
But after hours in the barmaid's bed
From another cup he drinks.

The blacksmith is the next to try
He's a handsome man, both young and spry,
And a new wife in his bed do lie,
Where she does not belong.
She's a dirty woman and ugly too
Has one eye and is seventy-two,
But a very long stocking is in her shoe,
So they shall hear our song.

There's houses ruled by women folk
Who cause their men to wear the yoke,
While they themselves in gin do soak
And this we'll not forgive.
Now slackers all we'll cause to fret,
Cheats who wallow deep in debt,
Many more who pose a threat
'Gainst the way we live.

All you on whom we paid a call,
And neath the table caused to crawl,
Your presence here disturbs us all
So leave us while you can.
You take yourselves off from our sight
Or else 't will give us great delight
To call again another night,
With a ran-tiddly-an.

Source: Bill Caddick, LP Rough Music

The sleeve notes say: "In "Rough Band" the community gathers for a more sinister purpose: to control or drive out an element of the community whose activities threaten the balance or existence of the community. All the incidents described are true and well-documented as the custom itself was quite widespread. The practice was in fact expanded to include the serenading of honeymooners. (Yes, we did intent to make a racket ---- members of the Magic Lantern group with others can be heard on this track providing accompaniment in their usual restrained fashion). (for Craney)"

20 Sep 05 - 06:33 PM (#1567163)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Bill Caddick's Rough Music
From: Leadfingers

I still remember Bill running a 'Rough Music' session at Bracknell festival - The idea was you had to do something you had never done in a Folk Club ! One year I was in a Jazz band with Alex Atterson and Hot Vultures among others !
And thanks Mick - Saved me getting the lyrics off the vinyl .

21 Sep 05 - 06:02 AM (#1567505)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Bill Caddick's Rough Music
From: Sonnet

Many thanks, Mick.

I'm really grateful for this. The song is very much in the spirit of some (very) rough music that we are soon to be involved in!