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Lyr Add: The Wolf Is at the Door

17 Apr 05 - 11:09 AM (#1463538)
From: moongoddess

Written by Benny and Vallie Cain

CHORUS: Hey, hey, hey, he's tryin' to get in.
He's scratchin' and a-puffin' and he has that hungry grin.
I'm too hard up to own a dog, or buy a 44,
So I'll just pray to the Lord above while the wolf is at the door.

All my life I've been so poor, I don't know what to do.
I go from sunup to sundown. My work is never through.
The children don't go out to play like they used to before,
And the chickens are too scared to lay 'cause the wolf is at the door.

The landlord comes around a week before the rent is due,
And I haven't paid my taxes yet to Internal Revenue.
My wife must borrow sugar from the neighbor's wife next door.
We have no heat and the lights are out and the wolf is at the door.

He almost got Red Riding Hood and now he's after me,
And the door is getting weaker to this house of poverty.
I just peeked through the keyhole and I saw another eye,
And the only thing that can save me now is M-O-N-E-Y.

I transcribed these lyrics from an LP of mine this is about thirty-five years old. The name of the LP is "Benny and Vallie Cain and the Country Clan" on Rebel records. D. F.

26 Apr 05 - 04:16 PM (#1471612)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: The Wolf Is at the Door
From: chellbell

I just wanted to let you know that Benny and Vallie is my aunt and uncle, Benny was married to Vallie ( i knew her by Aunt Pete!) my dads sister. I have all kinds of picture letters from them, we were very close, i lived with them in the summers in Falls Church. Fell free to give me a call or email me if you want to chat or have any questions about them.

26 Apr 05 - 04:51 PM (#1471655)
Subject: Lyr Add: WOLF AT THE DOOR
From: GEST

At first glance, I thought the posted song was Corey and Trina's Wolf At The Door, so I snatched the lyrics from GEST Songs of Newfoundland and Labrador and figured they are close enough to include in this thread. :-)


(Sung to the tune of My Old Brown Coat And Me)

There's forty thousand o'er my head,
The wolf is at the door;
Finance company's on the phone,
Can't answer it no more.

Two years ago we were living with Dad,
Had nothing to call our own;
Got so fed up we went down to the bank,
Got an eight thousand dollar loan.

Spent all that money on the very first day,
And charged up a thousand more;
Got a truck and a camper and Ford Motor Credit,
And Coke from the convenience store.

Then we charged up a washer, and a fridge, and a stove,
A chesterfield, beds, and chairs;
Blankets and dishes from the Eaton's catalogue,
And a TV set from Sears.

Got a mortgage on the house for twenty-five years,
Cost a hundred thousand by then;
The income tax wants nine-hundred dollars,
Or they'll put us in the pen.

Yes, the wolves are knockin' at our door,
And they keep coming back;
They're beatin' on the windows and jumpin' on the roof,
Ain't much more we can hack.

So we let them in - here we are,
It's the wolf who answers the door;
They took right over - even took our bed,
And we're sleepin' on the floor.

If you phone the house and a voice says "woof",
Don't think it's all that bad;
The wolf now lives where we used to live,
And we're back living with Dad.

####.... Corey and Trina (Fulford) Crewe ....####