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Welcome new members

29 Oct 04 - 04:37 AM (#1310318)
Subject: Welcome new members
From: Banjo-Flower

Two new members to the Mudcat
Tutti Flutey & 12 String Growler


29 Oct 04 - 04:49 AM (#1310321)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: GUEST,Skipy

My I be the first to say "welcome aboad"


29 Oct 04 - 04:53 AM (#1310324)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: Leadfingers

And again welcome - And to keep on my hobby horse , dont forget the profiles !! But enjoy The Cat any way !

29 Oct 04 - 04:53 AM (#1310325)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: alanabit

And I the second. Welcome!

29 Oct 04 - 08:29 AM (#1310453)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: Big Mick

Tickled you have joined us, Tutti Fluty and 12 string Growler. Be sure to read the FAQ and new members info. Perhaps the most important skill you can learn is to use the search engines for the Digital Tradition and the Forum. Post often. Glad you are here.

All the best,


29 Oct 04 - 08:43 AM (#1310461)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: MMario

welcome indeed - please be assured of two things - no matter what anyone says - it's *not* addictive. *twitch*

and secondly - most of us are not as insane as it appears.

29 Oct 04 - 08:44 AM (#1310462)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: Amos

Welcome, both, to our humble catmadhouse.


29 Oct 04 - 08:48 AM (#1310465)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: Tinker

Welcome into the virtual world of all things possible. Along with a wealth of scholarship and music sharing there's a family of folks here who will, at times, love, irritate and bless us one and all. How far you jump in is up to you. Ramble down some of the older threads, jump into the new ones. But most of all enjoy.


29 Oct 04 - 08:59 AM (#1310477)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: The Fooles Troupe

Welcome ABOARD the member SHIP!

Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!

29 Oct 04 - 09:26 AM (#1310498)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: Tansy

I had been waiting till my laptop was fixed to go ahead and sign up as a member, but I got tired of forgetting to type my name in on posts....so I went ahead and joined up too.

****Tansy is the former "GUEST Laoise Feerick" ****

I am from NYC but live in Los Angeles. My family's folk traditions are Irish-American and Adirondack. I have a sis who is active in folk circles in Rhode Island specialising in Civil War era music. Her name is Maureen Danforth and she and her husband Dean Danforth have a band which plays locally that I think is currently called King's Court. They do contemporary sacred music.

I am currently without a circle to sing with. Would love to meet up with local Mudcatters, especially if they need another voice. A Muscle disorder prevents me from playing an instrument that much anymore I love Louvin Brothers style harmonies and would be thrilled to just be able to sit in once in a while.


29 Oct 04 - 11:53 AM (#1310607)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: chris nightbird childs

The Louvin Brothers? If you can do their harmonies, I'm sure no one will have a problem letting you join in! Welcome to the Cat, Tansy. I am Christopher Childs(Nightbird). I'm kinda new here myself, and have already met many wonderful, talented people. Like Tinker said, it's like a family...

29 Oct 04 - 12:19 PM (#1310640)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: MMario

Welcome to you as well Tansy - as I think you have already discovered - this forum can lead one to quite a few places on the internet - often unsuspected ones.

29 Oct 04 - 12:32 PM (#1310656)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: Peace

Nice to see you here.

29 Oct 04 - 12:33 PM (#1310658)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: Georgiansilver

A great welcome growler and flutey. Sorry to have not had chance to speak with you both at Gainsborough FF but was otherwise occupied.
Best wishes.

29 Oct 04 - 12:54 PM (#1310671)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: Mudlark

Welcome to all you newcomers...soon to become oldtimers, I hope.

29 Oct 04 - 01:00 PM (#1310674)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: Tansy

Chris Nightbird states

>>>The Louvin Brothers? If you can do their harmonies, I'm sure no one will have a problem letting you join in! <<<

Well, For the mere fact that I could automatcially do harmonies, I was always the designated harmoniser from the time I was about 8 years old all the way through my twenties, when I sang with my very large family or with my sister. It actually caused some friction because I was never permitted to take the lead, EVER, even when the song demanded a higher voice. My sis is an Alto and I was a soprano until I injured my voice in Grad school. I was trying to tackle a very demanding American Opera we were performing selections of (THE PARIAHS by Leonard Kastle) and I came down with a strep throat but kept rehearsing. I'm not quite sure what I busted , but my range has never been the same and I have a slight "burr" in my voice.

I kept singing for years, but stuck to no higher than Mezzo and tried to stick with Jazz whose audiences tend to forgive voice quirks but since I moved to California and got married...I have had very little opportunity to sing folk. Although I'm 40, my friends and associates within comics Publishing and science Fiction tended to be much older than myself and as a result, what opportunities I had to sing were usually around a piano with folks in their 60's and 70's or older. We sang everything from American Music Theater....Moss Hart..Jerome Kern..Gerwshin... Berlin... all of it. Great times.

We had a blast until sadly several of them passed away, the most recent being my very dearest friend and constant companion, Julie Schwartz of DC comics. (Julie is a guy BTW for those who don't know of him) Julie's favorite songs was "Someone to watch over me" and I swear I must have sung it to him a thousand times in just about every major American city and several small ones too! Gil Kane and his wife Elaine were big into music too. On my first big date with my husband, we double-dated with Gil and Elaine to see Mel Torme at the Hollywood Bowl and he sang "Spring is here" which made us all cry except my husband who had to ask people at his office who Mel Torme was the morning of the event! In fact, Julie and I used to go and see mel every year at Micheal's Pub in NYC. It was our private tradition.

Now that he's gone and I have nobody to talk to about music (he died in February), I started spending time compiling a family album of words and chords to all the folk music my family performs together. My uncle Johnny ( the guy who was at the Pentagon on 9/11) is now the Pater Familias of our clan when it comes to music and I've been trying to get everything together in anticpation of a visit back east to see everybody up in the Adirondacks. I'd help if I could sing some.

Oh yes, the louvin Brothers....anytime you have two siblings who harmonise..they come up and my sis and I did sing "If I could Only Win Your Love" and others. My favorite is "My Baby's gone" the one that starts with:

Hold back the rushing minutes
make the wind lie still
Don't let the raindrops fall
upon the lonely hill
Dry all the raindrops
hold back the sun
My World has ended
My baby's gone

It might take me a few eveinings to get back up to speed and to get my voice in gear, but I'd just burst if I could find some locals that don't mind having someone who can't bring an instrument. I can still play if I have too but it's not wise. I have Ehler's Danlos Syndrome and it's very painful. Playing aggrevates it to the point where I can barely stand the pain.

I live in Los Angeles, near West Hollwyood. I don't mind doing Celtic music at all since that's also my background. Aything would be fun. Bluegrass, Irish, "Roots" whatever.. I'd just like to get out again. Can't add an instrument but can add harmony.

29 Oct 04 - 02:25 PM (#1310760)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: frogprince

Welcome; I haven't been here that long myself, but have found it a good place to hang out. Don't miss the poetry corner, and don't let the trolls bite.

29 Oct 04 - 02:39 PM (#1310771)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: fat B****rd

'ello. Great names

29 Oct 04 - 03:41 PM (#1310825)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: Tansy

Oh yes..and I can cook which means I'd be bringing plenty of traditional Irish cakes and breads to make up for no longer being able to play the guitar! I just took a harvest spice cake (a soda cake, not Barmbrack) out of the oven and have few people to appreciate it. Me and the dog* just took some to my backstairs neigbor but when it's just you and your spouse...the cakes get lonely.

so, anybody that invites me to sing with them gets harmony AND cake.

*Dude, The White Alsatian, 5 years old. He loves folk music too but gets weirded out when I sing real high. He also hates it if I don;t sing directly to HIM. Bossy dog.

29 Oct 04 - 03:46 PM (#1310837)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: Jerry Rasmussen

Really nice to have you both in the pond. If you see a stringy-thingy dangling in the water with an appetizing tidbit on it, don't bite! You never know what's on the other end...


29 Oct 04 - 03:51 PM (#1310842)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: Alaska Mike

Always nice to meet newcomers to Mudcat. Welcome, I hope we meet some day in person or even virtually. Enjoy.


30 Oct 04 - 02:13 PM (#1311531)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: 12string growler

Thanks to you all for the great welcome!! and also to Banjo Flower for telling you all that Tutti Flutey and I signed up.

For the record, Tutti Flutey is my daughter, so that makes me ,T-F's dad, and together with Banjo Flower, Old Grisly, Alvina and Eamon, we are the Rosianna Ceilidh Band. We are based around Scunthorpe in the divided county of Lincolnshire, (stuff the boundary commission), and you may have seen us pushing our charity doo in the GAINSBOROUGH Folk Festival and Club threads
Thanks again

B-F. I found it!!

30 Oct 04 - 02:25 PM (#1311541)
Subject: RE: Welcome new members
From: Tansy

Amos in San Diego has invited me to come down and join his group for their informal get-togthers on sunday afternoons which sounds great but are there any Mudcatters closer to Los Angeles that need Cakes and Harmonies?

Thanks to Amos for the warm welcome. I've started to work on convincing my husband to make the trip. He grumbled "Maybe" about an hour ago after persistant nagging. The prospect of getting out and singing has me working on compiling a personal workbook of lyrics and chords.

I might still be able to manage to play the authoharp but I don't own one anymore. Asking me to try the guitar is a bit much given my disorder but I might just try. I have a Mandolin stashed away I need to take out and restring..maybe somebody else can borrow it.

So Cake and harmony to anybody that invites me to join them.