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New guitar

09 Apr 04 - 12:24 PM (#1157890)
Subject: BS: New guitar
From: Chief Chaos

The wife wants me to look at a Martin six string.

As strange as it may seem, I'm hesitant to acquire it even though I know it's a very good guitar.

I've had my current Montoya six string since I was sixteen (bought it new for $80.00. I've played it in New Jersey, Virginia, New York, Maryland, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

I do have an electric, a travel guitar, a twelve string (don't play it) and a jazz guitar. I'm okay with playing those. But for some reason I'm feeling that buying and playing another dreadnaught acoustic six string would be akin to cheating on my wife.

Anyone else ever feel that way?

09 Apr 04 - 12:29 PM (#1157892)
Subject: RE: BS: New guitar
From: GUEST,sorefingers

Go try it out! I did and I could not sleep till I got it home to keep!

Mine's a DM - and the best Guitar I have ever had the good fortune to find.


09 Apr 04 - 12:36 PM (#1157900)
Subject: RE: BS: New guitar
From: Strick

No, not on the second guitar. After 7 or 8 maybe, and then only because acquiring another quitar requires some subterfuge. Of course I didn't raise much of a ruckus when she bought yet another instrument for her collection just last week. Saving the point for my next attack of GAS (Gear Acquisiton Syndrome).

I don't know your circumstances, but I honestly think that anyone who plays deserves to have a good instrument. Fortunately today it doesn't have to be a top end custom made guitar to have a really positive impact on your playing, both through the instrument itself and your attitude toward playing. There are some fine lower cost instruments out there, Martin included.

If buying another dread is part of the issue, may I suggest you consider an OM or even a 000? Something different might be just the thing. I have a 000-15SE I love. Completely different sound from my dread and a delight to play.

09 Apr 04 - 12:38 PM (#1157901)
Subject: RE: BS: New guitar
From: Amos


Go play and let the Martin steal your heart if it does. The Montoya will understand.


09 Apr 04 - 01:22 PM (#1157950)
Subject: RE: BS: New guitar
From: Alaska Mike

It happened to me. I played the Martin J-40 one time in the music store and knew that I had to have it. I've used it for all 3 of my CD's, used it on stage and traveled all over the country with it. I have hardly even taken my old guitar out of its case since I bought the Martin. Enjoy!!!

09 Apr 04 - 02:57 PM (#1158033)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: Once Famous


You are cheating yourself by not getting that Martin!

There is no reason why you still can't use that old guitar, though you may find that you got spoiled by that Martin.

I bought my first good guitar at age 13 in 1963. It was and still is a Gibson LG3. It was the only guitar I used until 1998. Since then, I have bought and own 4 other guitars, the most recent being an old Martin D-18. I love all of my guitars and rotate them for different situations. They all come out of the case and get attention, including the LG3.

But that Martin, it's really something.

09 Apr 04 - 06:54 PM (#1158283)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: Scoville

I love my (don't laugh) Alvarez but hopefully someday I'm just plain and simple going to need an upgrade, or at least one that has a built-in pickup. I can't really justify having that many guitars since I play so many other instruments so much better, but I'd probably keep the old one for informal occasions when I don't want to risk the "good" one, or so I can keep one in a different tuning. You don't have to dump the Montoya, just use the situation as an excuse to experiment.

10 Apr 04 - 02:07 AM (#1158473)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: Songster Bob

You don't want to know how many guitars I have in the house. For that matter, I'm not sure myself. My wife, Jennifer, and my visiting sister claim to have counted 43, but that includes junkers I keep for parts, ones I plan to fix up some sweet day and then sell, and some I even plan to sell without fixing (they're all right already). I usually say I have 25, because that accounts for all the keepers and a few others.

You owe it to yourself to at least consider, seriously, a better instrument than you have now. Sometimes there's little difference, if your present axe is "above its raising," as they say, but sometimes it will be immediately obvious that the "better" instrument is WAY better, and your playing will show it. It's a little like playing with people better than you -- you stretch yourself and improve. The worst playing I ever did was during the time I was a teacher, since I almost never played with anyone better than me, and my "top" got pretty low, indeed.

Bob Clayton

10 Apr 04 - 02:28 AM (#1158481)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: Kaleea

If you want another guitar, look around. If you don't want one, don't look. The question is, why does your wife want you to get another guitar? Is it because she has observed something in you lately which tells her you really do want another guitar? THE guitar will always find you.

10 Apr 04 - 10:40 AM (#1158496)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: Big Mick

Consider seriously Songster Bob's advice. I know very few people more knowledgable than him about guitars, and he is a player of the first order. I understand your feelings, as I had a Seagull that was "above its raisin'" to quote Bob, and I was completely distraught at its destruction at the hands of United Airlines. When I got my Larrivee, I felt guilt about the Seagull ...... until I played the Larrivee for a bit. It is now my main instrument, and even my vintage Guild 12 string doesn't get the attention it used to. And I love that guit.


10 Apr 04 - 10:43 AM (#1158501)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: GUEST,leeneia

Can you buy it and return it within a reasonable time?

Sometimes it's not until you get a thing home that your heart sinks and you say to yourself, "Why did I buy that?" If that happens, return the guitar.

Can you afford this guitar? Are you funding your IRA? Do you have a lot of debt already? Do you have a good place to keep it?   Is this guitar wanted for musical reasons or for status seeking? If the musical reasons are good,then fine, go for it.

There is too much pressure in our world to buy, buy, buy when we really want to play, play, play.

10 Apr 04 - 10:49 AM (#1158504)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: Big Mick

One more tip. When you try it out, be sure and take it into a practice room. Usually shops have so many stringed instruments in them that the sympathetic vibrations on the other instruments will make the instrument sound better than it is. Take someone with you, and play for them in the practice room. Then have them play for you so you can hear it. Move varying distances away from the instrument. And, of course, make sure the action and body style fit you. You will always remember fondly your old guitar, but choose carefully and you will create many new fond memories.


10 Apr 04 - 11:02 AM (#1158510)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: GUEST,Glen Reid

You might also consider the merits of a hand built inst.
Personalized to the last detail, with balls to boot.
Cheers, Glen

10 Apr 04 - 12:48 PM (#1158569)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: Big Mick

And you could not do better than a Glen Reid built instrument. Price is right and the workmanship is superb! I am trying to acquire one of his mando's right now. You know the one, Glen.


10 Apr 04 - 04:49 PM (#1158783)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: Chief Chaos

Actually, its in a pawn shop down here. The rig workers often have quite a bit of money when they come ashore from two weeks out in the gulf. They tend to spend it like water and end up with diddly and end up facing financial and legal problems before returning offshore. This tends to be rather beneficial to anyone carring to shop at pawn shops.

My wife is something of a thrift shopper and has (since losing about 100 lbs) refilled her closet with a new wardrobe for around $100.00. She saw the guitar while shopping with a friend and liked it enough to suggest I get it. She seemed to think it was the right price at $500.00.

I'm a little concerned that it might be stolen goods but I'll request info from the local PD (we have a good working relationship).

My wife has just suggested that I'm not cheating on the other guitar, just adding another voice to the "harem". What a woman!

11 Apr 04 - 11:04 AM (#1159234)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: GUEST,Glen Reid

Thanks for the kind words Mick.
Be well.
Cheers Glen

11 Apr 04 - 03:05 PM (#1159356)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: SueB

I just traded in a Takamine that I bought in 1980 for $60 for a Martin DR - Rosewood Dreadnought - and I suffered a pang or two.
I could have kept ol' Faithful, but I realized I wouldn't play it - once I held the Martin in my arms, there was no question in my heart or mind or whatever part of you it is that decides who and what to love. Better that old Faithful should have a little work done on him and go on to bring joy to some other new or poor aspiring musician, than sit at home, bereft and neglected...

11 Apr 04 - 03:13 PM (#1159358)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: Leadfingers

At the price its GOT to be worth looking at hasnt it ? If its not been battered it ought to be a bargain .

11 Apr 04 - 05:22 PM (#1159405)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: Chief Chaos

I forgot to thank you all for the kind words.

It's a strange thing to have such a relationship with an inanimate object, part of me knows that, but my Montoys has laughed and cried with me, experienced joy and sorrow and touched the magic that is inherent in music and helped me to understand so much through others songs and music.

I'm glad to know so many others feel the smae connection.

11 Apr 04 - 08:14 PM (#1159512)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: harpmaker

I agree with Leadfingers. And a Martin in your collection would serve you right. (if you pardon the pun) Took a look @ Glen Reid's guitars & mando's, they also look great.

11 Apr 04 - 10:04 PM (#1159569)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: GUEST,leeneia

Sounds like good deal, Chief. Since the instrument is in a pawn shop,you are not being marketed to, you are saving it from a fate worse than death.

As Mick says, make sure it fits you.

12 Apr 04 - 06:43 AM (#1159726)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: spikeis

For what it's worth, I just spent 3 weeks helping my friend pick a d28 martin ( i.e. I had to play them and tell him which one!!) a guitar I've been meaning to buy for the last 25years. I had at the same time to put in my 1979 SIGMA DM2 in to a very special local luthier to be "fettled" for the first time in it's life. - Result was , the "God" of guitar work said he had never heard an instrument sound as good for years ( he looks after very very expensive top end stuff for famous people ) and he desperately wanted one. I told him about the martin I wanted and his words struck a bell - "It aint what it says on the headstock, it's the sound and how it suits you" - Very true I think. He also told me I would have to spend a GREAT DEAL of money to buy a vintage martin to match the sound. This man makes guitars ( acoustic ) and mandolins etc so he should know!!!! I sometimes wonder if people need a "confidence thing" and buy the name because they feel it will make them play better. Oh yes, the d28?? Nah thanks, my sigma really does sound as good, so I'll spend the 1500 on the wife and get lots of points!!!


12 Apr 04 - 01:32 PM (#1159977)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: Chief Chaos

Actually my first response was "save it, I've got a good guitar and I'd rather spend it on you and the kids going to DIsney World"

Points out the ying/yang!

Maybe I don't actually know what sounds good, what has a better range of sound, etc., but I have played my Montoya with some friends who had expensive guitars with "Brand Name Recognition" and always thought mine had more depth and a greater range.

I'll be looking at the Martin, if he guy is ever open. He keeps checking out early or deciding to take a holiday on a Saturday.

12 Apr 04 - 10:41 PM (#1160382)
Subject: RE: New guitar
From: UB Ed

Let me get this straight; your wife said go ahead and buy it and your still sitting on your arse?

Check out the serial number then head to the Martin site to get an idea of the vintage. Make sure the neck has no warp and there are no cracks hiding under the pickguard. But the true test will be playing it; the sound, the action and the response both low and high on the neck. After all that, you still may find the old guitar is the better, but at least you gave her a run.