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Bacon and Day Senorita? (guitar)

14 Jan 04 - 11:16 PM (#1093048)
Subject: Review: Bacon and daySenorita?
From: GUEST,snagger

Is there someone out there who has a Bacon and Day Senorita for sale? Is this a great blues acoustic guitar or am I trying to substitute matterial for talent?

15 Jan 04 - 10:34 AM (#1093341)
Subject: RE: Bacon and daySenorita?
From: GUEST,nemerov

I have one; from the 40s I guess. They are great, funky blues & old-time guitars. Regal made them for B&D who were banjo makers. Be warned, though, the necks are very, very large V-shape. I don't play mine much--I use a Recording King when I need to play a 16" jumbo. The neck on the RK is slightly better for me.
I'm in middle Tennessee; if you're in the area you're welcome to come play--see what you think.
bruce nemerov

15 Jan 04 - 09:16 PM (#1093768)
Subject: RE: Bacon and daySenorita?
From: GUEST,snagger

I`m very interested in the guitar. I live in Montana, but I could arrange to check it out in May. I will be traveling x-country to my daughter`s college graduation. I would love to give it a play. If you`re thinking of selling or trading it before that time please contact me.
George Johnston

21 Mar 06 - 11:51 PM (#1699902)
Subject: RE: Bacon and daySenorita?
From: GUEST,Bungalow Kev

I recently read Bruce Nemerov's post on his B&D guitar plus a fellow whose favorite guitar is his S6 H.

If any of these 2 guys reads this I would appreciate a reply .

I have a wonderful s2H and have also been looking to buy a early 30's vintage   s7 like John faheys guitar.

I also would like to connect with B&D guitar owners so we can keep in touch. Please feel free to post and perhaps aid in connecting a small grouip of B&D guitar fans.


05 Apr 06 - 01:28 PM (#1711242)
Subject: RE: Bacon and Day Senorita?
From: Jah

Hey folks....I've been looking for a Bacon and Day 6 string flatop for years now! I have 2 flat-topped tenor guitars that I treasure, both with mahogany back and sides. Im new here and in my hunt I came across a question..why did ya revive a 3 year old thread looking for a bacon guitar? Well here's my answer...cuz they kick butt thats why. Now will they make ya sound better....? Hummmm that i can't answer but you'll be happier pickin it! Jah

08 Apr 06 - 01:57 PM (#1713244)
Subject: RE: Bacon and Day Senorita?
From: GUEST,bnemerov

just stumbled across this thread revival. I haven't had the time to monitor mudcat last year or two.
As a former Bay Area musician and hanger-out at Lundbergs' when I lived in Berkeley (a long time ago), I'd guess we know some of the same people.
I've been in Tennessee for quite a while, though I do get out to the coast a couple times a year.
And I still have the B&D; though it sits in the closet, mostly.
Bruce Nemerov

10 Jun 06 - 12:41 PM (#1756761)
Subject: RE: Bacon and Day Senorita?
From: GUEST,Tim

I've been hunting for a B&D Senorita for years - always seem to be a day late and a dollar short. Anyone have one for sale or know where one can be had?

Bruce, what style is your B&D - Om or dread size, 12 or 14 fretter, X or ladder braced, back & sides wood, nut width?

Thanks, Tim

13 Jun 06 - 09:53 AM (#1758843)
Subject: RE: Bacon and Day Senorita?
From: GUEST,avguitars

Here is what I have and I'm thinking of putting it on Ebay... But it wont be cheap.. Email me ( for photos.... Here is a Bacon Senorita Special. Round sound hole, arched top and back. Brown sunburst, Martin ooo size, or "C" size. 14/19 one pc Mahog neck. Spruce, Mahog Back & sides. Multiple bound top. single bound back. 1931 open back Grovers, "X" bracing, 4 3/16 deep, 15" wide. SERIAL # is 32406, and was made before the 1938 hurricane that closed Groton plant. I think the Ser # started at 29,000 in 1931 and went to 35,000 in 1938. Orig hard case in Exc. cond except handle is missing and has been replaced by a rope handle ...It plays perfect,and has no repairs and needs no repairs. The neck and frets are Excellent. The pickguard is newer. All else are orig.

17 Jul 06 - 08:55 PM (#1785981)
Subject: RE: Bacon and Day Senorita?
From: GUEST,skovacik

Do you still have the B & D Senorita? I may be interested if you do.

23 Jul 06 - 08:03 PM (#1791149)
Subject: RE: Bacon and Day Senorita?
From: Bungalow Kev

Hi Bruce Nemerov,
I just checked in to the thread and low and behold you've replied! Great! Please e mail me and we can discuss your B& D Senorita. Heres my e mail:


11 May 07 - 03:47 PM (#2049450)
Subject: RE: Bacon and daySenorita?
From: GUEST,Kevin

I have a grand concert 15 1/4 wide (mahogany and spruce) B&D Senorita c 1932 in VG condition that I may be selling. Please contact me at for info.

21 Nov 07 - 12:39 AM (#2198966)
Subject: RE: Bacon and day Senorita?
From: GUEST,Ronald gross


04 Aug 13 - 06:30 PM (#3545573)
Subject: RE: Bacon and Day Senorita? (guitar)

I have a Senorita for sale.I will send you picture if you want.Call me at 518-842-2513   Leslie

15 Feb 14 - 11:46 AM (#3601745)
Subject: RE: Bacon and Day Senorita? (guitar)
From: GUEST,Ronn

Tony Klassen in Chesterton, IN has built some beautiful reproductions of the Senorita...true to the original. See youtube video here:
Tony is building wonderful guitars in his one-man shop.

01 Apr 15 - 02:46 PM (#3698918)
Subject: RE: Bacon and Day Senorita? (guitar)
From: GUEST,Gary

Anyone got one for ale at the moment? I am in England and would be very interested.