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Getaway 2003 Memories

20 Oct 03 - 08:19 AM (#1038295)
Subject: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Allan C.

I'm all set to get my vicarious thrills from those who attended. Start posting!!

20 Oct 03 - 09:24 AM (#1038343)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Willie-O

What, you weren't there either? Yeah, are they all asleep or frozen to death or what?


20 Oct 03 - 10:30 AM (#1038382)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,Nancy King at work

Yeah, I expect the lucky ones are still asleep. And of course a whole bunch of folks (including the Shellbacks) stayed over last night (they're the ones in the frozen-to-death category). I left right after last night's concert in order to get a few Zs before work today.

I'll post more this evening, but meanwhile I'll just say it was fabulous as usual, with lots of old friends and many new ones, and of course prodigious amounts of great music.

Details to follow--

Cheers, Nancy

20 Oct 03 - 11:05 AM (#1038413)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: sian, west wales

Anyway Allan C. what do you need VICARIOUS thrills for these days???


20 Oct 03 - 01:43 PM (#1038481)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: KathWestra

Perfect (if a little coolish) fall weather, loads of great music, and loads of fun to meet a bunch of new folks. The Shellback Chorus--individually and collectively--was a delight. They have SUCH fun when they sing, and it's infectious. Lots of fine individual singers (Noreen, for one, wowed 'em in the Saturday night concert), and scads of good songs. Their Cinderella skit in the Sunday night concert(with guest actor Alaska Mike Campbell as Prince Charming and Colin Hume [ColK] as the ugly stepsister)was a real hoot (watch this space for the blackmail photos).

The Missing Person Soup Kitchen Gospel Quartet was sensational, as was 16-year-old ballad singer Elizabeth LaPrell.

When he's not moonlighting as Prince Charming in Shellback skits,Alaska Mike is a fine songwriter and singer. If you can find them, he has three CDs with many of his terrific songs. I was particularly moved by his "First Kill," the song of a whaler whose first--and only--kill changes his life. That gem appears on his "Sculptor" CD.

Kendall Morse and Bob Zentz were also among the special guests--more terrific songs and stories. And that's just the invited guests. Add to that the many talented singers and pickers from FSGW and Mudcat who attended and participated as campers, and you have the age-old problem of too many songs and too little time.

Our Own Max was on hand with his family, looking happy and well. His baby daughter (Lilly) is gorgeous and charmed everyone instantly.

Tinker has documented the whole thing on video, and many folks (including Max) took photos that will probably show up here soon. Thanks to all who made the 39th Getaway one to remember.
Kathy (who left earlier than Nancy, and therefore got more sleep)

20 Oct 03 - 01:46 PM (#1038484)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Mrs.Duck

Actually its Colin Kemp hence Col K!

20 Oct 03 - 01:54 PM (#1038487)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: catspaw49

Well finally! And of course it was Kath who was thoughtful enough to give Allan and I some vicariousness..........LOL......

Ahhh, Kath, we love ya'.....You're a real classy dame......

Spaw (just watched 3 Bogart movies)

20 Oct 03 - 02:11 PM (#1038494)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: open mike

woo hoo what a great getting away you must have had!
and even west coast visitors and cross ponders....
trans ponders i mean....
sounds loverly
eagerly awating pix!

Alaska Mike--I am curious about that song...
I am just now reading a collection of pieces
one of which is about a Caribbean Island
(Bequia?) where they have been whalers for
many generations. I am gonnabe on the look-
out (thar she blows!) for First Kill.

20 Oct 03 - 03:07 PM (#1038521)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: KathWestra

Of COURSE it's Colin Kemp (maybe I didn't get enough sleep after all!) I was sitting here thinking about Colin Kemp in his Ugly Sister costume (which was reaally quite something for what it was), while looking at the November issue of the FSGW Newsletter which features an English dance workshop by fellow Brit Colin Hume. The middle-aged brain tangled 'em up. Sorry Colin!! And thanks, Mrs. Duck, for pointing out my mistake! Lordy. We DID have a good time!

20 Oct 03 - 03:44 PM (#1038535)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: KathWestra

Speaking of sensational whale songs (and while we're waiting for everyone else to rejoin the world of the wired), Bob Zentz did "Hove to and Drifting," an amazing Zentz-penned tale of a radar conversation he had with a pod of whales while serving on a Coast Guard vessel in the Middle of Nowhere. A truly wonderful song (and the title cut of Bob's latest CD). If you haven't heard it, I highly recommend the whole CD, but that song in particular. Also, for fellow fans of sea poet C. Fox Smith (about whom there have been lengthy discussions on the Mudcat), Bob tells us that he's working on a new CD that will feature 19 (count 'em!) of his settings of C. Fox Smith poems. That will be a rare treat worth waiting for!
Kathy (at work, but not working much today)

20 Oct 03 - 04:44 PM (#1038570)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Roger in Baltimore

I had a wonderful time. October doesn't get much better in Maryland. It rained a tad on Friday, but by Saturday morn it was dry and stayed that way all weekend. Partly cloudy and a high of about 52 F. on Saturday, and partly cloudy and a tad warmer on Sunday. When the sun was shining, most workshops were outside in the sunshine. It was warmer there than in the unheated buildings.

I, of course will miss some important stuff. I was a daytripper this year (for financial reasons), so I missed all of the late night sings and part of Saturday night's concert.

There was much concern for Rick Fielding who could not be there. Big Mick is headed for Toronto. We sent along our love and a surprise (I allmost gave it away. Kendall (I know he'll kick me for this) looks hale and hardy, but he has not gotten his full voice back. He did a few songs and told a Maine joke Sunday night for his part of the concert. My synopsis of the joke (I don't have Kendall's eye for detail and local Maine color nor his comedic timing.

"A little boy is sitting in front of the local hotel with a stack of candy bars beside him. He's just packing them in, one after the other. A gentleman stops as he passes by and says, 'You'll never live to be a hundred eating all that chocolate'".

"The boy looks up at the man and says, 'My Uncle Frank lived to be a hundred and ten'".

"The man replies, 'But I bet it wasn't from eating chocolate bars'".

"'No', says the boy, 'It came from minding his own damn business'".

Some special Mudcatters I recall in attendance were: Joe Offer, Dani, Ferrara, Bill Day, Jeri, Bob C., Big Mick, Mario, Judy O., Gorgeous Gary, Sinsull, Kendall, Charlie Baum, Dick Greenhouse, Susan from the DT, and Barry Finn. I've left out many. Others, I just don't know they are Mudcatters.

Big Mick had a 30 minute concert set. He sang "This Land is Your Land" allmost like a dirge. He pointedly included all the political verses. He says he read that Woody was always concerned that those verses would be lost. In the middle he narrated the stories of two women he met through his union organizing. They both were struggling through adversity to keep themselves and their families together and hoped the union would help. There was nary a dry eye in the house when he was done.

Big Mick is a man who puts his whole heart into his work. He is as jovial a companion any man or woman might want, but he also has a deep, caring, serious side that doesn't always show and might even surprise you at first.

The Shellback Chorus, a band of nautical singers from England, were wonderful. Lots of spirited singing and grand harmonies. Individually they showed up at workshops and shared songs with us. They often helped us learn more about the history of English music we sing.

Songster Bob presented a workshop on Songwriting that was low key, supportive and helpful. No ego injected by himself or the participants.

I led a Blues Workshop. Max participated with a couple of songs. We were blessed with Joel on his barrelhouse piano, his wife on mouth harp, and Jim B. on his washtub bass for backup. We had 'em dancin' in the aisles. It was great! After all, blues music in the 20's was often dance music.

Ferrara spent many hours arranging the workshops: developing workshop ideas, getting leaders, and arranging the schedule.

Dick and Susan brought in their Camsco Music display. I spent several hours drooling over CD's I didn't know existed that had so much music I wanted to hear. I had to settle for two Mississippi Sheik CD's (damn budget!).

Charlie Baum, of course, helped to organize the whole thing with the help of other FSGW' ers.

Judy O. ran a "Silent Auction" of items donated by members. The money goes into a scholarship fund for those folk music lovers who just can't afford to come.

Gorgeous Gary announced that he was engaged to be married.

Alaska Mike, who has just begun Mudcatting, was a high point. He sang a beautiful song about hope that should be on his next CD. I twice heard his Iditarod song. It's a humorous fantasy about a man who decides to genetically alter some Huskies to make them the best in the Iditarod. I won't tell the story, but it reminded me that "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature."

Max was the more subdued I have ever seen him be. He said, "I'm maturing". I suspect that being responsible for a family helped that along.

It also seemed to me that CRS is getting contagious. There were many more "forgotten verses" than I remember in the past (myself included). Even when the singer wrote the song, sometimes the words were slow to come or never came at all.

There is always some serendipity at the Getaway that enchants you. This year I sat in the "Tearjerkers" workshop trying to recall the words to "White Squall". I left there and trundled up the hill to a workshop called "In the Tradition". One audience member requested "White Squall". Alaska Mike sang it. As it usually does, it brought tears to my eyes.

It looked like Ramblewood is trying to improve its' buildings. There was some new paint. However, the hill is just as steep as ever. Most workshops seem to be 200 yards apart and it's "up hill both ways". I still think they need to workout a tow rope!

There were great songs from people I don't know. A lady who had lived in Oregon sang a fictious song about a ship trapped in a bay. They were heavy laden and waiting for the tide to rise far enough for them to clear the inlet. The crew finally decided to consume their entire ration of rum.

After a sound nap, they all stood on the rail and relieved themselves. The ship rose and they sailed out of the inlet.

Another chap did a rap song he borrowed from the Pheromones. It's about the 17 year locusts (actually as the rap points out they are cicadas). It ends with the admonition "Bugs. Not Drugs" You had to be there to understand.

Dick Greenhouse sang a parody of "The Roseville Fair". It's about bluegrass bands that are never in tune. Dick says the new addition of the Digital Tradition should soon be finished. The parody will be in the new DT. I think I heard him say it will include about 9,000 songs. And they say folk music is dead. Hah!

In the blues workshop, a man sang a song called "Perfection Blues" about a man who falls short of his wife's expectation of Perfection. I might have to call him up about that one.

Barry sang a song about criminals being locked in to their behavior and it being hard to get out. He neglected to tell the audience he wrote it.

The Sunday night concert closed with Janice Cole singing about her "Kitchen Man" and how he's got baloney that "truly satisfies" and how he can always use her "sugar bowl". Them's that knows me knows I'm a sucker for a good food song.

I announced at the Sunday dinner that I am looking for some people who can sing "Fox on the Run" in the key of "F" who might help me with the chorus on my rendition of Peter and Katrina Cady's "Sox with a Gun."

Well, that's just some of the highlights. I'll leave some room for others now.

Roger in Baltimore

20 Oct 03 - 04:52 PM (#1038575)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: bbc

Oh, Roger, that was wonderful! Thanks! Kathy, too. Give us more!!!

best to all,


20 Oct 03 - 05:04 PM (#1038579)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Roger in Baltimore

Oh, yeah bbc. When are you coming back to one of these? You are fondly remembered from 1999! Your son must be thirty two or something, so he can't be your excuse. "Will you go, lassie, go?"

Roger in Baltimore

P.S. It has been 5 years for the Mudcat Reunion [Formerly known as the FSGW Getaway (just kidding FSGW'ers, who do all the work and let us show up and sing)]. I just reread the Memory thread from that one. What a wonderful tour!

20 Oct 03 - 06:10 PM (#1038611)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Charley Noble

Nice notes, Roger!

Now let's hear from some more survivors.

Charley Noble

20 Oct 03 - 06:19 PM (#1038613)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Dani

Oh, it is SO hard to get back. The travelling home was nice, though, with Janie and I having another 7 hours or so to process everything, sing a few more songs and cement the memories.

What can you say about a Shellback? What can you say about 20-odd of 'em invading Camp Ramblewood?? It was WONDERFUL!! I'm not much of one to start a song going, but God knows they are, so it was great fun for me to stand back and sing along. They know SO many songs among them, and their joy in singing is infectious. Not that the Getaway lacked anything at all in previous years, but they added some spice to the pot, and I, for one, enjoyed it THOROUGHLY.

Mostly, though, they reminded me of the importance of singing your heart out once in a while. They are fortunate to have that tradition still relatively common where they come from. Janie and I have vowed to try harder to bring it to our corner of the world. Thank you for the inspiration.

The FSGW people were, as they always are, generous, welcoming, kind and thoughtful hosts. And damn fine musicians, to a man and woman. Thank you to all. It is a wonderful gift that you give us!

And it was, of course, a treat to connect with Mudcatters in the flesh. Old friends had warm hugs, and new friends were a wonderful treat to meet, most particularly these: Alaska Mike and his lovely wife Tawmmie (SP?). I knew him the minute I walked in the door! He and his music are big and fun and smart and warm. His smile lights up a room, and his songs are terrific! He led us in Barrett's Privateers last night; talk about goosebumps! Susan A-R was so nice to meet. Her singing is lovely, fiddle playing as well, and her smile! She is sublime roommate, thoughtful, non-snoring. Also, apparently, a highly talented cook!

Missing Mudcatters were definitely missed. You were ALL in our thoughts, and your absence felt, but most especially Rick. Many a glass and song were lifted to an absent friend.

What else? Roger, Oregon Inlet was Annie's song, she's Janie's sister, and has a very sweet voice, doesn't she?. I'm looking forward to learning SO MANY of the great songs I heard this weekend. I'll post inquiries to Rogers' other thread.

I will submit these ideas for (a new thread?) Songs of the Getaway:

"Hang on the Shower Curtain, Nelly"

"The Water is Warm" (...I cannot come out. And neither have I ... never mind)

I love you all.

Grateful Dani

20 Oct 03 - 06:55 PM (#1038626)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: bbc

Big RiB, look for a PM. I don't want to clutter this thread.



20 Oct 03 - 07:08 PM (#1038637)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Noreen

Barb'ry, Andy and I are now in Wheaton outside Washington DC with our lovely hosts Bill D and Rita Ferrara. Other Shellbacks have been farmed out to other local host families for two nights, with a houseparty at Judy and Dennis Cook's tomorrow before we reassemble and carry on with our trip.

The weekend was truly splendid. After initial trepidation (before arrival) from both sides as to how we would all fit in and get along, we have made many new friends, had a most stimulating musical time, and a couple of hours' sleep each...

I was really honoured to be asked to co-host the Sunday evening concert, even if it was only to give some embarrassing introductory anecdotes about the Shellback performers :0)

Everyone here has been so welcoming and hospitable, and want us to come back again- so we can't have been that bad!

There were so many highlights, from the Missing Persons Soup Kitchen Quartet, to the ballad workshops and singing to the accompaniment of David Sheim's harp...oooo, never sung with a harp before... but the overriding joy of the weekend was the friendliness of all and the great welcome given to these strange people from another continent- and all because of a shared interest in music.

Amazing, isn't it?

As to the events of this morning, all I will say (at this stage) is that Big Mick is a true hero, Jeri will be eternally grateful and we all enjoyed breakfast together afterwards....


20 Oct 03 - 08:45 PM (#1038686)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

Made it home fine ( well I mised one exit cause I was thinking about the Getaway). But I've been a bit busy since I got here and It'll probably be tommorrow before I can begin to assemble my thoughts. Around the time I try to begin dissecting and assembling video.

Colin was a dream house guest, the Shellbacks were absolutely grand old friends to meet brand new. Allan, there were definatley missed places at the table.... Yes, we all forgot opaque shower curtains and other Allan C provided niceties....

But this year I wandered the Getaway camera in hand and captured moments all over the place. Special thanks to the folks who asked me to do it and all the folks who agreeed when I asked to turn on the tape. The Mr. nicely stayed home today a worked on getting all the muscle kinks out of my arms and shoulders. More tommorrow.

Love All


20 Oct 03 - 08:47 PM (#1038688)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Gorgeous Gary

Another great Getaway!

Ron Davies sang (rapped?) the Pheremones song about the 17-year cicadas, assisted by his wife Jan. They're among the locals; in fact Ron sings in the Choral Arts Society of Greater Washington with my father. (On which I frequently quip...this year, as I said my goodbyes, it was "Keep my dad out of trouble...").

Highlights (many covered by others): Big Mick's concert. The Shellbacks concert. Meeting Alaska Mike and hearing his songs (I **must** learn "Iditarod"). The small Saturday night circle with Mick, Tinker, Pauline Lerner, Lucy Goldberg and David Scheim, Alaska Mike, and whoever else wandered through. Nautical Songs, Songs of the Frozen North, Parodies, Humorous Songs, In The Tradition, Pub Sing (hey Rita or Bill...ask Darriel which Great Big Sea songs I should learn for next year! ). Songs in 3/4 Time--with dancers even!--worked great...I'd love to see that on next year's schedule.

One question: Someone in the Songs of the Frozen North workshop sang a Jean Redpath song to a tune I usually associate with "In Connemara". I'd like to learn it but didn't get the title. Anyone out there recognize the song?

Since several folks asked, here's a link to the lyrics for When I Was A Boy (the when-I-was-your-age computer song I regularly perpetrate in the Humor workshop...)

-- Gary

20 Oct 03 - 10:33 PM (#1038719)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: SussexCarole

Hi all!
Carole not in Sussex - tonight WashingtonCarole!!!!
I'm staying with great folks - Roger & Sally in Washington thank you all so much for the Getaway - so many wonderful people & music & such a welcome for us as Shellbacks & individually. Having a great time out here....will keep you posted      Carole xxoo

20 Oct 03 - 10:43 PM (#1038722)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: MMario

The zombie driver made it back to upstate NY and fell asleep for several hours -

but how to even begin to express the getaway in mere words? Or even with pictures?

Bitterly as I was disappointed last year when my car broke (though the Hintons saved my sanity and my weekend! Thanks again!) I didn't *really* think that my first getaway experience could be improved upon. Boy was I wrong! WRONG< WRONG WRONG

to repeat others - the Shellbacks - collectivly and individually - were incredible. Great to put faces to people.

I never thought I would be able to say this - but I spent all weekend trembling on the verge of musical oveerload. NOWHERE that I went was without music. The acoustics of the camp are such that you can often hear multiple sessions occuring from different directions but seperate enough that you can distinguish one from another. I fell asleep to music; woke to music; arrived to music, left with music.

and the people - not just the Shellbacks, the 'catters - but the FSGW as a whole and as individuals. INCREDIBLE! Mick, Dani, Janie, Jeri, Kendall, Alaska Mike and Tawmie, Bill and Rita, Tinker! (Tinker - we have to figure out a better time for those deep philosophical conversations than 3 am.)- there are too many people to list.

and Lily Ani. Max and Emily - don't have to tell you what a treasure you have. THANK YOU for sharing her!

[and Mick? to quote you..."Kiss my ARSE!" - [the begger managed to get aholt of Lilly Ani before I did...])

20 Oct 03 - 11:14 PM (#1038730)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Annie

The Getaway was a straight shot to the heart.

Big Mick and MMario met the challenge to make me cry. Ah, a little musical catharsis cleans the window of the soul.

Oh, all you lovely, lovely people, thank you so much for the long, long history (how long has this been going on? 30 years? and that would be before PCs?) so we newcomers can pop in, feel welcome, and sponge it all in. Simply put, a wonderful weekend.

I hate to encourage them, but Gorgeous Gary and fiance outdid themselves in the humor workshop. It certainly relieved my tension! (You had to have been there).


20 Oct 03 - 11:31 PM (#1038739)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Naemanson

Wow, I read through this with tears in my heart, sadness for missing it and happiness that so many of my friends didn't miss it.

And though my class was disapproved the replacement one, that has been approved, will be in San Diego. So I will get to spend some time with Amos. Cool!

21 Oct 03 - 12:48 AM (#1038757)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Ferrara

We are still "at" the Getaway as far as I'm concerned.

I didn't realize ahead of time, how much the company of our Shellback houseguests (Barb'ry and Andy and Noreen) would ease the pain of having to drive away from Camp Ramblewood for another year.

It's just nicer not to have to say goodbye to quite everybody as we leave the camp.

We had two cars this year. The Shellbacks rode in the van with Bill. Joe Offer drove my car as far as Baltimore Washington Airport (he did make me drive myself home from there though....) We took the scenic route, more or less inadvertently but happily. It went along the Susquehanna River past a beautiful old mill.

Tinker, I do hope at least some of that tape becomes available since I was almost certainly the only person at the camp except Lily Ani who fell asleep and missed the entire Saturday concert....

A few memories now, then will post again when I've had some sleep (which may be Wednesday morning.)

Heather Wood's Songs From a Hat workshop. She pulled topics from a hat and people threw out first lines of songs with that word/topic. Worst case I know of: The word was "door." Songs included "A You're a-Door-able."

Bob Zentz' song "Last Skipjack on the Chesapeake Bay." All of Bob Zentz' other songs. Bob shared leadership of the Maritime workshop with Derek Seed of the Shellbacks. Very nice.

The dedication of Ron Davies & Claymore in missing some of the late Friday singing so they could have a rehearsal for the waltz workshop.

Elizabeth LaPrelle, a sixteen year old ballad singer from Virginia, both solo and in concert with her mom -- gorgeous harmonies, unbelievable voices. Meeting Elizabeth's grandparents, who came on Saturday, and inviting her grandmother to sing in the Mountain Music. She did, too.

Hearing Rebecca Kimmons (of the Soup Kitchen Gospel Quartet) and Elizabeth LaPrelle do heartbreakingly beautiful singing in the Mountain Music. (All right. I confess. I set up this workshop for my own enjoyment. If any of the rest of you enjoyed it that was purely coincidental.)

Getting so involved in the Pub Sing (led very well by our son Darriel and his good friend Allan Rathbone, who has also been coming to Getaways since he was a small kid) that I missed the Irish workshop. Being so tired that when I realized I had missed it, I started crying.

A sense of wonder at all the individual talents that make up the Shellback Chorus. Meeting Alanww, Snuffy (Vaughan Hully), SussexCarole, Derek Seed, Jill Thompson(is that right?), Theresa Tooley, many more including of course Barbara & Andy & Noreen.

Hearing Barry Finn sing Anything, but especially all the ballads he sang this weekend. He sang a wonderful ballad about a battle with Sioux Indians, among other things.

Mick's concert. Mick cares so much about the people he tries to help as a union organizer, and his monologues in the middle of "This Land is Your Land" were impassioned and very moving. I was still drying my tears afterward and Joe Offer grinned at me and said, "He steamed my glasses." Keep steaming people's glasses, Mick.   

Hearing Noreen and Lisa Null singing ballads with the harp and other instruments backing them up. Beautiful, and so typical of the Getaway experience.

We have some incredible jams at the Getaway. David Scheim on harp, Joel Bailes on fiddle or piano, and Ron Davies on viola are Getaway regulars who were here this year. David is probably the most unusual, from the point of view of folk jams. There are lots of folk harps and folk harpists who specialize in Celtic music, but David can jam or accompany a singer in maybe a dozen different styles. It always seems to work.

This year thanks to the Shellbacks there were lots of button box players joining in the jams.

Oh. I said I'd just write a little, didn't I?

One more thing. Every year I get totally nuts before the Getaway and start worrying that this year the program will be a total flop. I would like to thank everyone who beamed at me and said they loved this year's program, with special thanks to Dani. I had been fretting and stewing as we exchanged PMs about the program and she always had something helpful to say. As soon as she arrived Friday night she gave me a big smile and the most wonderful hug. I knew it was going to be a great weekend, program or no program, weather or not.


21 Oct 03 - 12:51 AM (#1038760)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: wysiwyg

Heard Mmario got home OK.


21 Oct 03 - 12:58 AM (#1038765)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: PaulineL

Add my voice to the chorus of appreciation for Big Mick and the many styles of songs he sings and plays so beautifully. Also, thanks to Mick for letting three female fiddlers talk him into doing Robert Burns's "Green Grow the Rashes-0" late Saturday night.

The outpouring of caring for Rick Fielding was truly moving.

Dick Greenhaus, thanks for opening my eyes and ears to the appreciation of source recordings. You so obviously love your work with Camsco. I haven't seen you look so happy in years. Bravo!

One of the wondeful things about Getaways is the people I see only once or twice a year, for several years, feel close to, and walk with as they go through life changes. Susan Friedman, please do retire, find a job that will enable you to live in the Wash. DC metro area, and became a regular presence at FSGW events.

Keith Baldwin has a new guitar which is fine for finger picking and he does some fine finger picking with it.

Thanks to the one couple who came to the contra and waltz workshops and danced. It made us musicians feel so good.

Several years ago, when we came home from a Getaway, Dottie Hurley said to me, "I feel like my spirit has been renewed. " Amen!


21 Oct 03 - 01:07 AM (#1038768)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: JedMarum

Wish I couldda been there, kids - but thanks for the notes. With last year's event still fresh in my head, and your thoughts here, I can just picture it all.

Maybe 2004 ...

Godspeed Mick on your visit North.

21 Oct 03 - 01:36 AM (#1038773)
Subject: Jeri's Carjacking
From: Joe Offer

Well, just as everybody was leaving, we had a carjacking.

Jeri took a shortcut over the grass, and got her car stuck on a stump. Mick, organizer that he is, took charge. He and about eleventy-dozen helpers jacked up the car, put planks under the tires, and rolled the car off the stump. While this was going on, the Shellbacks were busily making up jacking shanties. The one that seemed most popular was "Leave Her, Jeri, Leave Her."

But the car got free and everyone left safely, and the carjacking was a spectacle I'm sure the Shellbacks won't forget.
Neither will Jeri.

It sure was a wonderful weekend. Lots of lovely songs, and lots of lovely people. Shellbacks, it was wonderful meeting you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip as much as we enjoyed spending the weekend with you.

-Joe Offer-

Gee, Mick, I guess this makes you a genuine hero.

21 Oct 03 - 02:04 AM (#1038777)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Jeri

It wasn't the end of the story, but I'll save that for tomorrow after work when I'm less dead. (No it wasn't dangerous, just stupid. Joe, it's too bad you can't do exorcisms - I think the car needs one.) Here's a hint: I just got home about 20 minutes ago - it was a little over an 11 hour drive.

"Buzzards circlin' overhead
I knew I shoulda stayed in my nice warm bed,
Aye-o, stuck on a stump. Ay-o, stuck on a stump, yada, yada"
was pretty popular.

21 Oct 03 - 03:18 AM (#1038791)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Abuwood

Well Done Shells!
Looks like you wowed them - keep up the good work!
Colin have you seen someone about this strange fetish?
For all your info Brian is out of hospital but confined to home for 2 weeks until he gets a new leg, any communication very welcome.

21 Oct 03 - 04:00 AM (#1038797)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Roger the Skiffler

Thanks for all the stories, guys, keep 'em coming, can't wait to see the pictures on the events page.


21 Oct 03 - 08:33 AM (#1038873)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Charley Noble


I'm sorry I missed the "car-jacking." I would have enjoyed leading a chorus of the "Parking Lot Pirates":

Way, hey, haul 'em away!
The parking lot pirates are we!
When we hook on to Jeri,
We'll haul and make Mary,;~)
And we always collect our fee!
To-me way, hey, haul 'em away!
We plunder the streets of your town!
Be it Edsel or Chevy,
There's no car too heavy,
And no one can make us shut down!

Maybe next year!

Charley Noble

21 Oct 03 - 08:51 AM (#1038884)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Willie-O

Ahh, what fun I missed. I'm still not sure why...

Jeri, if you start a new thread about getting vehicles stuck and unstuck, I bet you will find most of us have done way time after a late night party my friend discovered she'd parked on a semi-caved in old root cellar. We hooked up a truck to drag it out, no problem except that the truck ran over someone's guitar that had been accidentally left in the yard. The miracle though--the guitar was undamaged! It was lying face down and the wheel went over the neck, the case was pulverized and that was all.

Well, back to drudgery eh.

Best to all

21 Oct 03 - 09:21 AM (#1038903)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Janie

The entire experience was just as lovely as lovely gets. I don't know how it is possible for the Getaway to be such a magical experience year after year, but it is.

The Sunday night concert was a special treat. Instead of being in the accoustically impaired Gym (a terminal condition, I fear), it was
held in the TV room...very intimate and with much group singing on the choruses. As others have noted, the Shellbacks were great additions, individually and as a chorus.

Chivalry is not dead. JAB brought his heater to the "Ladies" bunkroom Sunday night, and then moved it into the bathroom in time for morning showers on Monday morning!!!

You may hear reports of snoring and alarm clocks--all lies!! Don't believe any of it!!!!

Old friends, new friends, old songs, new songs. Such respect for the music, and for each person's love of and expression of it.

FINALLY got to get to know MMario a bit.

Interesting late night conversation about nits, crabs, lice and bed bugs (guess you had to be there) And the joy of laughter among women who don't take themselves too damn seriously.

Can we come back next weekend?

Hogs & quiches to all,


21 Oct 03 - 09:25 AM (#1038906)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

Quick aside, my older son spent the weekend convincing his younger brother that Colin was really Santa Claus who had come to check up on his behavior before he made out his shopping list....

21 Oct 03 - 09:30 AM (#1038910)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,MMario

SOMEONE was Santa...I know (no longer all that)Big Mick and I both got "hits" from our Secret Santas!

21 Oct 03 - 12:41 PM (#1039017)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,MMario

Has anyone else noticed that this morning is at least twice as long as the Entire Getaway weekend? (And it's had a lot less music in it for me, too...)

21 Oct 03 - 12:54 PM (#1039026)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Ferrara

Annie, you asked how long this has been going on. This was the 39th FSGW Getaway although it started a little later than 39 years ago. Jennifer Woods could tell us exactly when it started. (She told me, but I promptly forgot. That's the only kind of thing I ever do promptly by the way.) A few years had two Getaways, spring and fall.

For some reason, the "number" of the Getaway was always written in Roman Numerals until I started typing the programs and mistakenly left it out entirely.... Added it again this year but "XXXIX" doesn't convey a lot of information at a glance....

**** Next year will be our 40th Getaway! Let's make it a splendid one.

Joe, Mick was already a hero far's I'm concerned. He works year in and year out to protect the rights of people who lack the power to protect themselves. Hope you're blushing, Mick.

Mick has taken off 75 pounds since last year. (Now I come to think of it that's heroic too.) He's still big though. He didn't take off any of his height.

"Our" Shellbacks are heading downtown to take a sightseeing tour. So instead of getting some more sleep like a sensible person I'm here reading Mudcat. Naturally.

21 Oct 03 - 01:35 PM (#1039048)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Mrs.Duck

Ssh Tinker your son is right he is the REAL Santa!

21 Oct 03 - 01:36 PM (#1039049)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Bill D

I simply cannot get my brain cell up for a coherent post yet. Maybe it's because it's not really over until the Shellback's leave tomorrow. Needless to say, I was so happy at the combination of good weather and good music and good friends...and I have the pictures to prove it! Will be emptying my camera today and showing images of all this (INCLUDING the carjacking *grin*) the next few days. I am sure others will also as they get home and get back to their routines....

So..more details this space....

21 Oct 03 - 02:17 PM (#1039078)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

Pauline, I'm glad we've finally lured you into the depths of the Mudcat. Welcome...


21 Oct 03 - 02:22 PM (#1039082)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Abuwood

Watching this space for Piccies.....

21 Oct 03 - 02:37 PM (#1039097)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Edain

Sounds like you all had a great time and I really wish I'd been there to share it. Although hearing about improvised car-jacking shanties really doesn't surprise me as we've had 'chair stacking' shanties 'chair moving' shanties, 'sound checking' chanties (Can you hear us, can you hear us, can you hear us at the back? (At the back) Can you hear us at the back?) and who knows what else. Although Colin can't be the real santa, my Dad is!
It's good to hear that Brian is out of hospital, and news on Arthur?


PS. how many votes for pics of Colin in drag going up on the website?

21 Oct 03 - 02:42 PM (#1039104)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

Although there are no close ups the skit is preserved on video and maybe available in a month or so....

21 Oct 03 - 02:55 PM (#1039118)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Roger in Baltimore

Just so you all don't get overwhelmed by what a great guy Mick is you need to see this joke he told at least twice, publicly, at the Getaway.

"Two cannibals were eating a clown. One turns to the other and asks, 'Does this taste funny to you?'"

At the risk of sounding like Kendall Ehrlich (some of you will know this reference) Mick should have been taken out and shot the first time he told the joke.

Love ya, Mick!

Roger in Baltimore

21 Oct 03 - 03:28 PM (#1039145)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: PaulineL


Thanks for the personal welcome to Mudcat. I'm so happy to be here.

Thanks also to everyone who has praised me and encouraged me about my fiddle playing, played with me, unknowingly taught me so much, and thoroughly enriched my life at Getaways over the years.


21 Oct 03 - 04:36 PM (#1039179)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories

Just got back after a detour to Johns Hopkins for Kendall's exam and another detour to Natick for sailboat paraphernalia. Too tired to say much except that Rick and Allan were sorely missed and Alaska Mike and the Shellbacks filled the void amply.

So the Colonel is Santa Claus??? I still want to know how he gets down the chimney.

I am so pleased to see that Pauline has joined. This was the first time I have had a chance to speak much with her. Same goes for Dick Rogers who is computerless. More tomorrow.

SINS, who was deadly serious about bedbugs and lice.

21 Oct 03 - 04:39 PM (#1039181)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories

Three no shows: MaryMac, Bert, and Pene Azul. Too bad. There were a number of massage therapists willingly providing services. Where were you guys?

21 Oct 03 - 04:47 PM (#1039184)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: CET

Charmion and I are now back in the land of Tim Horton, autoharp in tow (for Willie-O).

A few highlights that come to mind now (there are many others):

The Gospel sing on Sunday morning. I was buzzing when I came out of it. One song in particular stands out in my memory - "Three Men on the Mountain".

Having a gang of Shellbacks help with the chorus on one of my favourite French songs - I know it as Wing Tra La, but I suspect it's real title is different.

Discovering two absolutely stunning voices - Elizabeth La Prelle and Alaska Mike. Elizabeth has a pure moutain style of singing, beautiful tone and flawless delivery. She has the kind of voice that makes you want to stop breathing so you don't interfere with the sound she's creating. Mike has the biggest bass voice I've ever heard at any folk event, but it isn't just loud. It's absolutely effortless and perfectly controlled.

Getting lyrics from Dave Diamond to one of his great parodies.

Belting out the Marseillaise at the Foreign Language workshop.

I am proud to say that Charmion and I contributed to two firsts at this year's Getaway:

1st tune played - Saint Anne's reel with Charmion on guitar and Susan A-R on fiddle.

1st beer in the fridge - me. (Some of which got left behind. I hope the staff at Camp Ramblewood enjoy it.)

Thanks to everyone. There are too many of you to name.


21 Oct 03 - 04:50 PM (#1039186)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Menolly

Much as I would love to see the photos of ColK in drag, - dare we show them and destroy the illusions of children about Santa Claus ?

21 Oct 03 - 06:20 PM (#1039241)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

Don't worry Menolly, his face and head are strangely covered in red and green.... It keeps to the Santa motif


21 Oct 03 - 06:30 PM (#1039250)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Bassic

Max`s photos are up on the events page (click) now!

21 Oct 03 - 06:43 PM (#1039263)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Col K

Yes folks I enjoyed it as well.It was so wonderful to put faces to so many names, as Alaska Mike said ,the only problem will be later when photos are seen and someone says "who's that?" Then the fun will start.
On a personal note can I say thankyou to Tinker and her family for the way they all welcomed me upon my arrival and also to Momnopp for puting me up for two nights here in Washington.
The welcome from everyone at the Getaway was tremendous, will you have us back please?
Been a tourist today, off to Judy and Dennis Cook's tonite then back on the road in the morning,driving on the wrong side of the road is fun !!!!
Give my best to Arthur and Brian.
See you all sometime.

21 Oct 03 - 06:58 PM (#1039272)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Morticia

Fabulous photos Max, thanks.What happy memories they brought back and it's so great to see everyone looking so fit and well. I can see there is less of Big Mick ( should he be medium-sized Mick now?) and the Cap'n looks hale and hearty as befits the owner of a sea-faring
(with a bit of work) craft.

Lots of envy but was a lot less envious at night when I curled up in my nice warm bed *G*.I'm glad you all had such a good time.

BTW please return the Shellbacks as you found them.....I think there may be a deposit on the empties.

21 Oct 03 - 07:11 PM (#1039278)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Sorcha

Yea, who is who? We ingnoramuses need captions!! (pleeeze?)

21 Oct 03 - 07:15 PM (#1039279)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,Nancy King at work

OK, I'm really stupid. How do I get to the "events page"? I'd love to see those pix!


21 Oct 03 - 07:19 PM (#1039281)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Micca

Nancy, Try here

21 Oct 03 - 07:19 PM (#1039282)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Jeri

Edmund, I believe your remaining beer is travelling with (or in) the Shellbacks, since...
the cleanup crew saw beer and thought 'Shellbacks'. We'd really like to keep them.

I'll post more, but I only got 4 hours of sleep last night and I'm still all muddled. Off to look at photos (thanks Bassic) and try to stay awake for another hour or so.

21 Oct 03 - 07:33 PM (#1039288)
Subject: ADD: Cicada Serenade
From: GUEST, Claymore

To add to Roger from B-more's account, here are the rap lyrics that Ron Davies did with his wife. He emailed them to me to use with my kids at the Job Corps center where I work.


They got big orange eyes they can barely focus
Some people call'em 17- year locust
But that's the wrong data
The name is cicada
and they're here now but they won't be here later

They got 4 wings but they ain't supposed to fly
They just come out the ground, have sex and die
But I can dig their rig--I like their style
Cause they may go quick but they go with a smile
Check it out
Cicada serenade (sounds being made in rap rythmn like cicadas whirring)
Check it out
Cicada serenade (same same)

Cicadas on the sidewalk, cicadas on the ground
Place looked like a little tiny Jonestown
Now I hate to see anything go to waste
And I was wondering how a cicada might taste
Cicada, potata---it sounds the same
To let'em go to waste would be a crying shame
So I got a couple hundred of 'em, took 'em inside
Put some ketchup on 'em and I ate'em French-fried
I ate 'em all up without hesitatin'
The next thing you know I was hallucinatin'
Freakin' out
Cicada serenade (same same)
Freakin' out
Cicada Serenade (same same)

I was out of my mind
My head was in a fog
The next thing you know I was sick as a dog

My friends came over, said "Let's get high"
I said "No way", so they said "Bye bye"
I don't need no lovely, no reefer, no cocaine
Cause I still got them cicadas buzzin' round in my brain
So eat your cicadas with every snack
Cause they can also help you say NO TO DRUGS

PS Rita: How did the tape of our late night jam on Sunday with fiddle, viola, harp and classical guitar and a few of the Shellbacks with their squeeze boxes come out? I know that the singers had plenty of jams, but the private ones we had with the other musicians, I really enjoyed. And could you tell me the name of the Shellback lady who stayed up with us till 4 AM on Sunday? The whole time from 9 PM to 4 AM was a wealth of love songs, laments, and partings, and she provided many of them. That was a special jam, with only a few people, and I believe it was the best musical event of the Getaway.

21 Oct 03 - 07:37 PM (#1039289)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,Nancy King at work

Thanks Micca!

Great pix, Max!

21 Oct 03 - 07:41 PM (#1039292)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,Claymore

I forgot to add that the funniest comment during the "Jeri-rigged stump-removal project" was when the buzzards came out of the tree, and Big Mick hollared, "Look out, those things can shit a chipmunk!" and everybody scattered...

21 Oct 03 - 07:45 PM (#1039295)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Bat Goddess

Sigh. Remind me never to ask Jeri to navigate . . . ;-) (But I'm brave enough to ride with her occasionally -- and now that I've made this smart-assed remark, it may never happen again. Sigh.)


21 Oct 03 - 08:35 PM (#1039310)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: catspaw49

Best damn set of notes I have read from any of the previous Getaways!!! I think you are giving Allan his "vicarious thrills.".....I know you are me anyway. Thanks to all for the reports.....Keep it up!


21 Oct 03 - 10:06 PM (#1039345)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,Alaska Mike

Wow, the Getaway was fantastic. I am suffering still from sleep depravation. Last night instead of sleeping we went out drinking and singing with my friend Seamus Kennedy. We will be flying back to Anchorage on October 31st and will post more then along with some of the many photos we took. Bye for now.

Best wishes all,

21 Oct 03 - 10:26 PM (#1039356)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: alanww

Here I am, still in Washington DC and still having a great time - lots of singing, some playing (my concertina) and a bit of sightseeing! Wonderful hospitality and great to see so many of the US Mudcatters. More reaction when I get back to reality in Stratford-upon-Avon, at which point I know it won't seem real. Meanwhile I will contribute and enjoy. Thanks to the FSGW and looking forward to New York South Street, Mystic Seaport and the NY Pinewood Getaway!
"I had a dream the other night, the strangest dream of all ...!"

21 Oct 03 - 11:56 PM (#1039391)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Susan A-R

I got back in last night at 10, wrote my menu, got some sleep (I'm never sure if I snore or not) and did food today, so I am only just now getting to this thread. I am still on cloud nine. I have so much music going through my head I'm not entirely sure what to do with it. It's a little embarrassing to be singing at the top of your lungs while you wash dishes, then realize that there's been a customer at the counter for a few minutes.

What a weekend, from singing and playing with Charmion, playing waltzes with Ron's amzing viola and David's harp, singing harmony with those fabulous Shellbacks, laughing myself silly at some of the Songs from a Hat, singing The Death of Queen Jane with Big Mick, hearing song after wonderful song from Alaska Mike, Laughing myself silly at "My Bob" Hearing Bob Zentz, Hearing Elizabeth LaPrelle, Eating smoked salmon brought down by Alaska Mike and Tawmy, Playing fiddle with David on harp out in that glorious sun, hearing the beautifully synchopated snoring in my cabin, Riding down and back with Barry, talking and listening to fabulous music all the way, indulging myself at the Camsco booth, That fabulous Sunday night jam session in the kitchen, That 3:30 a.m. political discussion with Big Mick, laughing a lot, crying some, singing a lot and playing a lot. Ahhhhhh!

22 Oct 03 - 12:16 AM (#1039397)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Nancy King

Well, let's see if I can identify the folks in Max's pictures. I'm embarrassed to say I can't come up with the names of a couple of the Shellback guys, but I loved 'em all! Maybe someone else can help out with those.

Part 1 - Ruth Harrison, Col K, Momnopp;
         (very likeable Shellbacker whose name I can't recall...);
         Big Mick;
         Workshop scene with Marge Himler (in hat), Gorgeous Gary    (with guitar) and his fiance Sheryl, Roger ("in Baltimore") Himler.

Part 2 - Alaska Mike, Barry Finn, Dottie Hurley, Janice Cole;
         Big Mick, MMario, Kendall;
         Kendall, Tinker, Col K (I think...);

Part 3 - Kendall;
         Alaska Mike and wife Tawmmie;
         Big Mick.

Part 4 - Tinker;
         Kathy Westra and Jennifer Woods;

22 Oct 03 - 12:28 AM (#1039407)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GutBucketeer

Glad everyone made it home ok. Sorry I missed the death defying stump jump. As I come to the Getaway each year, it becomes more like a famliy reunion filled with both public and private memories. It was different this year, not as new, but better in many ways. The late night cabin jamming moved to the main hall, but we still didn't get to sleep any earlier. Old friends that didn't make it and new friends that did.

I want to thank everyone that brought supplies for the instrument building workshop, and especially Tinker and MMario for staying the whole time and helping out. We had a small but appreciative crowd and made a kazoo and spike fiddle. Tinker even provided a blood sacrifice to give the spike fiddle life. Dani, thanks also for the pickle pail. I didn't realize just how much you contributed until I started smelling a strange smell on the way back and stopped the car thinking something was amiss. Luckily it was only the combination of garlic, pickle juice, and the hot sun. If you suffered through the smell all the way up, then you and Janie deserve a special award.

Some public memories that haven't been mentioned:

Amazing harmonies from Will, Bill, and Becky wherever they went. Will is my hero for life. What A bass voice! Linda Goodman's voice coming from behind a wall of tall Shellbacks as she shared a kid's song that she wrote Sunday Night. The Cinderella Skit performed by the Shellbacks with Alaska Mike as the Handsome Prince. The Shellbacks infectous good humor, charm, and amazing friendliness. The Music Hall Workshop hosted by Gail Snyder and the Savages. The performance by the Williams Sisters (Annie and Janie) Saturday Night of a song on going back to West Virginia. Sheila Thorpe's song of undying love (had to leave). Jeri's incredable singing and songwriting.

Some private moments to be shared:

Giggling women in pajamas.
Rare monster venomous crickets lieing in wait for poor innocent damsels in distress.
This led to a discussion of all you would ever want to know on parasites, but were afraid to ask.
Bonding and catching up with special friends. Where does the time go.
Hugs!!! (hug deprived at home)
Getting through songs without forgetting the words or chords.

See everyone next year


22 Oct 03 - 12:48 AM (#1039410)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Nancy King

Well, shoot, how did that happen? OK, to resume:

Part 4 - Tinker;
         Kathy Westra, Jennifer Woods;

Part 5 - Another Shellbacker I regret I can't identify;
         Col K with Momnopp;
         Dani, Laura Sailer;
         Jim Bunch ("JAB").

Part 6 - Jim Bunch;
         Big Mick;
         Joe Offer.

Part 7 - Joe Offer;
         Big Mick;
         Cabins and cars;
         View of pavilion (not much used this year -- too chilly!) and lake, beyond power pole and strange box-like structure.

Part 8 - A workshop outside the theatre barn;
         Dick Greenhaus with part of his stock;
         View of Camsco booth and silent auction area, with Alaska Mike;
         Not completely sure, but think this is Momnopp's son, Dylan.

Part 9 - Peggy Jones, longtime FSGW member and Getaway-goer;
         Marge and Roger ("in Baltimore") Himler;
         Marge and Roger again.

Hope that helps, Sorcha. I wouldn't be surprised if Bill D puts up some pictures before too long -- at least I hope he will!

Some of my favorite moments this year were the hilarious "Cinderella" skit at the Sunday concert; the wonderful dining-hall singing Saturday night; the fact that a bunch of people came to my "Women's Lives in the Bad Old Days" workshop and made it really good; making the winning bid on an absolutely gorgeous vest donated to the Silent Auction by Marge Himler; a great gospel workshop followed by an amazing mini-concert by Sandy and Elizabeth LaPrelle; and much more.

By the way, those who are worried that there are no young people in folk music these days would have been pleased to see the number of young singers at the Getaway. Darriel Day, Allan Rathbone and Dan Schatz (all 2nd generation FSGW types) all led workshops, Bob Zentz's daughter Skye performed admirably on the Saturday concert, and 15-year-old Elizabeth LaPrelle knocked everybody's socks off. She is fantastic, folks, and she'll only get better as she gets older. She has a perfect "mountain" voice and presents a song beautifully. Look for more of her.

Well, I'm about done for now. Still recovering, y'know. Can't wait till next year.

Cheers, Nancy

22 Oct 03 - 01:15 AM (#1039414)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Seamus Kennedy

Sorry I couldn't be there, folks. It looks like a blast. I'm glad you all got to meet Alaska Mike and his sweetie wife. Tawmmie.
Two of the finest people you'll meet anywhere anytime.
Am I alone in thinking that he could be the fourth Beef Brother with Big Mick, Rick Fielding and Jed Marum?


22 Oct 03 - 02:01 AM (#1039429)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Amergin

who's the bloke committing the vile sacrilege of drinking Guinness from a can???

looks like you all had a grand time.

22 Oct 03 - 03:36 AM (#1039463)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: LindaG

What a wonderful weekend! I'm back in the everyday world, but only physically. My head just keeps playing music. From the minute I stepped out of the car at registration and smelled the deep piney fragrance, till the time I got back on the highway home I felt wrapped in a warm cocoon. It was fun to meet and talk to people I'd seen before or read Mudcat postings from before, but never met, as well as people who -amazingly!-remembered me from a previous year. And the Shellback Chorus! Wow!

And it was great to have a project - the decafinated stick fiddle - to work on all weekend. The first workshop I went to was Jim Bunch's Make a Musical Instrument workshop, where he and Tinker "helped" me make this two-string fiddle with a coffee can body and clothespin tuning pegs. (they did 99% of the work with Tinker even cutting her finger, but I did learn how to hammer in a nail properly!) Then MMario contributed twine for the bow hairs and Ramblewood's pinecones supplied the rosin. My son Benny doesn't (can't) come to the Getaway any more, but has really enjoyed playing that fiddle ever since I came home.

So I already can't wait until "next year". I was alerted to the real need for more people to come to the Getaway to keep it viable in future years. I hope I can come up with an idea to help.

Linda Goodman

22 Oct 03 - 07:52 AM (#1039567)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Dani

I see now that as the FSGW drew in and welcomed Mudcatters, so the Mudcat is drawing in new friends from the FSGW. I'm delighted to see you here, Linda, and Pauline as well.

We make a fine marriage, all!


22 Oct 03 - 08:41 AM (#1039597)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: kendall

I did not see the Amazing Stump Jumper, so, I will quote an old seagoing law...WHEN YOUR DRAFT EXCEEDS THE DEPTH OF THE WATER YOU ARE MOST ASSUREDLY AGROUND.

As usual, I enjoyed the Getaway, and even after 11 hours sleep, I'm still too rocky to write a report.
For those who are interested, I will put the report I got from Johns-Hopkins in another thread.

22 Oct 03 - 09:23 AM (#1039620)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Ferrara


Once I recover consciousness I hope to send an e-mail to Getaway attendees who aren't Mudcatters, inviting them to share their memories on this thread. You're right: The Getaway is bringing people from each community into the other. You might be surprised at the number of out-of-town Mudcatters who have now joined FSGW, too. It's a very satisfying partnership.

Bill is driving Noreen, Barb'ry and Andy (Barb'ry's husband) to the rendezvous so the Shellbacks can move on to their next gig. BOO HOO. If we can't keep the Getaway going for two weeks, my second choice would be to keep the Shellbacks here for two weeks.

It came as a shock to my American ears to learn that Noreen is pronounced NOR-een and not Nor-EEN as I have always said it. (Same with EI-leen.) Still having a little trouble wrapping my tongue around it. Could listen to her sing all day, though.

This should make lots of folks happy: Almost every Shellback I've talked to since Sunday night has been quite determined to get back to another Getaway, next year if possible but if not, then someday.

Thank you, Shellbacks and Derek Seed, for the hard work you put in to make this trip happen, for the extra hours you spent practicing to put on a superb concert, and for the good taste to start your trip at our Getaway.

Oh, and for being exactly the kind of people and the kind of musicians we like :-)

22 Oct 03 - 09:35 AM (#1039629)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Ferrara

Claymore, I haven't listened to any of the recordings yet but will start with the one of that late-night session, you betcha.

Bill (Kimmons) is the Soup Kitchen Gospel Person with the huge bass voice. (Another beef brother, too....) Will (Fanning) has the mustache, and the curly white hair tied back in a ponytail.

In addition to the Soup Kitchen's mini concert, Will Fanning did half an hour of his country/folk revival/oldtime songs. From what I hear it was small but very nice.

Will's an easygoing person even for a folkie. (When I asked him how he'd describe what he does, he said, "I guess I just do Feel-Good music.") Everyone felt free to join in, making the concert a jam. I know Bill joined in with his autoharp. Who else was there?

22 Oct 03 - 10:14 AM (#1039653)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Noreen

Claymore, it was MEEEEE who stayed up with you all til almost 4am- that was such a wonderful time, I couldn't leave. I have never taken part in such a session before, great musicians of assorted types, lovely people and such a relaxed, welcoming feeling of sharing of our music.... I'm filing up again just thinking about it all.

I'm posting this from Dennis & Judy Cook's wonderful house where Shellbacks are gathering (a bit like the buzzards- or were they vultures??!) before the next leg of our trip, on to New York.


22 Oct 03 - 10:18 AM (#1039659)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

Noreen, please have Colin check for a PM before you head out... A bit of a driving tip....

22 Oct 03 - 10:30 AM (#1039675)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Vixen



(the ren faire was fun, and the money was nice, but the getaway is the BEST!)


22 Oct 03 - 11:17 AM (#1039704)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Mantid

We just wanted to send out a very special THANK YOU to all the musicians who treated us to such magic waltz music. We felt like we were dancing on a cloud and just floating along on a beautiful breeze. I know several people who very much enjoyed a waltz lesson and hope they keep trying with that most royal of dances. We're going to another getaway toward the end of the year where the musicians play the entire 20 minute Blue Danube Waltz. AHHH!! maybe next year we could do that. Memories of this weekend will keep me warm all winter.

22 Oct 03 - 12:02 PM (#1039732)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,Claymore

Ahh Noreen, forgive me for not knowing your name. As I wrote above, I personally thought that that Sunday evening was the best of all. The perfect moment, when singers and musicians became as one, though each knew their part and extended their talents to create the whole. Not loud or rowdy, but a few moments of quiet consultation on the song, the key, and the musical bridges, and then as fellow travelers, we went to another country in the mind.

And Mantid, I do believe the work that Ron and I put into the waltz classes was not wasted, as I plan to ask if we can conduct a waltz class with the music being provided with singers and musicians together; that is to say that each waltz is sung as well as played, as Ron demonstrated. As I may have mentioned to you, the song that the really petite woman (with the really big husband) sang about hospice and death "the birds may take your body but I will keep your love" should have had a couple waltzing just to the side of the stage, just to evoke the dance that loving couples do in life as well as the final goodbyes. It is not for nothing, that contra dances traditionally end with a waltz, as it is really the only proper way to say goodbye.

And Noreen, thank you for providing the muse of what I believe all of us who participated that evening will regard as the raison d'etre of the entire Getaway.

22 Oct 03 - 12:43 PM (#1039748)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Rick Fielding

ARGHHHHHH! Green green green with jealousy!

So Mick has lost weight eh? I'll be seeing him tonight to confirm it. Me too........but I don't recomend the method I've used, ha ha!

Sounds like a wonderful time, keep the stories comin'.

(No longer fat enough to be a beef brother) Rick

22 Oct 03 - 12:54 PM (#1039755)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories

HMMMMMM? No mention of it, so I will be the one.
Classic Getaway Moment # 368:
Kendall "innocently" walking in on Dani dressing and claiming that he didn't know it was the Single Woman's Room. He's finally off llamas, I guess.

Did anyone find a jacket in shades of purple with giraffes on the pocket and back? I left it behind by mistake.

Didn't someone hang a car up last year on a rock? Must be a new tradition.

Baby Lily put in an appearance. Her feet never touched the floor as she was passed from aunt to uncle to aunt all day. She snuggled closely and quietly in my lap for a while. A treasure!


22 Oct 03 - 01:10 PM (#1039766)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

I'm going through tape and I don't remember filming, but Mick's entire Sr. Primative story is there..... It's about a 12 foot nun dressed like Darth Vader with rosary nunchucks who whooped him when he was a boy...I'll be adding prayers for you and your Uncle Seamus tonite Mick. When I stop laughing...

I think I've figured out basic editing, now I just have to get down to it and stop rewatching the Getaway. It's hard to come back to real time when you only have to touch a button....


22 Oct 03 - 01:29 PM (#1039776)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Mrs.Duck

Shellbacks in photos unnamed were Ruth in part 1 and mudcat's own Alanww in the part 5

22 Oct 03 - 01:32 PM (#1039779)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Mrs.Duck

oops sorry unnamed was Jim Harrison husband of Ruth (both very likeable!)

22 Oct 03 - 01:38 PM (#1039784)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Amos

That about does it!! I am not ignoring any more of these damn get-aways!! They are too precious not to go to!!


22 Oct 03 - 01:39 PM (#1039785)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories

Ruth played Cinderella to Mike's Prince Charming with Colin as the Ugly Sister and Theresa as the Fairy Godmother. Ruth also contributed to the "infestation" conversation re: headlice and social diseases (OOOPS!, I mean urinery infections). Awwright...

22 Oct 03 - 01:44 PM (#1039790)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Micca

Like Rick, I am so green with envy the Green man tattoo on my arm has vanished into the background. It is So nice to get news of all the friends i made 2 years ago!!! Micca the UK Getaway Pioneer
If it was the version of Cinderella that Ruth and Jim Harrison, which has a very strong Yorshire overtone to it are involved in, I think I have an Audio recording of it from Towersey.."Awriiiiight"

22 Oct 03 - 02:17 PM (#1039809)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Allan C.

I find myself somewhere between heartbreak and utter joy as I read the posts here. I would have loved to have attended this wonderful musical reunion - especially now that I have come to know so many of the participants from both sides of the pond. What a fabulous mix that must have been! I can hardly wait for the Shellbacks' return so that I can hear their accounts and impressions first hand.

Thanks, Max, for getting the photos posted so quickly!

Mick, your weight loss is simply amazing! MMario, I should say the same about you!

Here's a toast (raises a glass holding three fingers of an amber liquid) to all who attended and another to those of us who couldn't be there...and another...uh...just for the hell of it!


22 Oct 03 - 02:31 PM (#1039817)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,Big Mick in Toronto

This was the best yet!!! And that is saying something, as everyone of the Getaways I have attended have been amazing experiences. I would like to encourage all who read this to begin saving now for next year. You will never forget the experience.

Has there ever been such an experience as when one is singing to a group like this, and they join on the chorus? To have a room full of folks that understand how to harmonize, and feel the caress and passion of their voices coming back at you is as near to heaven as one can experience on this leg of the journey.

I must share an experience I had yesterday before I left Washington DC. I went to the United States Library of Congress Folklife Center to see it and also to say goodby to my dear friend KarenK. Jennifer (somtimes 'Catter, FSGW member) was so gracious. She asked me if I would like to play Burl Ives guitar. So there I was, sitting in the Library of Congress playing and singing for the folks there on Burl's guitar. Pretty damn cool.

There is not much to say about the weekend other than what has been said already. The richness of this weekend will never be forgotten.

Whilst I was working on getting the car off the stump, ably assisted by these marvelous Shellbacks, there were two Turkey Vultures in the tree looking at us. Two thoughts occurred to me. 1) What do they know that I didn't? 2) Watch out when they fly, cause they can shit a chipmunk!!!!

I will write more when I get home and decompressed. But I want to urge you once your money and come. You will know when it is done why it is a remarkable experience.

All the very best,


PS...thanks for all your very nice comments. I appreciate the thought. Doing what is right is not heroic. Seeing injustice and not acting on it would seem to me to be a sin for which there is no forgiveness.

22 Oct 03 - 02:31 PM (#1039818)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: KathWestra

Rick, thanks for checking in. We missed you hugely, but Mick should be there by now with all the news and gossip and carjacking stories (and a tiny funny present for you from me). He didn't leave DC for Toronto until late yesterday afternoon (our Tuesday breakfast conversation and music-listening session lasted until 1:30 p.m., and THEN he went down to the Library of Congress for a couple of hours--got to play Burl Ives' guitar, among other treats. He called me at about 4:30 as he was leaving town, so I don't imagine he showed up in your neck of the woods much before midnight). Anyway, as I mentioned in another thread, if you had a dollar for every "wish Rick were here" mention over the weekend, you'd have quite a haul of cash. We're holding hope of seeing you guys next year--and Tinker promises to send you video documentation of the "Best Of," so that you can experience the vicarious thrill of being there (not that it's the same as getting to hug your friends, and have them hug you, but.....)
Many hugs to you and Heather.
Lotsa love,

22 Oct 03 - 02:38 PM (#1039821)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Deckman

Hi ... Bob(deckman)Nelson here, in the NorthWestern tip of the U.S.A. Even though I was probably 2,000 miles away from this obviously great "getaway", I feel compelled to contribute. We had Marion Parsons here last weekend. She's on her great busking tour. So here she came, a total stranger from the Eastern area of Canada. And we hosted her as we all do, and we had a grand hoot for her on that Sunday.

As I read all your comments about the good times you all had back there, I have to say that it sounds just like the good times we had here!

My point is this: I don't know of a better common demonitator amongst strangers than the wonderful world of music. Even if we speak foreign tongues, or our ages differ greatly, or our statuses vary greatly, or our skin color varies, MUSIC is what it's all about.

Marion and I spent several hours, over a couple of evenings, just sitting, talking, and trading songs. And I was struck by just how many people I have met over the years through music. What a thrill, to see a stranger pick up an instrument, sing or play something, and FEEL that connection.

CHEERS to all, Bob

22 Oct 03 - 03:03 PM (#1039842)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Roger in Baltimore

The Getaway was a real "shot in the arm" for me. It has been a very stressful 6 months, but I was coming to the Getaway come hell or high water. But I hadn't realized how depressed I was getting from the stress.   Marge kept asking me why I wasn't practicing the whole week before.

And because of the depression, it took me a while to swing into the groove. I skipped the "Who's here this year" workshop. The next workshop, I passed when it was my turn to play. Anyone who knows me knows that is way out of character.

Every workshop brought me closer to "normal". Because I didn't practice I suffered severe cases of CRS, but everyone put up with it. I left Sunday night feeling very good and still feel pretty "normal" today.

Tinker did me a great favor. I didn't know the Saturday night concert was being taped for Rick Fielding. I had practiced one song for that event. Unfortunately, it was "Death Don't Have No Mercy" (I told you I was depressed!).

I decided to go ahead with it for my number, but felt like it certainly wasn't the message I wanted to send to Rick.

Tinker thought several songs Saturday night were maudlin. So she came to my "Blues" workshop and took many pictures. She told me that was what she was going to send Rick. What a relief!!! Thanks, again, Tinker.

Roger in Baltimore

22 Oct 03 - 03:21 PM (#1039855)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

Roger I would have been at the blues session anyway... and you guys were great. I was not the most unobtrusive (sp?) videotographer at that point. But I did know that if I was sending footage to Rick I had better keep the camera on the lead and show the guitar and fingerwork. With Joel on piano and his wife on mouth harp, JAB on the Bass and three+ guitarist to keep track of it's not always smooth, but I'm getting much better. I don't think I'll try to support four kids on it though...

Love Ya


22 Oct 03 - 04:03 PM (#1039878)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Carly

Yesterday, while our Shellback Chorus houseguests Ruth and Jim Harrison and Anne and Tom Perry were off sightseeing, I read throu
gh this thread and then spent 45 minutes composing a heartfelt message about this year's Getaway. It was just what I wanted to say, it was literate, it was beautiful...and when I pushed "submit" it vanished into cyberspace forever. ARGGGH!!!!! I should have followed my husband's example and taken a nap instead. We said Godspeed to them this morning; now , for me, this Getaway is over. I'm going to have to take another day or two to sort out my experiences of the weekend, and many folks have already described some of them, but I did want to say what a joy it was to meet the people behind so many mudcat names, as well as other people new to me. Of course, seeing my old friends was a delight as well. Our absent friends were missed, and remembered with song and laughter. Rick and Heather, I hope that you felt the love and concern that wafted northward all weekend.

All of you who were not there; I hope to see you next year.

22 Oct 03 - 05:50 PM (#1039927)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Janie

One personal magic moment that would not have occurred if we hadn't come to the Getaway....Saturday morning Annie & I skipped the 1st workshop and went down to take a quick look at the historic village of Port Deposit. The bright red doors of the Methodist church were open and they were clearly having a parish workday, so we decided to see if they minded if we took a peek inside the church. OHMYGAWD!!!

The church is large and old, and when the village was prosperous it apparently was also. Now they have only 99 members, about 1/3 of whom are active. From the looks of things it is very difficult for them to keep the beautiful old building in any kind of reasonable repair. I won't wax poetic about the windows, the wood, the incredible organ that was powered by the creek before electricity came along, though I am tempted.

The sanctuary is on the second floor. The young pastor had caught up with us as we climbed the stairs and was giving us some of the history of the place. As he opened the door, talking, and we walked into the room, I knew immediately that the accoustics were absolutely magnificent. It was a pretty large sanctuary, and needed no PA. Now, I don't usually burst into song in front of perfect strangers (the Getaway being the exception of course), but I absolutely could not help myself. I started singing a hymn. Folks---it gave me chills. Literally. Many of you who sing professionally have probably had the experience, but to me it was entirely new and novel--and probably a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

The nice young pastor invited us to come and sing a couple of songs for their Sunday service (we eventually declined, not wanting to miss the Gospel Sing at Ramblewood) and we invited him (he plays guitar) to come up to the Getaway (he didn't.) But it was absolutely thrilling to sing in that lovely room with the perfect accoustics.

(Maybe they would let us use it next year for a workshop? *BG*


22 Oct 03 - 06:45 PM (#1039946)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Jeri

What happened AFTER the Getaway.
You've heard the tale of that fateful trip across the white house lawn. We only started with one buzzard, then there were two. At one point, I looked up and there were 5 or more circling overhead. I'm not making this up.

Drove off to have a bit of lunch, then left for home. After travelling for several hours, I paid the toll on the NJ Turnpike, headed for the George Washington Bridge, then saw a sign for "last services" on Turnpike. I thought I'd better get gas. Now the way some NJ Tpk service stops work is that there's one for both north and southbound traffic. When you leave, you just follow signs that take you in the right direction. This is the point at which things started to go bad for me.

I think part of me wanted to go back to Camp Ramblewood, as I deliberately (although wrongly) followed the signs south. I thought it was rather odd that I passed a few more service stops, as the previous one had claimed to be the LAST one. I thought it was odd when I came to a booth to get a toll ticket, nevertheless, I wasn't that concerned about those minor details and kept going. I finally decided I needed to stop and got off at yet another service stop. I got talking to a gentleman. Me: "How ya doin'?" Him: "Pretty good - I'm almost home." Me: "I've got a way to go." Him: "Where ya headed?" Me: "New Hampshire." Him: "'s the other way." At that point, everything came into focus and the extra ticket booth and service stops made sense. I suppose, if the moon had been brighter, I might have seen buzzards circling up there in the night sky.

I turned around, and finally got home after 11 hours of driving.

(I'm thinking there's a potential song: "There's a Turnpike in the Twilight Zone")

As to music, other folks have already given a pretty good accounting. I'll see if I can't come up with some more details after they've settled in my brain. It was just great to meet with old friends and new friends for music, conversation and hugs.

22 Oct 03 - 06:54 PM (#1039951)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Nancy King

Aw Jeez, Jeri, you really had a day, didn't you? You even lived out my travel nightmare. At least you finally made it home in one piece. May things go smoother for you now!

Cheers, Nancy

22 Oct 03 - 06:56 PM (#1039953)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: CET

Well, I'm glad to hear that my beer found a good home. There's more where that came from for any Mudcatters, Shellbacks, etc that show up in Ottawa.

Janie: your idea about a workshop in the church isn't just a *BG*. If the logistics could be arranged, I think it would be great to have a singing workshop there.

I'm looking forward to more pictures.


22 Oct 03 - 07:04 PM (#1039961)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Bill D

oh, my, Jeri...I have been sitting here all day thinking.."Jeri got turned around!!"..."NO", said Rita.."it sounds like more car trouble."
but I felt it in my bones...

"Did she ever return, no, she never well, she finally returned.."

I think the furtherest I ever drove after doing one of those tricks was 20-30 miles.....but you know what? **I** never had the guts to admit it for the amusement of all my friends..*grin*...Thanks for sharing...*giggle*

22 Oct 03 - 07:10 PM (#1039969)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Janie

Jeri, Jeri, Jeri....

I forgot to mention the biggest thrill of singing in that church. It was the first time in my 50 odd years that I got to sing in church in a key I could actually sing!

Edmond--do you really think so? It would be awesome.


22 Oct 03 - 07:15 PM (#1039975)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Amergin

Didnt Tom Paxton do a song about that? some guy who got stuck on the turnpike because he keeps missing his exit?

22 Oct 03 - 07:44 PM (#1039999)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Micca

Theres a Turnpike in New Jersey where Jeri made her trip
but nobody had told her that it was a Mobius strip

22 Oct 03 - 08:25 PM (#1040030)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: MMario

Jeri - I once visited my parents on Cape cod because I turned the wrong way on the NY thruway going from albany to rochester...

22 Oct 03 - 09:14 PM (#1040050)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

Another memory ... handing Mick the keys to my van after he volunteered to take the Shellbacks to the liquor store. ( I had heard bits and pieces of the list) How much could they want?, he innocently asked. They took the van....

22 Oct 03 - 09:42 PM (#1040057)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Dani

And they left one behind!

I sat with him as we discussed differences between English and American music events (the chief difference being the amount of alcohol consumed). He said folks had gone out after more.

I looked up and said, "On a Sunday?!" Being from the South, I was alarmed at the prospect of unsuspecting liquor stores being closed, and them pressing their noses up against the glass, mournfully swearing under their breath. His face grew quite pale....

Turned out Maryland isn't QUITE the South!



22 Oct 03 - 10:15 PM (#1040063)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Susan A-R

Mary, your jacket is in the lost and found box at Bill's house.

Still singing, gradually shifting over from folk to Mahler, Ives and Schumann for a concert this weekend, but I made sure I put some Burns songs on my part of the program, so I'm still holding a thread. Missed fiddle jam session last night, but had enough stored up to make it through.

Jeri, I think the NJ turnpike is indeed the twilight zone. Sounds like your car likes it at Ramblewood and has a mind of its own.

23 Oct 03 - 02:17 AM (#1040139)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Songster Bob

Didnt Tom Paxton do a song about that? some guy who got stuck on the turnpike because he keeps missing his exit? >>

"... and eternally, that poor car takes
The first turn to the right."

Yes, he did.


23 Oct 03 - 07:18 AM (#1040258)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Alaska Mike

My what a wonderful weekend. For a time I felt out of place (about half a second) then EVERYBODY made me feel more than welcome. The Getaway Gang is the singingest group of people I have ever met.

The Shellbacks are my special buddies forever. Colin, Carole, Alan, Derick, Theresa, Jim, Snuffy, Noreen, Andy, (Oh no I can't remember all their names). Sorry, still suffering from sleep deprivation I think.

So many new friends, so many talented people all in the same place and the same time. Mick and Gary and Bill and Rita and Roger and Max and Dani and Kendall and Bob and Barry and David and Judy and Bruce and Susan and Joe and Dick and all the others that I just can't pluck from my memory at this moment.

We are still vacationing for the next week or so. Tawmmie and I have been visiting the museums in D.C. for the past few days and are suffering from culture shock as well. We will be heading up to Mass and Maine after today and then home to Alaska on the 31st. I promise to send some pictures when we get home.

Bye for now, Thanks again for the fabulous Getaway.


23 Oct 03 - 08:13 AM (#1040282)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Janie

Among the many gems at the Humor workshop was Dan? Shatz' rendition of Old MacDonald in Yiddish. Wonderful sounds!


23 Oct 03 - 09:20 AM (#1040332)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Willie-O

Jeri said:
"I got talking to a gentleman. Me: "How ya doin'?" Him: "Pretty good - I'm almost home." Me: "I've got a way to go." Him: "Where ya headed?" Me: "New Hampshire." Him: "'s the other way."

I had almost the same conversation in a canoe in the dark once. Was working for Natural Resources documenting trout spawning beds (by going out at night with spotlights and finding them doing it...tres kinky) and we couldn't figure out why the inlet we needed to find wasn't materializing--saw a light, called out to the cottager and he hollered back "You're on the wrong lake!" Turned out we had gone the wrong direction at put-in. Duh.

Well I will be looking up Edmund and Char later today to take possession of that autoharp--thanks Jim! I'll let you know how it seems..

Dang it sounds like you guys had fun. Probably WORTH freezing half to death...


23 Oct 03 - 10:34 AM (#1040393)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: momnopp

Oh, feckryinoutloud -- it wasn't THAT cold -- unless you were sitting still for an extended period of time, possibly out of the sun, not under a blanket, without a cup of hot tea. . .er, um, well, maybe it was a tad on the chilly side...

But with all the warmth and love and kinship bouncing around, who could stop to notice? The Shellbacks are such great fun and wonderful folk and INCREDIBLE musicians -- I was duly impressed. The voice of the 16 year-old angel, Elizabeth LaPrelle, rings still in my head -- what tones!

Amos -- yes, you MUST come to a Getaway as soon as humanly possible!

Side-busting skit by the Shells plus Alaska Prince -- I haven't laughted that hard in a while, and I laugh pretty frequently...Awwright...Ruth, you are a stitch! (Get that woman on the 'cat already!)

Morticia writes, "BTW please return the Shellbacks as you found them.....I think there may be a deposit on the empties." Fear not, Morty and Menolly, Col K's store of hugs is not depleted in the least by sharing them in America. It was wonderful to have a chance to "experience" a real Colin hug -- they are now legendary on BOTH sides of the pond. (Ask Col K to tell you about meeting Big Mick just moments after arriving at the Getaway.)

Missing Person Soup Kitchen have some of the most lovely harmonies, and I loved watching Bill Kimmons sing with adoring eyes turned to his wife. I realize it's easier to stay in time with someone while looking at them, but this was much more than that!

As always, the Getaway weekend renews me enough to carry on for the next six months or so -- even when I'm not participating fully in as many workshops as I'd like, I love singing along. And the energy generated throughout the grounds is positively magical. It's my idea of a "luxury" weekend -- creature comforts are "easy" to come by but the manna of the music and people at the Getaway is priceless.

Peace and music,


23 Oct 03 - 10:37 AM (#1040397)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,MMario

let us not forget Big Mick meeting his match in Theresa!

23 Oct 03 - 10:59 AM (#1040418)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Barry Finn

What an incredible time, what joy & pleasure, like multiple .....oop's,thrills. I'd like to thank Rita, Jennifer & Charlie for the tremendous amount time & energy they had to have spent(& many others) for doing a job so well done. It was great meet, hear & do a workshop with Alaska Mike, his "I did, I did, Iditarod" song & his ballad of a young whaler's first & only kill are bound to become songs that will be well sung by many others. Singing a couple of songs, no matter what songs, next to Mary Lamarca is a wonderful experience, thanks Mary you'd make anyone sound great. I was bowed over listening to Rita singing some real choice songs. Janice Cole had me in stitches with her food (some how I don't think food was the real subject of the song) song, the last time I laughed that hard was when she sang "Rubber Ducky" a few yrs ago (I nearly died from a laughing fit that nearly triggered an asthma attack). Then the other side of Janice's voice, singing "South Wind" at 3am is a knock out. Heather Wood's singing of anything combined with her sharp wit is always dead on, she seems to nail everything she sings. Hey, Joe Offer I didn't know camp songs could be so visual & aerobic you should take yourself on the road (that's a high complement). Ron & Jan Davies's rap song (never enjoyed rap so much) of the Pheromones was another song that' was quite the hit, great job. I've heard about Joe Hickerson forever & have an LP of his but to hear him sing in the same room was masterful. One of the biggest singing highlights for me was listening to young Elizabeth LaPrelle 'of the mountains' sing, it was like traveling in time warp into a past where all the old ghosts from the hills seemingly sing through her. What can you say about the Shellbacks, terrific singers & terrific people down to the man/woman. They approach singing with all their heart & soul & never stop. Singing with Noreen, Alanww, Snuffy, Carole, Derek, Jill, Theresa, & the rest is a festival in it's self. Spirit & passion in everything they do & they spread it naturally, WOW. I know I only slightly touched on all that was great but I don't have a spare 8 hrs. to continue & still I wouldn't cover much.

Jeri, Susan A-R & I some how did much the same driving back. We missed the New Jersey Turnpike because we mysteriously couldn't get off Rt95 even though we were following all the signs & directions. We finally ended up on the turnpike but we were already past better than the way, oh well, didn't matter much Susan was a great traveling companion.


23 Oct 03 - 11:18 AM (#1040429)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Amos

You Can't Go Home Again....

(Three Penny Opera orchestra fades in with overture and segues into "Mac the Knife". Old bearded folkie in a opork-pie hat shambles up from a dark corner of the stage and tells his tale in a style blending Frank Sinatra and Gordon Lightfoot....)

There's a turnpike (yeah)
Down in Joisey (yeah)
Where the twilight zone
Comes down
It only goes in
One direction
You know Jeri's back in town!

She tried hard (yeah)
To escape (yeah)
Drove that turnpike
All night long
Somehow space it-
Self got twisted
She was back in Camp by dawn!

If you're leaving
Ramblewood now
Take a tip from
Jeri's tome!
Once you make that
Folkie scene, man,
Jus' don't bother
Heading home!!

(Fade out with finger snapping and Sinatra style bebop hum....folkie rambles off stage right snapping fingers)

23 Oct 03 - 11:47 AM (#1040447)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

Okay I confess, Barry I did exactly what you did, only I turnt around after a couple of exits and tried again...I really needed to be on the Jersey Turnpike.

23 Oct 03 - 12:07 PM (#1040463)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Charley Noble

You just sniff the air,
And if it's fair,
You're bound for them Jersey meadows!

Charley Noble

23 Oct 03 - 12:41 PM (#1040479)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

And was anyone else around when Emily tried Snuffy's snuff????

23 Oct 03 - 01:13 PM (#1040497)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Bill D

ok, folks...I have just had my first full nights sleep in 6 days, so here is the first installment of pics. (I just FTPd these to my place, so Pene, if you want to harvest them to put directly on Mudcat events with thumbnails, fine!,If you want me to zip them and email them to you, let me know.)

I began with Lily Ani and her parents, aunts & uncles and the great carjacking episode..pic titles should be self-explanatory..(there are several more views of the car jacking...I'll dig 'em out if you all gotta have 'em)

23 Oct 03 - 02:05 PM (#1040524)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: PaulineL

Bill D (Day), your photos are great! The ones with Lily Ani and others in the dining hall show some of the fun. I missed the great workshop on getting Jeri's car off of the tree stump due to a schedule conflict. Looking at your photos is almost as good as being there. I especially loved the ones with Jeri triumphant. Thanks so much for posting them!


23 Oct 03 - 02:51 PM (#1040546)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: lamarca

Hello from a (mostly) Lapsed 'Catter... I came back on for the first time in months to read the Getaway thread, harrass Kendall, say hi to Rick, and jump in on yet another thread about singer/songwriters vs. traditional singers (some things never change). In doing all this, I remembered why I left the 'Cat - I got so wrapped up in playing online, I missed supper, and almost missed Brian Peters' concert! So I'll prob'ly go away again after this message - I got no self control when it comes to threads...

For the first time in a couple years, I really regretted that I was just day-tripping to the Getaway - boy, was the unorganized/disorganized singing great this year! In addition to being great singers themselves, the Shellbacks were a catalyst for great contributions from long-time Getaway attendees, both FSGW and Mudcat. I guess you could call it "hybrid vigor", but I don't know how much, ah, hybridizing was going on after hours...

I had decided not to house any Shellbacks, owing to my incredibly bad housekeeping skills, but Theresa and I hit it off in just a couple songs, and I was REALLY glad she came to stay with us! The after Getaway gatherings gave us all chances to make music in smaller groups, swap stories and get to know eachother better (and Theresa very politely listened to me lengthily bemoaning the rejection of our latest paper by yet another medical journal and ignored the clutter and cat hair that fills our house...)

I look at the small East Coast festivals, like NOMAD and NEFFA, and Getaways as "Folk Family" gatherings, where you get to see the family of your heart several times a year (including some of the weird second-cousins and noxious in-laws you have to put up with at any family gathering...). Even though we may live far away from each other, it's great to know I'll get to see and sing with friends I've met through music: Kendall, Barry, Jeri, Big Mick, Joe Offer (among too many others to name). But making new friends through the music is wonderful, too, and I hope I'll get to see and sing again with Theresa, Alaska Mike, Snuffy, Alanww, and all the rest of you whose names have fallen through the steel sieve that is my brain.

Love to you all...

23 Oct 03 - 03:08 PM (#1040562)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: nutty

MMario can't be so vague .....please tell us what Theresa did to Big Mick ..... we are all dying to know

23 Oct 03 - 03:19 PM (#1040574)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: MMario

well - it's probably more what Mick tried to do with Theresa (and failed in the attempt)

it was sorta a "David and Goliath" moment...

23 Oct 03 - 03:23 PM (#1040578)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,MMario

*chortle* I just found this qoute in a previous thread from the '98 Getaway ....

I wonder if she ever imagined....

I do hope we'll get to meet some more Mudcatters next year. - Rita Ferrara

BTW - that thread was a whopping 9 posts...

23 Oct 03 - 03:23 PM (#1040579)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Micca

He didnt (shock horror) try to sing LOUDER????

23 Oct 03 - 03:38 PM (#1040582)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: MMario

ah - I really don't want to mess this story hopefully someone else who was there will chime in and tell the story in a manner it deserves.

ps - sure I can be vague - I'm real good at vague - in fact sometimes I'm so vague I don't even know what I'm talking about.

pps - no, micca - I suspect what he tried was WORSE!

23 Oct 03 - 07:26 PM (#1040703)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: George Papavgeris

Bahhh, sourgrapesI'msureitwasallsoveryboringwishIcouldhavebeenthere...
Who, me jealous?
So nice to join voices across the water. One day I'll do it too....

23 Oct 03 - 08:19 PM (#1040729)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Dani

OK, I almost forgot to share two of my FAVORITE memories. One'll be my favorite musical moment forever, and I will cherish it always.

I love to sing. Have never had the time (or the teacher!) to learn the instruments I'd like to play, so have settled for singing and the kazoo. Have gotten pretty darn good (locally famous; the pied kazooer, you know) and I LOVE to play it.

God knows you don't get many opportunities... but usually Jim (Gutbucketeer) provides one or two a year ; )

This year, Joel Bailes' Barrelhouse Piano Jam was an absolute BLAST!! He has a wonderful spirit, and style, and created some real fun in the gym. Wish I hadn't left for one of those darn conflicts. But it was great to jam on Jim's homemade kazoo!

But then... THEN, during the Saturday night dining room sing, there came a song I wasn't familiar with, but that had (no shit!) a rousing chorus. Vaughan (Snuffy?) came to my side and whispered in my ear, " 'Ave you got yer kazoo on ya?" HAVE I?!?! There was a line for bugle in the chorus (what song was that?) and he and I played. It was like being pulled out of the audience onto the stage at Carnegie HALL, or up to dance with Bruce Springsteen for cryin' out loud!

Thank you, Vaughan, and Joel, and Jim.

Thank you all!!


23 Oct 03 - 08:51 PM (#1040738)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Amos

Bill D:

Those photos are teeeeRIFic!! I can just see the sweat trickling down the assorted biceps as those 2-by's were wedged in under the wheels!! LOL!!



23 Oct 03 - 09:00 PM (#1040745)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories

Then there was the time that Mick started a sorrowful song about love, death, etc. and Dani chimed in on the kazoo. He retorted...something to do with his Irish grandmother.

Why exactly was he strumming along off key to Kathy's song about her BOB? Feeling a bit insecure about being replaced by a battery, are we?

23 Oct 03 - 09:18 PM (#1040752)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Dani

Nooooo... did I really?? I'm so sorry.

Hey! What did he say about his Irish grandmother? My Irish grandmother coulda kicked his grandmother's butt.


23 Oct 03 - 09:34 PM (#1040758)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

Now Mary, perhaps he was just was just waiting to get his fingers slapped.... He did stop after that. I meant to give you the camera before I sang that song and I forgot... Oh well

24 Oct 03 - 07:00 AM (#1040929)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,Lorraine

Just a quick note to state the obvious. It was a wonderful wonderful Getaway! A magic thrill to connect with folks I'd never met before and feel the joy. Thanks every one.

24 Oct 03 - 10:22 AM (#1041037)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories

Lucky ME!!!!! Alaska Mike and Tawmmie are headed this way. I expect their motorhome and more music tomorrow!

I called my Dad in NY mainly to tell him about the Shellbacks. He got teary hearing about the Music Hall session. He too hasn't heard anything but the choruses in years. Singing with Theresa and Carole was like having my Aunt May back again. Who recited "Mother Musn't Know I Am On The Stage"? or something similar?

24 Oct 03 - 10:44 AM (#1041057)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: MMario

sinsull - with all due respect....


Mike's CD had me alternately in tears or laughter - and sometimes laughing hard enough to tear up! most of the way home on monday. Some incredible examples of intensely personnal songs done so well that they strike right to the heart.

and Tawmie I suspect is the proverbial "woman behind the successful man" - not to mention that she seemed to ALWAYS know the next word when someone faltered....

24 Oct 03 - 01:15 PM (#1041156)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker


Mary I missed MIke's Cd"s if I send you some money can you try to get me a couple???? Puleeze????



24 Oct 03 - 01:23 PM (#1041159)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,MMario

Tinker - I wish I'd bought all three! (I only got one)

24 Oct 03 - 01:37 PM (#1041165)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Jeri

I'm not sure I'm recovered yet. I decided to miss the session tonight - too burnt out and playing phone tag. Here's my 'Lost Highway' contribution. Maybe True Thomas needs a re-write.

There's a tale they tell of a lonesome road
In the dark New Jersey night
When October winds howl a fearsome song
And the moon's the only light
When the world we know and the world we dream
Are not so far apart
And the road you may find your self upon
Can chill the stoutest heart

Oh see that wide road up ahead
With many potholed lanes?
You really wanted a different one
But they look pretty much the same
One road leads to New York City
The other one to Hell
If it were not for the Washington Bridge
The difference we could not tell

And see the invisible road that twists and turns?
No, I didn't think you could
It leads round and round, not back and forth
The way a good road should
It rolls on and on forever
And goes nowhere in particular
And trapped upon this Moebus highway
Are all manner of things vehicular

So be careful, you who drive upon
The Turnpike of New Jersey
For the night is dark and lonely
And the exits have no mercy
And the world we know and the world we dream
Are not so very far apart
And the road you may find your self upon
Can chill the stoutest heart

24 Oct 03 - 01:51 PM (#1041173)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,MMario

Still, on a winter's night they say
when the wind's in the trees;
and the moon is a ghostly galleon
tossed upon cloudy seas
When the road is a ribbon of moonlight
looping the purple moor
Then Jeri will come driving, driving, driving
Jeri still comes driving - along the Jersey shores.

24 Oct 03 - 02:48 PM (#1041194)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Amos

LOL you guys!! Jeri, I must say rhyming vehicular with anything at all is a major accomplishment, but "particular"...well, under the circumstances we'll chalk it up to recovery-phase, huh??? LOL!!



24 Oct 03 - 04:04 PM (#1041238)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Jeri

Works better than 'testicular'!
MMario, YES, - 'The Lost Highwaywoman'.

*Someone* gave me a CD of a personal recording of a concert of theirs I attended (and sang a song at) and it's STILL in my car CD player! *Someone*, who is some mother's son, knows who they are (if they should read this). I LOVE it! Homemade recording or not, famous guy or not, this one is up there with other favorite recordings of mine. The songs and performances are all cherished gifts. Thank you, *Someone*.

26 Oct 03 - 07:03 PM (#1042201)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

How could I have forgotten Shellback Ruth's song about the pigeon race. Her voice pulls me from the next room to watch when I'm transfering tape. It's such a wonderful song and it was masterfully done.

I've got some Shellbacks again tommorrow as the rest of them head home. Maybe we can keep   this thread up for them til they get home.

26 Oct 03 - 07:15 PM (#1042206)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories

Sorry, Tinker. I didn't see your post in time. But, the Campbells did leave me copies of all three CDs. If you are good to me, maybe I will lend them.

Tawmmie cooked breakfast this morning. I was so glad. I forgot to set the clock back and so was up and showered at 5AM. Kept looking for the sun and Captain Morse but neither arrived. Finally called him and he announced (as if he had been hoping) "I'm not late. You forgot to set your clock back."

We had breakfast and a few laughs. Then they left for Boston. I did enjoy them. Mike sang his Firdt Kill song for Kendall. And Kendall sang his Waling Song for him. Wonderful moments. Then Seamus spent the day with me. Life is good.

27 Oct 03 - 08:43 PM (#1042926)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Col K

Well we aint home yet Some are in the air as I type this others are still enjoying US hospitality in various places.
On behalf of all the Shellbacks can I say agreat big thankyou to all the wonderful people that we have met, both catters and others. Please    can you pass these thanks on to those who do not visit the cat.
We have all had a really tremendous welcome and are very grateful for all your help.I willmost likely not be posting again till I get home on Sunday or Monday next week.
Once again Thanks
Luv Ya All

28 Oct 03 - 02:55 PM (#1043318)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Charlie Baum


Sweatshirt, Navy blue, size XL, Old Navy brand, with "B-SLED Trials" design on the front.

To claim it, contact Charlie Baum, either via Max's Mudcat Messages, or a real e-mail or phone call.

Only one item this year--people were much better than last year about not leaving their stuff behind.

--Charlie Baum

28 Oct 03 - 02:59 PM (#1043320)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,MMario

Did anyone claim the Godiva Chocolate Liquor?

28 Oct 03 - 03:08 PM (#1043324)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Dan Schatz

Jeri -

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

- *Someone*

28 Oct 03 - 03:17 PM (#1043328)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Charlie Baum

The Godiva Chocolate liqueur had been brought to the previous Getaway (2002), brought back by me with last year's lost and found box, and was found by its original 2002 bringer. It was subsequently dedicated to public consumption at this year's Getaway.


28 Oct 03 - 04:29 PM (#1043393)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Bill D

LOST & LOST...I had a long, narrow electric heater that sat in the TV room against the wall all weekend...I unplugged it late Sunday night and put it near my wood stuff and the back was not there Monday morning. If anyone recalls seeing it anywhere else, PM me.

(I asked the camp guy Monday, and he had not seen it...but of course, had not looked for it.)

28 Oct 03 - 04:38 PM (#1043397)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Jeri

Dan, your songs are wonderful, your singing and accompaniment are wonderful, but I'm having a devil of a time figuring out the chords to "The Old Days." (Please correct me if the name's wrong.) It'll get sung here, whether I figure out the chords or not. In any case, I thank you for this wonderful gift. Now, move back here right now and play more concerts!

Charlie, thanks for hanging onto my shoes for a year. I missed them.

Tinker, was Ruth's pigeon song The King of Rome written by David Sudbury? I missed the singing of it, but then I missed SO much! I SAW Lorraine, but didn't get to talk to her. (Hi, Lorraine) I never made it to either of Lisa's vocal clinics.

I really envy you folks who had a chance to sort of wind down. Other than talking with people about the Getaway, I left and the door just seemed to slam shut.

28 Oct 03 - 07:06 PM (#1043470)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

Thanks Jeri, that is the song she sang,I can update my notes now.

UGH! I just found the Chocolete liqueur cups I had bought to bring to Getaway... They would have been great with that Godiva liqueur... oh well...

29 Oct 03 - 06:40 AM (#1043694)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Snuffy

Finally made it back home across the pond and rested a little, but quite a few Shellbacks are still over there till the weekend.

What an amazing time. Great to finally meet in the flesh so many 'Catters who were already friends from Mudchat and from the threads, and to make new friends like Kendall and Dani and ... the list is endless.

And what a thrill to meet the guys who make the Cat and the DT happen - Dick and Susan and Joe and especially Max (not forgetting Lily-Anni). What a shame Pene couldn't make it - you were missed, Jeff.

And a real big thankyou to all those who hosted and entertained the Shellbacks for an additional two nights in the DC area.

And of course all the music and singing - I was totally blown away by the wealth of talent on display in workshops, concerts and especially in the informal sessions. Hard to pick out individuals, but evrything Barry Finn and Alaska Mike did was just incredible.

I will definitely be coming back again (.. and again, and again), with the Shellbacks or separately. You guys are the best.

WassaiL! V

29 Oct 03 - 04:35 PM (#1044049)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: minstrals lodge

Just joined up with Mudcat to look up what all you folks had to say about us ( We're Steve & Diane from Shellbacks )

Our daughter was amazed to see our stories so well verifried!!

We would just like to add our heartfelt thanks.
We had a terrific time and we're so pleased to have been part of this most memorable weekend.

The stories just keep coming.

We're having trouble finding the 'links' for the photo's. Can anyone help?

All best wishes.

29 Oct 03 - 05:22 PM (#1044078)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories

Just remembered another "moment". The Song In The Hat workshop. Someone threw out a word and the rest of us had to come up with songs containing the word. A favorite: DOOR. From the peanut gallery "You can pass your days in a DORy boys..." Puns count. A song used two or three times counts more - eg. Old Man River came up for OLD, MAN and RIVER. BLUE led to the complete doowop version of Blue Moon. Could have gone on for hours.

29 Oct 03 - 05:29 PM (#1044080)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories

That workshop was my first introduction to Elizabeth LaPrelle who sat in the back with her mother and grandmother trying shyly to insert a song. She finally wailed "I've got one" and we cleared a path for her.

Later at the mountain music workshop, I heard her sing fro real. I was in the presence of greatness. Do not miss a chance to hear her perform. A sad theme running through that workshop was the shame people were taught to feel about their backgrounds and accents. Some "cringed" when Mom or Dad chose to sing. So strange to me since I always saw an almost regal dignity in even the poorest of mountain women. To me they seemed to understand life and manage it on their own terms.

29 Oct 03 - 05:48 PM (#1044092)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Bill D

Steve & Diane...upper right hand corner.."quick links" scroll down to "members photos & info"

(glad to see you are home ok!)

29 Oct 03 - 06:04 PM (#1044106)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Allan C.

...and then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list of names to find the link to the Events Section.

30 Oct 03 - 08:38 AM (#1044450)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,MMario

or if you are adverse to scrolling (or just lazy, like me) click on the "photos" link at the top of that page and then the "event" link on the next.

30 Oct 03 - 11:13 AM (#1044578)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,Pete Kraemer

Thanks for the photos - nice to see everyone had a good time. I particularly enjoyed the picture of my car sitting outside the cabin where it was, of course, not allowed to be.
Did any pictures get taken of folks playing music? I sure would like to see some of those.
Cheers to all!

30 Oct 03 - 11:38 AM (#1044601)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Janie


I have lots of pictures of people playing music--however, my computer has been in the shop for 3 weeks now so I haven't been able to get them off my camera. When the computer is up I'll pm someone for instructions on how to post them and will then post a link here.


30 Oct 03 - 04:34 PM (#1044784)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Bill D

Have been doing craft shows and unpacking from the Getaway.. *weak smile*...will get what pics I have up this weekend!

30 Oct 03 - 09:36 PM (#1044984)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Ferrara

This thread is so enjoyable that I've sent an e-mail to some of the non-Mudcatters who were at the Getaway asking if they'd like to add their two cents worth.

30 Oct 03 - 09:45 PM (#1044988)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Susan A-R

Charlie, I put Sinsull's Jacket (rust and white with elephants?) in one of the boxes at the registration table at the end of things. Didn't know it was hers or I'd have mailed it out for her birthday.

Did you find such a thing?


30 Oct 03 - 11:04 PM (#1045029)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Charlie Baum

Sinsull's jacket is not in the collection of stuff I've got. But there are a couple of blankets at knitpick's house (jsut around the corner from mine) and another batch of stuff at Carly's house (and I'm going there this weekend for Samuel's bar mitzvah).

I'll try to report a more complete inventory late this coming weekend.

--Charlie Baum

31 Oct 03 - 07:46 AM (#1045191)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,Sandy LaPrelle

Hi Getaway goers! I had a lot of fun and wanted to say "thanks". My mom and dad had a great time, they are still talking about it. Elizabeth has been too busy to process, but I shared some of the great compliments about her singing that I read, and she was very pleased, of course! All of The Shellback Chorus were a blast! I can't say what I especially enjoyed, cause I enjoyed it all. My only problem was I couldn't go to everything at once. Again, thanks for the whole weekend; if you love to sing (as I always have loved to do) it was something not to be missed!


31 Oct 03 - 09:23 AM (#1045239)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,Sheila Thorpe

Thanks, Rita, for inviting our two cents worth of comments. Dwayne, Hester, and I always feel that this is a "family reunion". The memories and the spirit of the Getaway stay with us the whole year.
I'm glad I read these notes - I printed the "Cicada Serenade" and plan to do the rap (with Dwayne makin' those wierd cicada wing sounds) for the guys in our monthly songfest group.
We're always sad to leave after lunch on Sunday and miss the workshops and the concert on Sunday evening. Sounds like it was a winner, too.
Thanks to all the planners of the Getaway!!!!

31 Oct 03 - 08:27 PM (#1045570)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Ferrara

I want to write a little post-Getaway article for the FSGW newsletter and hope to use some quotes from this thread. Will PM the people being quoted, just to be sure it's OK....

31 Oct 03 - 08:51 PM (#1045579)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: kendall

I didn't see the actual grounding of Jeri's vessel, so, can't really picture the rescue. But, Stan Rogers' song The Rocks Of Baccaloo came to mind. If someone wants to add to it, ok.

She was bound home in October,
From that folkie getaway
Trying to make the Jersey turnpike before dark,
But she tried to take a shortcut
And fetched up on a stump
Like that mountain in the east stopped Noah's Ark.

You should never leave the channel
If you havn't got the charts
There are hazards all around that you can't see
You should always take a pilot to steer you safely through
Or you'll end up barking up the wrong tree.

31 Oct 03 - 11:58 PM (#1045643)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,Ron Davies

No question in my mind--this Getaway was by far the best I've ever been to. Last year was great too, especially with Rick Fielding--as has been said, he was really missed --still would especially love to hear again his song about going to school.

But this year--as I was just saying to Bill Day, the incredible array of stars in the firmament, stars we had never seen before, was stunning. Elizabeth LaPrelle--the perfect keening mountain voice, Alaska Mike, joining the pantheon of Gordon Bok, Utah Phillips, Eric Bogle (and others) with so many well-crafted songs recently written (say in the last 40 years) but solidly "in the tradition", and of course the incomparable Shellbacks, individually, and in small groups,(just loved all the music hall songs,for instance, especially the ones I didn't know) as well as the massed group. As I said elsewhere, the only thing that can compare is the Middle Bar at Sidmouth, which is in fact where I met AlanWW.

And to have our own US leaders( i.e song-leaders)also, like Barry and Mick, was just the perfect complement. Particularly in the after-hours sessions, the cross-pollination was just wonderful. Mudcat contributors have revitalized the FSGW Getaway to an incredible extent. It is so great to hear songs we don't sing much or at all here or other versions of those we do. And we all, coming from so many different places and backgrounds, seem to really appreciate each other's contributions. I suppose it must be since we all have such a passion for music.   

And even definitely unplanned events (certain to go into the lore of the group. and which people without access to Mudcat would likely miss entirely,) like Jeri's stump incident, add yet another dimension. I am really impressed with the quality of the "stump-workshop" contributions---actually I think the one Jeri did herself is definitely one of the best, but they're all damn good.

The only other thing I wanted to say was a small correction of the "Cicada Serenade" as posted. I'm sure the Pheremones would want their first posting on Mudcat to be as accurate as possible. The posting was exactly as I sent it to Clayton, except one line (of course I can't make claims to 100% accuracy--I just transcribed it off a tape I borrowed.) But the last lines are:

So eat your cicadas with every snack
Cause they can also help you say "no" to crack

01 Nov 03 - 07:05 AM (#1045723)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Alaska Mike

Well we finally made it back to Anchorage. Three weeks in the motorhome we saw New York City, Philidelphia, Valley forge, Amish country, Gettysburg, Washington D.C., Martin Guitar factory, Old Sturbridge Village, sharing music and lobsters with Kendall and Sinsull in Maine, Plymouth Plantation, Cape Cod, New Bedford Whaling museum, and Mystic Seaport. But the absolute highlight of our trip was the three days we spent with our many new friends singing songs and sharing stories at the FSGW Getaway. I promise to go through my hundreds of pictures and send some in to Pene Azul for publication in Mudcat's events photos. But I need to get some sleep. Bye for now.


01 Nov 03 - 07:37 AM (#1045733)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Jeri

Thanks Ron. I was writing it and thought it started out like a serious ghost story sort of song. Still could be, if I could manage to figure out how to make a silly believable. Need to watch more X-Files re-runs.

I love the Cicada Seranade, and I'm sorry I missed it. Part of the reason I love these after-action reports so much is to hear about all the great stuff I missed. There is an entomologist who comes to our sessions who's gonna LOVE that!

Sandy, one of the things that will stand out in my mind is hearing you and Elizabeth in the Fri night sing-around, and wondering "Who the heck ARE those people?! They're GOOOOOD!" Your spot-on harmonies and Elizabeth's incredibly strong, clear singing were one of the pleasant surprises that make me treasure events like the Getaway. Elizabeth seems to have a lot of self-confidence in singing her own songs in her own voice, she pulls it off as if she's already had a long career performing, and I hope to hear a lot more of her. I like James Taylor too. It's OK to stick a JT song in here and there. Those two ballads at the end of the mini-concert, however, just blew me away, and I'm thankful you did both of the requests instead of picking just one.

05 Nov 03 - 12:33 PM (#1048502)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Col K

Home at last Boo Hoo.
Thanks to you all at the Getaway for making us so welcome,we all want to come again I'm sure.My big memory of the Getaway is the wonderful friendliness of the place and all the people there ( and Jeri's car ).
The messages in this thread bring back so many happy memories, thanks to all who have posted.
I look foreward to meeting many of you again either over there or over here.
Love to you all

05 Nov 03 - 09:22 PM (#1048848)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories


10 Nov 03 - 10:01 AM (#1051061)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GutBucketeer

Max's and Bill Day's pictures are fantastic!

But I sure would love to see some more (hint hint hint).


10 Nov 03 - 10:37 AM (#1051077)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Alaska Mike

I sent a couple dozen pictures in last week, but I guess it takes awhile to get them posted. Patience Jim, they are coming.


10 Nov 03 - 11:04 PM (#1051429)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories


Anyone know the song and the singer?

10 Nov 03 - 11:12 PM (#1051432)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

Rita givves her name in the Songs you sang thread. I think it was Andy Cooper ?? and she wrote the song ... Magical Musical Shoes ???... It is in the half of Sunday nite I actually did video. About half way through my arms and shoulders gave out and I just didn't want to see the camera anymore..

11 Nov 03 - 10:58 AM (#1051650)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Nancy King

Sinsull, Tinker's right -- it was Andy Cooper from Baltimore. Her address, phone number and e-mail are all on the 2003 Getaway Attendees list. If you don't have your list, PM me and I'll send it to you.


11 Nov 03 - 01:12 PM (#1051757)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Charlie Baum

Getaway Lost and Found Update

What with many visitors from England, our usual confusion reigned at the end of the weekend at Camp Ramblewood, and some stuff didn't make it home to the right places:

Reported Lost

1)        mattress pad (Cabin I) (Fred and Janet Stollnitz)
2)        a long, narrow electric heater that sat in the TV room against the wall all weekend (Bill Day)
3)        Did anyone find a jacket in shades of purple with giraffes on the pocket and back? Left it behind by mistake. (Sinsull/Mary Sullivan)
4)        pillows, comforter, blue sleeping bag (Carly Gewirz and Dean Clamons)

Reported Found (and currently with Carly, Knitpick, or Charlie Baum)

1) navy-blue sweat shirt from Old Navy; "B-Sled" and "Trials" on front, size XL
2) 2 blankets
3) fluffy rust and gold and orange throw (probably mohair)
4) cotton quilt (blue on blue with cornflowers and stripes)
5) fitted sheet, solid color, blue-green (at Carly's)
6) fluffy throw, bound edge with cats, black and mauve and grey
pillows with flowered ticking

Besides the above stuff, more stuff is probably at the Cooks' house.

If you've found any of the lost stuff, or if any of the found items sounds familiar, or you have additions to this list, you can add them here or send me a PM or give me a phone call.

11 Nov 03 - 06:03 PM (#1051904)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Snuffy

Did everybody's Attendees list have page 4 missing, or just mine?

11 Nov 03 - 07:41 PM (#1051994)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

Mine numbers straight through from 1 to 7. Perhaps your back side just didn't copy??? Perhaps you can get a copy from another Shellback.

11 Nov 03 - 07:48 PM (#1052002)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Noreen

OK Tinker- you want me to offer to photocopy my backside for Snuffy?

11 Nov 03 - 08:25 PM (#1052025)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: alanww

Well, I finally got home on 3 Nov and have only just managed to get my computer working - its been dead - so fingers crossed that it doesn't die again!
The Getaway was a real blast - so many wonderful memories. Both the big performances and the small intimate song swaps, the unaccompanied close harmony singing and the music. Wow!   
A big thanks to everyone involved in organising it and to all those who attended - so many new friends.
I hope it will only prove to be my first visit!
"Dancing and singing, bell ringing ...!"

11 Nov 03 - 09:51 PM (#1052064)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

Noreen dearest, go with your heart....but be careful love. There are male member warnings in that other thread.

11 Nov 03 - 10:07 PM (#1052083)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: alanww

Do not worry yourself, dear Tinker and fear not, dearest Noreen!
I will offer Snuffy a viewing of my own back side on Wednesday evening when I see him at our local CAMRA* meeting. If he brings his camera, he can even get a copy of it straight away!
"I can laugh, drink and sing ...!"
* For the non-Brits, CAMRA = The CAMpaign for Real Ale

11 Nov 03 - 10:26 PM (#1052098)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: mg

Sounds like fun...did we have a romance? Guess I'll have to go back and reread the threads...

Great parody Kendall...actually Cliffs of Baccileu..never could spell that but it means codfish in Portgug...damn..can't spell that a fairly old Newfoundland song..don't know if author is known or not....Ryans Fancy did a marvelous version of

12 Nov 03 - 06:58 AM (#1052260)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: kendall

I thought Stan Rogers wrote that.
Now I can comment, it has a major flaw, in that in one verse, he mentions the wheel, and in another it's the tiller. Boats dont have both.

12 Nov 03 - 09:43 AM (#1052367)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Alaska Mike

The Cliffs of Baccalieu is copyrighted to a Canadian named Jack Withers. Its a great song, and Kendall, the parody is masterful.


12 Nov 03 - 09:46 AM (#1052369)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,MMario

I digress - but if any of you who know 'Cliff of Baccalieu' are capable and willing to transcribe the tune - it is one of the "missing" from the DT.

12 Nov 03 - 10:55 AM (#1052443)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: GUEST,Big Mick in the thick of labor battles in Ft

WAIT A MINUTE!!! You layabouts have already documented in the Jeri and the stump thread that my backside was examined in great detail during the travails of Jeri. Given that I have already stepped up, or more appropriately, laid down, in this venture, I think it only fair that if Noreen is going to show anyone her backside, it should be meself. (Howzat fer a sentence, Paw?)

Unfortunately, I came home to a battle and have been on the road almost constantly. I will post my recollections when I get to my own, cookie bearing, computer at home.

Noreen, please copy me your backside at your earliest convenience.

All the best,


12 Nov 03 - 11:34 AM (#1052472)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Bill D

now, Noreen...I had a perfectly good copier at my place, and you never even offered! (Or maybe I just didn't ask nicely...*grin*)

16 Nov 03 - 02:44 PM (#1054822)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Alaska Mike

OK gang, I've found a way to publish some of the pictures I took at the 2003 FSGW Getaway.

Getaway Pictures

My first blue clicky, I hope this works.


16 Nov 03 - 04:47 PM (#1054929)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: CET

Thanks, Mike.

16 Nov 03 - 05:02 PM (#1054937)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Barb'ry

Those are lovely, Mike. I posted a few of mine - they are part 13 or so on the site's photo bit.
Just been playing a tape I made of people singing at the festival - it sounds so good - miss you all!

16 Nov 03 - 06:29 PM (#1054990)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Jeri

Mike, thank you!
Barb'ry, whose bums ARE those?

16 Nov 03 - 06:40 PM (#1054999)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Nancy King

Great pix, Mike and Tawmmie -- and Barb'ry, too! Thanks to all!


16 Nov 03 - 07:25 PM (#1055049)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: MMario

The nice thing about getaway - is the memories just keep on going, and going, and going

16 Nov 03 - 08:18 PM (#1055091)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: momnopp

Those are terrific, Mike and Tawmmie! Such fun, such warm feelings just wash over me when I look at them.

XOXOXOX to all,


17 Nov 03 - 07:23 AM (#1055351)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: alanww

Thanks for the pictures, Mike. There are some real jems among them!
"Oh the summer is a-coming ...!"

17 Nov 03 - 11:19 AM (#1055491)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Noreen

Lovely pictures, Tawmmie and Mike! So pleased to see that one of the late night jam on Sunday with David Scheim and his harp (the very last photo), while Snuffy and Theresa were waltzing in the other room to 'Blow the Man Down'...!

What a wonderful evening, and an unforgettable weekend.

17 Nov 03 - 11:36 AM (#1055504)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

Great shots Mike ! Okay tommorrow or the next day I will get up a video listing.... I promised myself I would pay the bills and clean the bathrooms and Oh yeah start packing 6 people for a weeks vacation before I played with these anymore. The lists may not be totally detailed, but they'll be reasonably complete.


18 Nov 03 - 01:07 AM (#1055966)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: PaulineL

Thanks to Mike and Tawmie for posting so many wonderful pictures. Some of them will help me remember people's names. All of them make me feel warm and sentimental. Aaaah............

I liked some of the photos so much that I wanted to save them on my own computer but I couldn't figure out how. Techies, please help.


18 Nov 03 - 03:51 AM (#1056005)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: nutty

Pauline .... you create a file, on your computer, to hold the photos ..... then ......
Right click on the photo you want to save and from the menu shown, click on "save image as" ..........
a save box will appear, so you can then save the image in the normal way to the file you have created.

That's how I do it anyway and it works fine.

18 Nov 03 - 10:28 AM (#1056208)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Jeri

Nutty, it won't work with Mike's photos. I don't think they want you to copy them.

You have to click on the little photo to get the big photo, then go to 'view source' and find out the URL of the photo.

Finding the URL in all that other crap is the hard part. Scan for the section that has a bunch of indents, and it's the part that says "http://-and-a-huge-bunch-of-numbers-and-stuff"

You then copy and paste that into your browser's address window. When THAT page comes up, you can right click and select "save as."

18 Nov 03 - 11:43 AM (#1056262)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: dick greenhaus

Another way, that works on most later Windows verstions is to press ALT and PRINT SCREEN at the same time. This puts the image on your clipboard, and you can then paste it into whatever program you wish.

18 Nov 03 - 11:46 AM (#1056265)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: nutty

Yes Jeri ...admittedly the pics do stay small but you can play around with them in a photo/paint program.

Alternatively, you can lift the whole (large) picture off the screen using a program like MWSnap3 (a free download), copy it into a word processor prog and print it out. That only takes a few moments as well.

18 Nov 03 - 01:27 PM (#1056360)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Jeri

Nutty, sorry. I SWEAR it wouldn't let me right-click and 'save as' last night. It doesn't now, from both the thumbnail page and the big picture page. It's a lot less complicated than what I did to save a few of the pictures!

18 Nov 03 - 01:42 PM (#1056373)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Bill D

I saved several of Mike's pics with MW Snap...I can usually figure out how to dig the URL from that mess they hide it in, but I didn't go to 'view source' this time, as it was easier to just grab it and edit it the easy way...MWSnap and it's payware cousin, SnagIt are treasures in situations like this.

18 Nov 03 - 08:35 PM (#1056604)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: Tinker

Okay folks I've posted what I have here. 2003 Video Footage
Just scroll down to the 2003 posts.

19 Nov 03 - 11:46 PM (#1057476)
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
From: PaulineL

Thanks to all who gave advice on how to save Mike's photos. I downloaded and used MW Snap and it's a handy software package. Worked just fine. Of course, Bill D would know a good software package that is free. :-)