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Finding music/FSGW Getaway

14 Oct 03 - 01:26 PM (#1035459)
Subject: Finding music/FSGW Getaway
From: Steeleye

I plan to go to the "Getaway" this weekend and was considering bringing a song to one of the singalong jams. I'd like the group to sing either "Hold Fast to the Right" or "Just as the Tide Was a Flowin' (Shirley Collins/Albion Band fans feel free to let me know you're a kindred spirit). Or maybe Tom Paxton's "Peace Will Come."

I have no trouble finding lyrics and tab on the internet, but how about the music? I'd like to provide the melody notes for those lucky individuals among us who are able to read music, but who are unlucky enough not to know those great tunes. But alas, printed music is not so easy to find in cyberspace. Any ideas?

14 Oct 03 - 02:05 PM (#1035493)
Subject: RE: Finding music/FSGW Getaway
From: GUEST,MMario

I think you will find that the caliber of people at the getaway will be doing harmonies to the "unknown" tune about halfway through the verse - - -

other then that I would try to find a midi of the melody and convert.

14 Oct 03 - 03:21 PM (#1035565)
Subject: RE: Finding music/FSGW Getaway
From: Bill D

it's not usually a good idea to try to 'do' a song in a few days that you haven't even started working out yet. If you know a song, folks will usually be able to share it with you, but this is not exactly a place to hand out music and expect folks to learn it with you...I

I would TRULY suggest just singing something you are already familar with. If it is a well known song, you will have help, if not, there is seldom time to 'learn' in a fast paced setting...

Hope to see you there and assure you this not an attempt to inhibit you..*smile*...just trying to avoid awkward situations..

If I have misunderstood, and you DO know those songs well...just sing them! They will be appreciated!

14 Oct 03 - 03:24 PM (#1035567)
Subject: RE: Finding music/FSGW Getaway
From: GUEST,MMario

as I intended to say before - those who know it will probably sing along - those who don't will probably pick up some of it...

14 Oct 03 - 05:02 PM (#1035629)
Subject: RE: Finding music/FSGW Getaway
From: Ferrara

Steeleye, our general style in a sing-along is for someone to "lead" a song. It's more or less considered "their" song, if they want the whole group to join in on the verses they may need to say so; otherwise, unless it's a very familiar song, the group will join on the chorus and let the leader sing the verses.

If you're hoping people will join in and/or jam on a song, just say so. It isn't necessary though.

I agree with Bill - the best thing to do at an event like the Getaway is to sing the songs you've been singing the longest and know the best. That way it all flows and people will pick up on the energy.