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taylorguitars in new york

22 Sep 03 - 07:14 AM (#1022953)
Subject: taylorguitars in new york
From: GUEST,Frank


My name is Frank .
I'm from Copenhagen , Denmark.
Going to NY friday the 26th of September.
Where can I do the best deal on a Taylor guitar.?


22 Sep 03 - 07:49 AM (#1022963)
Subject: RE: taylorguitars in new york
From: kendall

Buckdancer's Choice, Portland Maine. This is the only one I'm familiar with.

Would you be willing to translate this phrase?

Met vriendelijke groet

Thank you

22 Sep 03 - 09:22 AM (#1022995)
Subject: RE: taylorguitars in new york
From: EBarnacle1

Try Mandolin Brothers in Staten Island. Good Luck. JBilgeRat walked in and quickly found one which spoke to him. He's been playing it for several years.

22 Sep 03 - 07:08 PM (#1023216)
Subject: RE: taylorguitars in new york
From: kendall

Frank, I found out what that phrase meant.

22 Sep 03 - 10:03 PM (#1023313)
Subject: RE: taylorguitars in new york
From: Margaret V

Like Kendall said, try Mandolin Brothers (you can check out a list of some of their inventory at their website, www.mandoweb.com). They are very nice people to deal with. I don't know much about Matt Umanov Guitars but they claim to be one of the biggest Taylor dealers in the area (www.umanovguitars.com). Have fun!
Cheers, Margaret

23 Sep 03 - 04:56 PM (#1023802)
Subject: RE: taylorguitars in new york

Ohmagosh, don't go in Mandolin Bros looking for a NEW Taylor- they apparently had one helluva falling out a few years ago over MB posting used Taylors on their web site. At one time, they were the largest Taylor dealer in the world, I believe. (Sounded to me like there were stubborn parties involved on both ends!)Don't expect bargains from MB, but do expect an incredible selection. But Margaret is right- MB are great people to deal with. Oddly enough, from a consumer aspect, I've always found Taylor to be so, also. I guess Taylor is very territorial about their name and logo and advertising their guitars used, while MB feels (and rightly so, in my book) that they have the right to advertise any of their used or vintage stock in print or on the web.

There is a Sam Ash across the street from the legendary Manny's- uh, east upper forties, I believe- that has a good selection the last time I was there. This is a great area to peruse- there are at least five stores with a lot of guitars in close proximity. Umanov kind of turns me off- they have some nice stuff but seem very territorial, like you really have to be serious and about ready to buy before they let you try things. But maybe that's just been the couple people I've dealt with there. Also, a five minute PATH train ride across the hudson will bring you to Hoboken and the Guitar Bar- small store but always some neat stuff there.

Hope that helps!