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BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??

20 Aug 03 - 05:50 PM (#1005482)
Subject: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: GUEST,Cheeky

Hey, Mudcatters, have any of you ever tried a liver flush ?

Now, before you go clicking on it, be warned it sounds a bit vile.
( Or should that be bile ?)

The reason I ask is because I think I heard read something against this on the net, and was wondering if any of you have been courageous enough to give it a try ?

20 Aug 03 - 11:32 PM (#1005627)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: Rapparee

No, I haven't tried it, but I have another three letter word for it, or rather, two three letter words:

con job.

20 Aug 03 - 11:43 PM (#1005631)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: Peg

Gillian Anderson (of The X-Files) did it after she quit smoking.

20 Aug 03 - 11:48 PM (#1005634)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: Doug_Remley

Never heard of this, uhm, effort but liver "detoxification" is most safely left to Milk Thistle Extract. U.S. doctors with multiple "specializations" treat their knowledge as arcane, need-to-know secrets to be shared with other doctors guided by acepted drug treatments and often, alone, by established policy (or, read polity in light of local administrative requirements).

Linked by affect to the C, B's and E the Thistle milk is a powerful addition and has been known and used world wide for thousands of years yet is not accepted by the American medical community. "Gall Stones" form normally and are often flushed before attaining a size affecting local tissues. Forcing a "flushing" activity certainly may show extensive, time-related results especially of unatural, crystalline structures waiting to be flushed be a normal course of events. Forcing by imbibing intrusive elements may not be necessary, or wise.

21 Aug 03 - 01:08 AM (#1005657)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: NicoleC

The "intrusive elements" of a liver flush are grapefruit juice and olive oil, plus epsom salts to relax the bile ducts. The concept is based on an old eastern european remedy for helping pass gallstones.

I've done it 3 times, each time with increasingly dramatic results.
The recipe at that site is far more complex that it has to be -- simply eat no fat all day, no food/drink after lunch and only limited water (for thirst relief), take your doses of epsom salts, and drink the juice/oil combo at bedtime at it will work fine. It doesn't have to be olive oil ahnd it doesn't have to be grapefuit juice, although a citrus juice will work best. (The original recipe to help pass stones says to stay up and walk all night.)

It's both yuck and wow; very little chance of causing any harm and it does indeed have some dramatic effects afterward. I suggest an enema the evening before starting however -- it'll make the flush easier and reduce the yuck. If you are habitually bloated or retaining water, this can really help get rid of it and jump start weight loss. Drink lots of water the next day; you'll be a bit underhydrated afterwards.

Does it actually cleanse the liver? I have no idea; I certainly don't buy the parasite stuff. But it dies work better than either just an enema of a short fast or both together.

21 Aug 03 - 08:10 AM (#1005785)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: Peg

I frequently (every couple of months) do a regime lasting about three days where I drink fresh lemon juice, flax seed and olive oil mixed in a bit of water; start the day that way. Very cleansing. I may upgrade next time to include this stuff, looks like a great treatment.

21 Aug 03 - 05:32 PM (#1006102)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: Greg F.

How about an eight-letter word starting with 'B'-

21 Aug 03 - 10:41 PM (#1006256)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: Sorcha

So, tell me, why bother??? So I can crap my a!@#hole out for 3 days? Uhhh, I have a problem with this and other 'cleansing' things too.

22 Aug 03 - 09:15 AM (#1006426)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: Peg

Detoxification (whether through fasting, purging, etc.) is recommended by many healing traditions (Indian, Chinese and Tibetan among them) to keep the digestive system healthy. To purify the digestive organs can go a long way towards preventing later problems, it is believed. Which is why such treatments are recommended at the first sign of trouble, rather than waiting until cancer has set in.

Ever watch dogs or cats eat grass and then puke it up later?   Same thing. But humans do not do so quite so instinctively.

You wouldn't run thirty miles every day as a matter of course without resting for a day every once in a while. The gut needs a rest, too. Fasting gives it a rest and helps it clean itself out.

22 Aug 03 - 01:22 PM (#1006555)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: GUEST,Kim C no cookie

How about SALAD?

22 Aug 03 - 05:11 PM (#1006687)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: Peg

LOL! Yup, regular intake of salad is a good idea, too.

peg (off to have some fresh corn on the cob and greens for dinner)

23 Aug 03 - 01:01 PM (#1007029)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: GUEST,Cheeky

Well, thanks folks. I can see why some people are sceptical, but I am glad to see that some people have done something along these lines and are happy to recommned it .

I think I will give it a go !

23 Aug 03 - 02:54 PM (#1007082)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??


Can I just clarify somnething ? What time would you take the epsom salts at ?

23 Aug 03 - 03:41 PM (#1007094)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: NicoleC

I took one dose each at 6, 4, and 2 hours before bedtime. You don't need the dose the following morning, and you won't feel like taking it anyway. You WILL feel like going back to bed for a couple more hours :)

To clarify, I generally fast most of the day Friday and Saturday -- I wouldn't recommend fasting for longer before this because it doesn't sap a lot of energy. I don't think fasting is necessary, but I perfer it.

Enema Friday night, and keep yourself well hydrated both days. Flush Saturday night. On Sunday, wake up whenever you wake up (probably early) and go back to bed if you want to. For the rest of the day Sunday, eat mostly lighter fruits and veggies, but go ahead and have a regular sensible dinner. By about 2 or 3pm Sunday you will feel back to normal.

Monday-Wednesday you should be feeling very energetic and don't blow it by eating junk food. If you are planning on making healthy changes to your diet or losing weight, I think ANY cleansing routine is a good way to start. Not so much physically as mentally -- there's a discipline involved and you really DO feel better afterwards and are more likely to stick to your dietary guns. It also tends to reset you diet triggers -- fewer cravings for junk.

Overall, use your judgement about what works for you.

23 Aug 03 - 03:49 PM (#1007097)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: GUEST,Cheeky

Thanks Nic.

I may get back to you on the enema !

God, this is all new to me !!!!

23 Aug 03 - 03:51 PM (#1007098)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: GUEST,Cheeky

Sorry, me again. Nic, you wouldn't happen to remember how much you classify as a dose of epsom salts, would you ?

23 Aug 03 - 09:06 PM (#1007143)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: NicoleC

1 tablespoon in water per dose.

23 Aug 03 - 09:19 PM (#1007157)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: GUEST,fred miller

I've heard lemon is good for the liver, and also that garlic is good somehow regarding parasites. I haven't looked into it far beyond the fact that I happen to like lemon and garlic. I was especially glad to hear that mediteranean food is very healthy. Great! Now I'm just waiting for the good news about french fries.

Unfortunately, I only eat and do things I come across that I like, and I wait to hear in the ongoing daily newses that they are good for me. Sooner or later I expect to hear striking new evidence that it's healthy to do unhealthy things. Ever since elementary school nutrition class it's always seemed a confused, contradictory, propagandastic, highly speculative subject, with too damn much news all the time. I bet it could support a 24 hour constant cable channel--on second thought, I bet, somewhere, it does. I speculate on my own authority that what I enjoy will be discovered as beneficial, sooner or later, and if nothing else I hope to will myself my own placebo effect.

24 Aug 03 - 02:39 PM (#1007387)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: GUEST,Cheeky

I had a wee chuckle at that, Fred !

24 Aug 03 - 05:19 PM (#1007465)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: GUEST,fred miller

I'm glad--I read today that wee chuckles are actually the best medicine, while outright laughter turns out to have some detrimental side-effects. Particularly, some side-effects may be "splitting" of the sides, and in severe cases "stitches".

   I only mean to kid, I'm in no position to criticise anyone for things they do for their health. Probably some things work for some people, maybe not so well for others. I think there's evidence of that, particularly in regard to nutrition.

24 Aug 03 - 10:49 PM (#1007593)
Subject: BS: better yet--colon flush
From: open mike

since you are already discussin' flushin'
i will take it a step farther and reveal
that i am currently preparing for a (!)
colonoscopy and this involved drinking
copius amounts of liquid--at least a
gallon--and then the resulting cleansing..
well, i will stop there.
I moved this message here from a related thread. Generally, we don't encourage "answer threads." If there's an ongoing discussion and you have something like this to add, just change the "subject" title of your individual message, instead of starting a whole new thread.
-Joe Offer-

24 Aug 03 - 10:53 PM (#1007595)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: open mike

i remember a recipe for liver flush that used garlic and olive oil and orange juice..can't remember the name of the person whose recipe it was,
maybe Christopher .

24 Aug 03 - 10:59 PM (#1007597)
Subject: RE: BS: better yet--colon flush
From: Rapparee

Been there. And I think that, if you're over 50 or if your doctor says to, get a colonoscopy. They can remove any polyps before they cause trouble. Yeah, the prep (as open mike knows) is a bear, but they give you this stuff, see, like, with needles, ya know? and I mean, it is one trip! and.... Anyway, you go to sleep and wake up with the procedure over. Which is a great way to have it.

If it wasn't for that damned prep!

But even that's getting better. The one I had a year ago was much easier to prep for than the one I had in the early '90s.

(Back in the early '90s I was anemic, and the doctor wanted to find out why. So I had an endoscopy, where they go in from the top. Nothing. Then I had a colonoscopy, where they go in from the bottom. Nothing. I suggested to the doctor later that they could have done both at once and saved time ("Doctor! I see a light!") but she just looked at me funny.)

24 Aug 03 - 11:49 PM (#1007616)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: GUEST,Fred Miller

Jerry Seinfeld said he resisted the idea of colonoscopy, with the camera thing, because he felt that the press had invaded his personal life enough, and he had to draw the line somewhere.

25 Aug 03 - 12:06 AM (#1007626)
Subject: RE: BS: B S
From: open mike

ok this thread jioned with the other..i see..
thought it got flushed down...or something...

25 Aug 03 - 12:16 AM (#1007628)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: open mike

well the colon is a whole different body part than the liver
so i started a new thread for the new body part...
but it is all sort of lower chakra stuff, I guess..

25 Aug 03 - 12:19 AM (#1007629)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: catspaw49

Ah yes....."Golightly"....great stuff!

Imagine this one......I was in the hospital bleeding internally and they couldn't find out why....this was '99. They schedule the colonoscopy and I drink the stuff. But I am soo sick and there is so much blood in the bowels (they just can't figure out where it's coming from) that they need to do a SECOND one that day! I have an hour to drink the 5 quarts!!! But since I wasn't allowed anything except a very few ice chips, anything sounded good and they would let me have all the ice I wanted with the golightly. So I have glass after glass of frigid goo and eat the hell outta' the ice chips. At about 3 quarts I begin to shivver and within a couple of minutes I am shivvering badly in fact we later found I had cracked over a dozen rear teeth! I have self-induced hypothermia and they cover me in warmed blankets and bring in the heat lamp. But I still have to drink the goo in less than an hour so they bring in a straw and I suck away as I warm back to 98.6. The colonoscopy was a walk in the park after that!


25 Aug 03 - 12:31 AM (#1007633)
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
From: open mike

that's encouraging news..
i have felt a few shivers
go up and down my spine
but no heat lamps or
blankets yet...though
the instructions do say
to dress warmly...In August?!

worst part is i have no flush toilet..
so the hike to the out house is getting
old...guess i'll just camp out in there...

hope they found and fixed your leak!

working on my plumbing....internal variety