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BS: UK pc's for new user

12 Aug 03 - 08:16 PM (#1001116)
Subject: BS: UK pc's for new user
From: Doug_Remley

An old friend in Sandwich, Kent, is excited about getting into computing (he's about 70 years old, bright and fit). He will be adding a lot of photo software and is looking actively at what he thinks is available. After discussion, I don't think he really knows what IS available. If he chooses retail "proprietary" brands such as Dell, I don't think he will be pleased with the peripherals he seeks.

In the states many clones are available, but, I don't know what might be available in the UK or Europe. Mudcatters can help him directly with knowledge of publications or experience.

Please PM me for his address.Thank you,

12 Aug 03 - 08:48 PM (#1001133)
Subject: RE: BS: UK pc's for new user
From: Peter K (Fionn)

Doug, I would suggest you get him to contact a company in West Yorkshire called CCL ( who provide all components at highly competitive rates (but for memory, it's always worth trying Crucial - it doesn't involve the usual penalty for dealing with a second firm, as Crucial deliver post-free).

Eric just needs to discuss what he's after and they will suggest an appropriate bundle. For an extra 25 they will fully assemble and test before delivery. This is a bargain too good to refuse.

You will always find one component or another cheaper somewhere else but, across-the-board, CCL prices will always be among the best, and they are a fairly helpful crowd to deal with.

Just by the way, it is usually best not to post personal contact details on the internet, especially when they're linked to the info that the guy is elderly, as there is no control over who could access such details. As you are a Mudcat member you have access to personal messaging which is often a better option.