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? about Kramer Electric 300ST

24 Apr 03 - 05:58 PM (#939526)
Subject: ? about Kramer Electric 300ST
From: Rustic Rebel

I'm wondering about this Kramer guitar. Designed by Seymour Duncun, Floyd Rose II on the pick-up It's a black Kramer 300ST (does that mean striker?) numbers on it SE-9031 made in Neptune NJ, USA.
I'm wondering what kind of guitars these are, a value to it and I have to tell you about this deal I'm getting.
The guitar, a small peavey amp with peavey speaker. Another Earth Sun (looks like a base) amp, with 2 plug ins, another speaker can't remember the brand and a Zoom GFX-707 guitar effects processor all for $170.00. Now what do you think of that deal? I just plugged in the guitar and it seems to work good, it's missing a back plate on it but no big deal. I just don't really know much about electric guitars and amps and all that stuff but I have a feeling I'm about to learn! The guy who is selling said I could bring it home to check the stuff out, so I am about to do that, but it seems to me a deal I can't turn down, if it all works. I haven't even got the big amp in the house yet but any info on the guitar would be appreciated, also on how to plug into what and where and how all these gains and master and all of it work!
Thanks, I'll check back later-going to go play with new toys! Rustic

25 Apr 03 - 01:55 PM (#940090)
Subject: RE: ? about Kramer Electric 300ST
From: Rustic Rebel

No-one knows anything about these guitars? How about the Zoom? I'm wondering what I have to do to plug it in. It has an input but I don't know how to plug it in to guitar and through the amps? anyone?
The guitar has a rattle on the D string but I've got some things figured out like some reverb and I played a mean Jimmy Hendrix Star Spangled Banner this morning! I think the guitar is a cheap one though. Fairly funky but it all seems to work.
Rusic(seemingly talking to myself)

25 Apr 03 - 02:02 PM (#940094)
Subject: RE: ? about Kramer Electric 300ST
From: Amos

I'd say it sounds like a helluva deal, RR. The effects p5rocessor should have to jacks -- one leads to the guitar, the other to the amp. But some of them hook up otherwise, and I dunno the particular brand.


25 Apr 03 - 02:17 PM (#940111)
Subject: RE: ? about Kramer Electric 300ST
From: Rustic Rebel

The brand is a Zoom gfx-707. I didn't get any chords except one that goes from guitar to amp and one from amp to speaker. It has one input (Aux in)and one output(phones) So what your saying Amos is I just plug it in to an amp and then it works through that? Thanks Rustic

25 Apr 03 - 02:25 PM (#940117)
Subject: RE: ? about Kramer Electric 300ST
From: Rustic Rebel

I mean cords. Since I'm back here, this Zoom looks like it will be fun. It has built in drum machine, 48 zoom reverb, distortion and modulation effects up to 95 variations, 60 patch memory, up to 9 simulation effects. Looks like I can go all kinds of synthetic music on it! Just have to figure it out. Like I said, a new toy.

25 Apr 03 - 02:29 PM (#940125)
Subject: RE: ? about Kramer Electric 300ST
From: jeffp

Click here to go to a page where you can download the manual for the Zoom in PDF format. Actually, it looks like a later model, but should still serve pretty well. Looks like a pretty fun gadget.

25 Apr 03 - 02:59 PM (#940143)
Subject: RE: ? about Kramer Electric 300ST
From: Rustic Rebel

Thanks Jeff, that is a different model than the one I have but if I can't find that book in my model I think I can use that. It shows my how to plug in and use it, the 707II just has more features.Much appriciated. Rustic