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Both sides of Joni Mitchell

30 Mar 03 - 06:04 PM (#922029)
Subject: Both sides of Joni Mitchell
From: Mark Cohen

Just listened to Joni Mitchell's recent recording of "Both Sides Now" (on WKSU's online folk music show). I was very moved. I could hear almost no traces of the voice I knew so well in 1970. But what I heard was a woman who has aged and matured, and is comfortable with both who she was and who she has become. I understand that, as I approach my half-century mark, and I appreciate the message.

But now old friends are acting strange
They shake their heads and say I've changed
Well something's lost and something's gained
In living every day


30 Mar 03 - 07:14 PM (#922087)
Subject: RE: Both sides of Joni Mitchell
From: Little Hawk

Yeah, Joni is pretty neat. No doubt about it.

On one side of her you will find...a cigarette. And on the other side...another cigarette. It's amazing her voice has held up, considering. She is living proof that some people are damned near impervious to the filthy weed.

30 Mar 03 - 07:25 PM (#922098)
Subject: RE: Both sides of Joni Mitchell
From: Lane


Perhaps your message was missed.... I too was moved by the latest Both Sides Now - and yes, its as if Joni's music, while it may be timeless, has evolved as we have all aged together. Maybe in there somewhere is a new but silet verse of the Circle Game....

Thanks for your thoughts, Mark

31 Mar 03 - 12:38 AM (#922245)
Subject: RE: Both sides of Joni Mitchell
From: open mike
she is an incredible painter too
there are probably images of her
art work on this home page of hers.

Yesterday a child came out to wander.....!