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Robertson Guitars

16 Mar 03 - 09:41 PM (#911619)
Subject: Robertson Guitars
From: Margaret V

Yesterday, I finally visited Mandolin Brothers, an amazing shop on Staten Island I have been meaning to visit for two years now. It was absolutely worth the drive! What a collection of guitars, and what friendly folk who run the place. Of all the nice guitars I played, the one that really jumped out at me was made by Jeff Robertson. It had the tone quality and ease of playing I was looking for, and seemed to work well with my voice. I didn't buy it (I'm a painfully slow decision maker), but I'm thinking about it. I'd never heard of Robertson guitars until yesterday, and so I'm wondering if anyone familiar with them has any reviews to share. Thanks.

16 Mar 03 - 10:34 PM (#911635)
Subject: RE: Robertson Guitars
From: Bee-dubya-ell

Here's a link to Robertson Guitars' website. CLICK HERE!

And if you happen to see THIS ONE walking around looking like it's lost, please tell it I would love to give it a good home.


16 Mar 03 - 11:12 PM (#911645)
Subject: RE: Robertson Guitars
From: Margaret V

Thanks, Bruce. I'll be sure to deliver your message if I happen to see that one... the one I was looking at was rather more sedate! How do the notes know where to go when the grain is all wavy like that?!

17 Mar 03 - 11:40 PM (#912267)
Subject: RE: Robertson Guitars
From: Margaret V


18 Mar 03 - 08:43 AM (#912453)
Subject: RE: Robertson Guitars
From: Amos

Margaret, that was very funny!! Perhaps notes have a homing instinct? Maybe they gravitate toward ears?


18 Mar 03 - 08:51 PM (#913037)
Subject: RE: Robertson Guitars
From: Margaret V

Perhaps they do, Amos. I know John Gorka used to shake his guitar at the end of a song "to get all the notes out."

Well, I guess I'll just have to trust my instinct and my ears regarding the old Robertson guitar, since nobody's turned up to give a review. Not that I've made up my mind on this, of course...


11 Oct 11 - 03:28 PM (#3237353)
Subject: RE: Robertson Guitars
From: GUEST,scott in NJ

I actually have a Roberston Acoustic guitar from Robbie's music city in Wayne, NJ. From what I understand Rob had a few guitars made up decades ago.   I have not played it for about 15 years and indeed have to get some maintenance performed (fretwork, bridge repair and tuner replacement probably). But I think it is a beautifully balanced tonality and pleasant sounding. Does not sound tinny and does not feel 'cheap'. It's a heavy guitar with a long rose stem inlaid in mother of pearl on the fret board. I will send picture later if you'd like.

19 Jan 12 - 02:45 PM (#3292964)
Subject: RE: Robertson Guitars
From: GUEST,Joe Nania

I have met Mr. Robertson in his shop up in New Berlin , New York and I must say that I really liked his guitars as well as his very nice manners....he is a very down to earth man....Robertson guitars are very good in construction ...sound....quality....they are worth the $$$$   Joe Nania

14 Oct 12 - 10:09 PM (#3419960)
Subject: RE: Robertson Guitars
From: GUEST,Bob B.

My first guitar was a Robertson Acoustic.
I loved the tone and play-ability, as well as the fact it seemed to stay in tune even if I didn't play it for a while.
I'm no guitar guru, but I think I got a great deal on it at a used guitar shop for $100.00 in 1984.
Mine got smashed by an angry ex, and I have been wanting to replace it for a long time but can never find anyone else who had ever heard of them.

15 Dec 12 - 03:21 AM (#3452159)
Subject: RE: Robertson Guitars
From: GUEST,lee m

i have a black robertson les paul copy electric ,would anybody know what year it could have been made and also what would it be worth,i picked it up at the op shop

13 Feb 13 - 08:49 AM (#3479021)
Subject: RE: Robertson Guitars

Dude if you picked it up from the op shop you probably paid close to the money for what its worth
I haven't seen many '59's or LP Standards on many op[ shop travels
But hey I did hear one true story 25 years ago of a guy who found a $3,000 Spanish guitar (Hermanos) for $5
He kept it...and appreciated it even more
By the by, once I visited an 'artist colony' hippy squat in Sydney and found a genuine Ramirez lying around. with a lifted bridge, split top which had also lifted from the body and burn marks was being used as an ashtray, a door stop and had a tradition of being a 'grafitti wall' for people to doodle on and scratch their names in...I recognised it straight away as being a 3 or 4 grand guitar (concert model) and I offered to buy it for a couple of hundred I waited around half a day playing this beautiful but damaged and abused stradivari staring at cobwebs and thinking of what might be... and when the owner finally arrived she said that 'she could never part with it because it used to be her sisters and it had sentimental value...'

09 Jun 17 - 10:46 PM (#3859968)
Subject: RE: Robertson Guitars
From: GUEST,Scott in NJ

Thank you Joe Nania for the information on Mr. robertson. I will definitely look him up to see if he is still in "business" and if he's like to take a look.