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Paxton Guitars

25 Feb 03 - 04:49 PM (#898591)
Subject: Folklore: Paxton Guitars
From: GUEST,Wa Ban Zhou

A friend of mine showed me a "Paxton" guitar that he got from his late ninety year old uncle. It is rather small, with a long narrow body, and a wide neck. It looks as if it could be made of oak. It has a sweet, delicate tone. The label in the sound hole just says "Paxton" with no other information. It's obviously old, maybe from 1920's or earlier. Does the name " Paxton" mean anything to anyone when speaking of guitars?
                      Wa Ban Zhou

26 Feb 03 - 07:01 AM (#898991)
Subject: RE: Folklore: Paxton Guitars
From: AllisonA(Animaterra)


26 Feb 03 - 09:54 AM (#899096)
Subject: RE: Folklore: Paxton Guitars
From: DonMeixner

I did a Google Search and founf nothing. Will try George Gruhn when I can.


26 Feb 03 - 10:13 AM (#899111)
Subject: RE: Folklore: Paxton Guitars
From: Bee-dubya-ell

I tried Google too. Nothing related under "Paxton guitars" searched with quotation marks. Without quotation marks it yields 12,500 results (mostly related to Tom Paxton) and, sorry, I'm not wading through that.


21 Nov 04 - 03:03 AM (#1334236)
Subject: RE: Paxton Guitars
From: GUEST,branch paxton

guitar maker i will get you info dont have it in front me have check paper records