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'The Grammer Guitar'

05 Feb 03 - 04:09 PM (#883410)
Subject: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: GUEST,Sam

I have recently acquired a big loud wonderful sounding guitar with the best playing action I have ever found. Label reads The Grammer Guitar Company... Nashville Tennessee... Music City USA... Model G-10... serial #7835. Any experts out there who can tell what I have really latched onto? Thanks...Sam sandcrk@netpath-rc.net

05 Feb 03 - 04:20 PM (#883423)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: BuckMulligan


Founded by Billy Grammer in the early 60s - out of business about 10 years later.

05 Feb 03 - 04:40 PM (#883439)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: CraigS

Very nice guitars - a lot of big players had them, including George Harrison. Somewhat prone to finish checking, and I think the headstock is big and ugly, but you don't look there when you're playing!

05 Feb 03 - 05:09 PM (#883470)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: Ebbie

In the Fall of 1968, the Company was refinanced, reorganized under new management and officially became the Grammer Guitar, Inc. Experienced craftsmen were brought into the plant and all plant craftsmen and supervisors underwent a period of intense training in old world craftmanship coupled with modern production techniques. Rigid quality control and cost reduction measures were initiated and week by week the quality of the already superior Grammer Guitar continued to improve.

The Grammer Guitar, Inc. is a factory and we employ all modern production methods but it is the individual hand work and pride in craftsmanship which makes the Grammer Guitar the superb instrument it now is. Individually and collectively, we take great pride in our product, but we have reluctantly come to face the sad realization that we will never make an instrument good enough for us. We may never make the perfect guitar, but, we will never stop trying.


05 Feb 03 - 05:41 PM (#883500)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: catspaw49

CLICK HERE for previous thread with links.


05 Feb 03 - 05:51 PM (#883508)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: Bee-dubya-ell

I know a couple of local people that have Grammers. Country singer Hank Locklin (of "Please Help Me, I'm Falling" fame) lives just up the road and he and Billy Grammer were good friends when both were in Nashville. He has several Grammers and is prone to selling or even giving them away to special friends. He gave a Brazilian rosewood D with a bearclaw top to my friend Ferlin who used to be his pedal steel player. It is an outstanding sounding guitar. But, as CraigS said, the finish is somewhat checked and a big chunk of the headstock is broken off.


05 Feb 03 - 06:11 PM (#883518)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: open mike

i am surprised that Buck Mulligan did not have an entry in
the Stew thread...Mulligan Stew....

06 Feb 03 - 12:52 PM (#884106)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: BuckMulligan

'Tis but a handle, om. Its provenance is literary not culinary.

15 Sep 04 - 11:06 AM (#1272443)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'

A Grammer guitar marked "hand made for Johnny Cash" just sold for $131,200 (yes, over a hundred thirty one thousand bucks) at a Sotheby's auction of Johnny's estate.

15 Sep 04 - 11:59 PM (#1273088)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: GUEST,Bobbykujala@msn.com

I was working at Grammer guiter as assistant mgr, when the Johnny Cash guitar was built. We went on to build a Johnny Cash Model as well as a Merle Haggard model

16 Sep 04 - 05:05 PM (#1273460)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: Fergie

Hi Buck, are you like the Grammer Guitar Plump and stately?????

22 Sep 04 - 04:48 PM (#1278586)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'

I own a G-10 that I bought in the early 70's. As a regular player for more than 30 years, I have never considered selling it. I have recorded with it, played it live, and jammed on more than stage locally and the tone never ceases to amaze. You have gem of a lady.

25 Sep 04 - 11:59 PM (#1281164)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: GUEST,lindsaymorrison@videotron.ca

I have had a wallnut Grammer G10 since 197 something. I love it it has a nice wide neck and sounds great. Anything comparable would cost $2000 or more. I still love it. I would not pay $130,000 for Johnny Cash's becaure I can't afford to.

03 Oct 04 - 11:02 PM (#1287923)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: GUEST,jcross24@citlink.net

I own a Johnny Cash grammer guitar. I don't know very much about it as not much info is available for this guitar I would appreciate any info anyone could give me. The guitar has been in my family for over 30 years it was bought by a family member in a pawn shop in Nashville in the late 60's or early 70's. It has been stored in a guitar case ever since and never played it was left to me by my grandfather. The guitar is in mint condition with no blemishes anywhere it is blonde in color and has Johnny Cash engraved in the headstock longways between the tuning keys it also has grammer engraved in the headstock at the top. This beautiful guitar has pearl inlays in the fret board and what looks to be ivory around the perimiter where the top and back are put together the back looks like some type of birds eye maple
the serial# is 1177 and the model # is G-20 I just cannot believe how this guitar has held up over the years as the color is not faded nor the shine in any way but as i said earlier it has never been played while in our family it is truly a remarkable piece, if anyone has any info as to the date and model rarety or value of this guitar i would greatly appreciate it, thanx

16 Oct 04 - 08:00 PM (#1298714)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: GUEST,mac4clan@comcast.net

I have a G10 Grammer. How can you tell if it's Walnut? Were all G10s made of Walnut? What is it worth? Can you tell the year by the serial number?
RSVP please.



21 Nov 04 - 09:01 PM (#1334837)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: GUEST,MCrabt1072@aol.com

I had a Grammer given to me as a gift from a musician in the early 80's, but it was lost in a house fire. It had a slim neck that made it easy for me to play, and it sounded pretty good. I had problems with a dead fret, but repaired it easily. At that time, a Grammer was a good conversation piece, but not very valued. Back then, you could pick one up for less than a couple of hundred bucks. It was as good in quality as a Gibson, in my opinion, but didn't have that rich sound. I miss mine, though, if for nothing else than the memories.


08 Dec 04 - 09:31 PM (#1351528)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: GUEST,Dale

Story about Billy Grammer & his guitars in today's Carbondale, IL Southern Illinoisan. Worth a read for those following the interest generated by the recent sale of Johnny Cash's Grammer.

Quote from Billy:
"I was very pleased but considering that its memorabilia and that Johnny Cash was an international star I'm not all that surprised that somebody gave that kind of money," said Grammer. "However, I'm very pleased that the article pointed out that the value of a Grammer guitar is $20,000 even without it belonging to somebody like Johnny Cash."

15 Dec 04 - 07:22 AM (#1357438)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: GUEST,Printman24@aol.com

I also have a G-20 from the early 70's. Never have played a guitar that came close to the action and tonal qualities of this until the finish severly checked and the tone seemed to deteriorate. Like a dummy, I proceeded to try to refinish it. Does anyone know what the magical finish on these guitars was? Don't know what kind of wood it is, but it is blonde.
Thanx ... Bruce

15 Dec 04 - 05:11 PM (#1357937)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: GUEST,Mike

I bought my Grammer in the early 70's. In Costa Mesa Cal. Of course it was used. I paid $500.00 for it. It's a G-10 serial # 7395. It has aged very well and sounds excellent plus it's in beautiful shape. I play it about 4 times a week. It is easy to play and I'm so happy I have one. As far as I know the top is spruce and the back and sides are rosewood.

15 Dec 04 - 07:41 PM (#1358102)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: GUEST,Mark Clark

The only time I ever saw a Grammer guitar was at a bluegrass festival at the Knox Co. Fairgrounds near Knoxville, Il., around 1972 or '73. I was standing about 10 ft. behind the owner listening to a group perform. The owner was also standing and had the guitar slung over his back, Johnny Cash style. I watched in horror as the end pin came out and the guitar came crashing down on the wet graveled surface. I cried out and lunged for the guitar but I was too far away to be useful and the owner was too inattentive to respond. The head stock broke of smartly near the nut as it made its last big noise.

I think that was the shiniest guitar I've ever seen... well, shiny except for the gravel dents. <g>

      - Mark

23 Dec 04 - 06:30 AM (#1363931)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: GUEST,danaclancy@yahoo.com

Hello out there---I just bought a Grammer G-10 which I believe is all solid spruce/rosewood. It has an "a" under the logo which I am told means it was built when the company was under Ampeg ownership.
The serial #2118. George Gruhn told me it is likely late 60's, as he attended the bankrupcy auction in 1971.

The tone stands well apart, Can anyone tell me a bit about this guitar, i.e., confirm solid, year made. Worth $1400 I paid?

22 Apr 05 - 09:46 AM (#1467966)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: GUEST,Stevespickn@aol.com

I have just bought a Grammer G guitar, spruce top, maple sides, back. Very good to excellent shape. It was present to an opry member by Porter Wagoner, anyone interested?

04 May 05 - 09:12 PM (#1478381)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: GUEST,mrbunnybeat@yahoo.com

I own a brazillian rosewood Grammer. Wouldn't sell it fer nothin! An extremely under valued and overlooked vintage instrument in my opinion. I also recently found a late 50's Gower (also brazillian) All beat up but huge!, amazing sound. --Gary

09 May 05 - 09:27 AM (#1480595)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: GUEST,Rex Evans

I picked up a Grammer Guitar in a pawnshop in Hohenwald, TN, in '84.
Had to have the neck reset, but have never heard a guitar sound like it. Have had friends with Martins and Gibsons, who when they had the chance would pick it up to play it. I think its a G10 but no label inside. Serial number is stamped 7773. No idea what it may be worth,
but its not for sale.   Rex Evans

23 May 06 - 09:39 PM (#1746349)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: GUEST,gregory

i buy all grammers email with pics and asking price dragon_rat@bellsouth.net

28 Dec 10 - 06:31 PM (#3062896)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: GUEST,Teague

I have a Grammer G20-C model that my father purchased new in the early 70's. It is the blue and yellow sunburst and is still in excellent condition. I am not interested in selling this instrument because of sentimental value but would like to know what it is worth.
Can anyone give ma an idea?

28 Dec 10 - 07:07 PM (#3062918)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'

The link I posted on 08 Dec 04 - 09:31 PM about the Johnny Cash Grammer guitar selling for $131,000 is still good. The article is worth reading mostly for the story of Billy Grammer's life.

Cash had owned the Grammer guitar, labeled "Custom Made for Johnny Cash" since the 1960s. The guitar was presented as a gift to Cash shortly before Grammer sold the company in 1968. Grammer estimated that the guitar would have sold for about $1,500 when it was given to Cash.

Grammer said he formed the fledgling company "on a shoestring" because of the need for quality guitars in Nashville.

"I had a good friend that owned a record and music store and he kept complaining that he couldn't buy a guitar that was worth a flip," Grammer said. "I was about a year getting into production, perfecting things and getting things the way I wanted. The first year we made one guitar per day and then upped that and at the end I had 18 employees and we made about five custom-made guitars per day."

If people are truly destined to work at certain professions then it's a fair statement to say that Grammer was born to be an entertainer.

The oldest of 13 children, Grammer was born in 1925 and picked up a fiddle for the first time at age 5. In those days nobody could have dreamed that music would shape his life and open a door that would lead him to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, where he was inducted as a member in 1959.

And while Grammer began his long musical career with a fiddle in his hands it was a love he developed for playing guitar and later making them that brought him both fame and fortune.

"My dad kept handing me a fiddle but I guess I had 'guitar-itis' because all I wanted to do was play the guitar," Grammer said. "I started playing chords when I was 5 and by the time I was 7 or 8 I was playing most of the songs my dad was playing on his fiddle. I'm certainly not a musical genius by any means, but I do have the natural rhythm and ear of a musician."

A 1943 graduate of Valier High School, Grammer also served in the U.S. Army. The hardship of the times also played a role in Grammer's future. Needing a job after World War II, Grammer pursued one with nationally known disc jockey Connie B. Gay, who had a live radio show at WARL Radio in Arlington, Va.

An example of how difficult the times were can be found in the method and the means that Grammer used to travel to Virginia for the audition.

"I didn't have the money to get there, so I went to Palmer Rea, he ran the relief office, and told him what I wanted to do and that I needed help," Grammer said. "He asked me what I needed and I told him that I needed at least $50 to get me there and back. I'd known him all my life and he gave me the money."

With guitar in hand, Grammer hitchhiked to Arlington, Va., where he was hired for the job over 150 guitarists.

"After I had worked about three months - I was making pretty good money - I sent a check for $50 to Palmer Rea to repay him," Grammer said. "And maybe he had a feeling I was going to do well, because he never cashed that check, and instead had it framed and hung it on the wall."

29 Jan 11 - 01:37 PM (#3084775)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'

1978 Grammar Guitar all original, great condition, anybody interested in buying it please e-mail Zeke Camden at isaachcamdenjr@yahoo.com

14 Aug 11 - 04:48 PM (#3208105)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'

I recently aquired a '71 C-30 Grammer in excellent cond. The nut is 1 7/8. Has a real balanced sound. Any info would be appreciated. How much approx. is this worth? Thanks, Kirk

14 Aug 11 - 06:56 PM (#3208183)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: PHJim

Canadian country TV star Tommy Hunter played a Grammar on his TV show for many years. I'm not sure if he still has it.

22 May 15 - 10:43 AM (#3710924)
Subject: Grammer Guitars
From: GUEST,sandycreek

anyone familiar with Grammer guitars?...I recently picked up a model G10...very heavy, beautifully built, very loud projection...anybody else have one?...peace, Sam

22 May 15 - 11:59 AM (#3710949)
Subject: RE: Grammer Guitars
From: GUEST,#


If a poster named Joe Offer comes around and starts talking about -- on second thought, never mind. Forget I said that :-)
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07 Mar 18 - 10:20 AM (#3909934)
Subject: RE: 'The Grammer Guitar'
From: GUEST,terry bigler

i own a grammar g10-i believe it is the first grammar produced after ampeg consolidation,however the body numbers are within the firs grammar range there are two sets of numbers in this instrument perhaps the body and headstock fall in the time period of the sale as it has notraceable numbers that i can track down ,if someone knows how this numbering system works perhaps they could enlighten me