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Today's Nursing Home Gig

20 Oct 02 - 09:58 PM (#807508)
Subject: Today's Nursing Home Gig
From: Sorcha

Tired, but had a very good time! The Group, 10 of us, drove 150 miles to see and play for our ex-wash tub bass player. His son slapped him in a nursing home 120 miles from his home and friends. Yes, he needs to be in "care", but not that far from his friends. The son never goes to visit, so the entire crew packed up and went to see him and play in his "home" so he could show us off to his new friends. 3 hrs up, 3 back and 4 there........

We even took his Lady Friend with us since she seldom gets to see him any more. He is 88, she is 95 and still at home alone. She had a blast and was so happy to be included. It's a very long way, but we all had fun and are planning to do it again in April if he is still with us.

It's one of the neatest care centers I have ever been in. If a resident has a pet when he has to go there, the pet is also welcome. Dogs and cats wandering the halls with no constraints at all, except what their owners put on them. No "doggie smells" or messes so I have to assume that the staff is willing to help with trips outside and litter boxes. Pretty neat place.

Herb is looking very well, with a small possibility that he may be able to "go over the wall" in a few months! He would still need help, but maybe we can get him closer to home!

Exciting, but exhausting, day!

21 Oct 02 - 02:24 PM (#807959)
Subject: RE: Today's Nursing Home Gig
From: Genie

So glad you folks were able to make the trip and make music for your old friend, his ladyfriend, and the other residents.

Sounds like a good nursing home -- along the lines of what is called The Eden Concept," complete with plants, birds, 4-legged critters, etc. A great improvement over the older, overly sterile concept of nursing homes.   Still, it'll be great if your friend can 'bust outa da joint' and go home or at least move to a place closer to home.


21 Oct 02 - 02:42 PM (#807976)
Subject: RE: Today's Nursing Home Gig
From: wilco

Sorcha: Most states in US are under federal mandate to minimize use of nursing homes, and develop more home-based and assisted living facilities. Part of the mandate is that these programs be in the home community of the client. If in USA, check with the your statewide Protection and Advocacy program. Every state has one. Most of the time, it takes a while to "learn the ropes," and become an effective advocate for him, but he has the right to the least-restrictive environment, within his own community.

21 Oct 02 - 03:00 PM (#807989)
Subject: RE: Today's Nursing Home Gig
From: Sorcha

True, but I am just a friend, and he has a son and daughter in that town. Just none of his own friends. Can't do too much as an outsider.

22 Oct 02 - 08:42 AM (#808461)
Subject: RE: Today's Nursing Home Gig

I wish they'd let me cum to that nursing home. I like the bit abaht 'aving a pet. They don't really go much on petting 'ere - well Matron and Big Bertha both belt me round the kisser when I try it on them. I reckons Matron's puttin' stuff in my tea to stop me trying - mindyer they used to do that in the army an it never worked then.

Dirty Dotty don mind me petting 'er, but then there's not much that she does mind - exept washing - she screamed the place down when they tried to giv 'er a bath the other year - trouble is yer 'as ter wear a peg on yer conk to go near 'er.

If yer mate's lady friend wants ter visit me sometime - I'll entertain 'er to a special session in my room any time.

I wouldn't mint bein' cared for in the community by some nice lady, but they don' like lettin' me out coz I'm on that stupid sex offenders register - when that lady copper started taking about takin' down pertikulers, I jus' thought I'd give 'er an 'and wiv taking fings down !