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Pacific Northwest Event -- Sunnycamp '02

13 Sep 02 - 11:59 AM (#783090)
Subject: Pacific Northwest Event -- Sunnycamp '02
From: mg

Hi again. Please skip over this if you aren't interested. I don't want to clog up the electrons, but need to keep putting the word out as we are just beginning this. So far, I have heard from some just wonderful singers, and although I expect a small group, it should be very good. Then we will be up and running and ready to really expand next year. So if you are waffling, please come. There is a ton of stuff to do down here, and lots of history that is relatively unknown. Get off the I-5 corridor and come see a wonderful part of the northwest.

URL is

Date is October 18-20. Location: Nahcotta, Washington, on Long Beach Peninsula.


13 Sep 02 - 03:39 PM (#783291)
Subject: RE: Pacific Northwest Event -- Sunnycamp '02
From: GUEST,mg

it is 12:30 Pacific Standard Time. I am going there for the weekend right now for another camp event. If you have any questions about the kitchen, facilities, accessibility etc., email me at (don't use my pacifier address) or call 360-642-2031 and I'll try to find out the answer. Today is another absolutely stunningly beautiful day here...just has to keep it up for another month. And cranberry harvest is beginning. If you want to know where your cranberry juice comes from, the answer is right smack here. I work at the WSU Extension station on Cranberry Road; you'll see signs that say WSU and/or Cranberry Museum. Stop by.


13 Sep 02 - 03:41 PM (#783295)
Subject: RE: Pacific Northwest Event -- Sunnycamp '02
From: MMario

Mary - as a born and bred Cape Codder - and resident of Upstate NY - both of which are cranberry producing locales - I can't let the above go by...

13 Sep 02 - 04:16 PM (#783327)
Subject: RE: Pacific Northwest Event -- Sunnycamp '02
From: GUEST,mg

ok...some of your cranberry juice comes from here. If it is particularly mellow, there is a good chance it came from Long Beach or Grayland,

13 Sep 02 - 11:59 PM (#783622)
Subject: RE: Pacific Northwest Event -- Sunnycamp '02
From: leprechaun

There are world-famous cranberry bogs in Bandon, Oregon, too.

So Mary, how was the razor clam harvest this year?


14 Sep 02 - 08:19 PM (#784123)
Subject: RE: Pacific Northwest Event -- Sunnycamp '02
From: Genie

Mary, Do you have directions for getting to the site from I-5? I expect to be coming from Seattle.


14 Sep 02 - 08:34 PM (#784131)
Subject: RE: Pacific Northwest Event -- Sunnycamp '02
From: Mark Cohen

I'll be there in spirit!


14 Sep 02 - 09:06 PM (#784140)
Subject: RE: Pacific Northwest Event -- Sunnycamp '02
From: Amergin

trying to get those days off...will most liekly ship the moeny over monday or tuesday if i remember....and if i can't do it...let it go for a scholarship for next year or soemthing...

15 Sep 02 - 06:29 PM (#784657)
Subject: RE: Pacific Northwest Event -- Sunnycamp '02
From: mg

hooray....I just came back from a weekend spent at the camp. It was absolutely gorgeous. We were plenty warm in misty weather...the fireplace is toasty. Just bring your warm jammies and fleece etc.

From Seattle..depends on the weather. If it is really stormy and rainy and poor visibility, I would be tempted to take I-5 to Longview, cross the river, go to Astoria..major roads and signs etc. to guide you..then follow signs to Long Beach..go through Long beach to Ocean Park, turn Right at Jack's country store.

If it is sunny and nice, I would go to Olympia, almost to for Raymond cutoff. Follow the bay around and watch for signs to Long Beach or Ilwaco. From Ilwaco, just head north up the peninsula..either up Sandridge (103) or Pacific Highway..main road. From Pacific Highway, go to Ocean Park, abou 10 miles from long Beach...turn right at Jack's...go to Willapa Bay...turn left (north) at intersection...o about 1/2 mile..past oystering paraphenalia...past white house, past old shed. You'll see a grove of trees right past the cleared area. That will be it. (From Sandridge..just keep going until you get to this point..past the oystering area, past sign to the Ark restaurant). It will be hard to locate. I will have some flashlights tied to a fence at night to guide you and probably baloons or something during the day. If you see a motel called the Harbor View, You have gone a bit too far.

Also see the web site..there will be directions...I am going to add some because I have heard from some Victoria BC would be great if they could come down..maybe ferry to Port Townsend/Angeles whatever...

And even if it is just a few of us, it will be really fun. I brought some wood in..not much..I hope it doesn't get too wet....we can buy wood for $20 a truckload but getting it there might be a problem...but we'll solve each problem as it comes up.


15 Sep 02 - 06:49 PM (#784675)
Subject: RE: Pacific Northwest Event -- Sunnycamp '02
From: Lane


I'm terribly sorry, but I cant make the gathering - other events that weekend. Thanks for keeping me in mind - I'll look forward to hearing how it goes!


16 Sep 02 - 04:36 PM (#785400)
Subject: RE: Pacific Northwest Event -- Sunnycamp '02
From: GUEST,mg

Well, darn Lane...but next year for sure.

WHo asked about razor clams...good last year...could start here in early just might be able to be here at the right time. No guarantees.

And I will say again I am really looking forward to this. WIthout a car, I can't easily go to other camps, so I thought, what the heck. They can all drive here..or come via public transportation even. And from just the people I have heard from already, if they actually are able to make it, it will be absolutely wonderful. I can guarantee that.


17 Sep 02 - 12:29 AM (#785758)
Subject: RE: Pacific Northwest Event -- Sunnycamp '02
From: Genie

Mary, I was at the Seattle Song Circle last night and they handed out the flyers for Sunny Camp. There seems to be a good deal of interest, though I don't know how many can make it. (Jean S. can't make it, due to a prior commitment.)

Thanks for posting the directions. Now to survey my map and plan a strategy.

I offered last night -- and offer here -- a ride from Seattle to the camp on Saturday, in case someone wants to come but can't go Friday night. I won't be going back to Seattle, so a rider would have to make plans to ride back to Seattle with someone on Sunday.

Now I'm just trying to figure out how long a trip it is from Seattle (Tukwila) to Long Beach by car.


17 Sep 02 - 12:33 AM (#785760)
Subject: RE: Pacific Northwest Event -- Sunnycamp '02
From: mg

my guess would be 3 hours..give or'll miss the worst part of the traffic. We made it from Rainier Valley in 3 hours going the Willapa Bay route. What I find really amazing is that I have heard from people in Victoria commitments at this time but it is under consideration. That would be so great. mg

20 Sep 02 - 02:56 PM (#788261)
Subject: RE: Pacific Northwest Event -- Sunnycamp '02
From: GUEST,mg

Hello again. Perfectly beautiful weather here today at Long Beach..I'm hoping it will hold up.

We have some wonderful, truly wonderful, singers signed up to come. Sign up soon because spaces are limited (just joking..this year will be very small and cozy).

But if you are going to come, if you could let me know here or by email It makes planning for food etc. easier. If you can't pay until the time of the camp, that is OK.

If money is a problem, let me know. I can not promise any scholarships at this time because we have to generate enough extra will cost us $32 per person for the camp alone. But maybe we can work out a couple of things.

I am worried about one thing and that is dry wood, since it is our only source of heat. I am going to buy wood from the camp, but if they leave it outside we are doomed. So if you come and could throw in some dry wood for the first night, that would be great. It's just a little insurance policy. There is wood in a covered area and more under a tarp at the camp but if we have super heavy rains (only before the camp of course) they could get at least really damp.

Kindling and an ax would also be great. I plan to burn all of my love letters from this year alone and that should be a great roaring flame. Old bills etc..too..

Well, so far I have bought curry powder, beans, olive oil..that sort of thing. Popcorn. We won't starve and we won't get malnourished. If you have fruits and vegetables from your garden, bring them for snacks and a stone soup we can make for lunch on Saturday..minestrone plus a lentil soup.

Menu is tentatively:

Friday: potluck..which often turns out to be people stopping at KFC so we have crispy wings and chocolate deserts..Yum.

Sat. a.m. Probably breakfast fixings for omelettes, pancakes, cereal, fruit, yogurt. Since the group will probably be small, and the kitchen is fairly big, people will probably just fix their own.

Lunch: sandwiches, fruit, soup, cookies.

Dinner: I hope to get a nice bunch of salmon. Oysters will be available nearby for people to either harvest (I think) or buy, but you are on your own for this. Wild rice mix, coleslaw, veges,maybe blackberry cobbler.

Sunday a.m. Similar breakfast..maybe something fancier too. Who knows. Getting some cranberry honey. I won't stop you from going to the Arc for their brunch. My feelings won't be hurt.

Sunday lunch: eat up the leftovers..nothing fancy.

Soups etc. will be vegetarian. Fish and meat will be on the side so I think vegetarians will be OK. We'll also have ingredients on hand for creative cooks, and a store is right nearby.

Candles are OK for the main lodge but not for the cabins. You can't bring heaters for the cabins so bring warm stuff.

Save your big birthday balloons or wahtever, especially if you arrive early (will notify you later how soon you can come..I can't be there too early myself..) so we can identify the turn..which is hidden...

Bring flashlights.

We won't have a lot of cabins to chose there won't be much privacy, although there will be cabins for men or women. If privacy is needed, there is a nice little motel for about $60/night almost next door..Harbor View.