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Lyr Req: Big Strong Man / Sylvest

12 Jan 97 - 01:20 PM (#1282)
Subject: req lyrics: big strong man

I'm looking for the lyrics to the Irish folk song "Big Strong Man". You know, the one that goes "That was me brother Sylvest .....medals on his chest and the navy... (obviously I need help)

12 Jan 97 - 05:36 PM (#1289)


Have you heard about the big strong man,
Who lived in a caravan?
Have you heard about the Jeffrey Johnston fight?
Lord, what a hell of a fight!
You can take all the heavyweights you got. (What 'cha got?)
We gotta lad who can beat the whole lot.
He used to ring the bells in the belfry,
Now he's gonna fight Jack Dempsey.

He was me brother Sylvest (What's he got?)
A row of forty medals on his chest (Big chest!)
He killed fifty bad men in the West; He knows no rest
Think of the man, Hell's fire, Don't push, just shove,
Plenty of room for you and me.
He's got an arm, (Got an arm) Like a leg (Like a leg)
And a punch that would sink a battle ship (Big ship)
It takes all the army and the navy to put the wind up Sylvest.

He thought he'd take a trip to Italy;
And he thought that he'd go by sea.
He jumped off the harbour in New York,
And he swam like a great big shark.
He saw the Lusitania in distress (What'd he do?)
Put the Lusitania on his chest, (Big chest)
Drank all the water in the sea
And he walked all the way to Italy.

He thought he'd take a trip to old Japan,
So they brought out the big brass band.
He played every every instrument they'd got.
What a lad, he played the whole lot,
The old church bell will ring, (Hell's bells)
The old church choir will sing. (Hell's choir)
They all turned out to say farewell,
To my big brother Sylvest.


13 Jan 97 - 02:58 AM (#1298)
Subject: RE: req lyrics: big strong man

Hi, This song was in the discussion forum twice:

Thread: "Silvest" - last message of 12/27/96 Thread: "Big strong Man" - last message of 11/22/96 (you have to change "days" parameter to see it) - with guitar chords


I closed this thread in an attempt to avoid splitting the discussion. Please post here (click) or in one of the related threads listed in the crosslinks toward the top of this page.
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