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Lyr Req: Sonja Fromerova (Kate Wolf)

27 May 02 - 08:48 AM (#717981)
Subject: K. Wolf: Sonja Fromerova
From: GUEST,HansD

It would be great if anybody could send me the lyrics/chords of the Kate-Wolf-song "Sonja Fromerova". Who was Sonja F.? Was she a living person or just a fiction?

Thank you HansD

27 May 02 - 12:40 PM (#718133)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: K. Wolf: Sonja Fromerova
From: GUEST,Guest CF

You'll Find the Song Here

29 May 02 - 12:22 PM (#719568)
Subject: Lyr Add: SONJA FROMEROVA (Kilberg, Wolf)
From: Jim Dixon

The official Kate Wolf web site ( contains this interesting comment:
    A Note About Breezes

    An album called Breezes was released in late 1995 by Gadfly Records. It is a re-release of an album called We Walked by the Water, originally released on Shoostryng Records by Lionel Kilberg. It was published in 1973, three years before Kate's first album. The original album artwork states "Lionel Kilberg and Kate Wolf with Don Coffin."

    Lionel Kilberg wrote all the lyrics, and then asked Kate to write the music and perform on the album. Kate did not write the lyrics, and the songs were not co-written in the sense of a simultaneous cooperative collaborative effort.

    In 1986, when Kate compiled her retrospective album, Gold In California, she reviewed We Walked By The Water as a possible source of material. She decided that it was not representative of her work, and did not include any songs from it.

    Although the original album may be of some historical interest to some Kate Wolf fans, Kate's family feels that the Breezes repackaging unfairly represents the recording as a "Kate Wolf album," when it is largely a Lionel Kilberg album with Kate's accompaniment.

    We hope that the public will consider the above facts to put Breezes into perspective.

Lyrics transcribed from the sound file (which seems to be the complete song) at

(Lyrics by Lionel Kilberg, music by Kate Wolf)

Voice of velvet, peach fuzz clover,
This is Sonja Fromerova.
From her voice alone there comes a vision:
Flowing figures soft and gentle.
Still there is no indecision.
Not a child who runs for cover
Is this Sonja Fromerova.

Will she prove to be this vision
When the eyes make their decision?
Does she flow like some sweet flower
Bent by breeze and dew or shower?
Firm but gentle, sure but knowing,
Sure, mature, but ever growing,
Confidence still spilling over
From this Sonja Fromerova.

Will the dream I dream be over
At the sight of Fromerova?
Or will sight increase the image
Till all doubt within me simmers?
Then before me is this woman,
Ever stimulating to men.
Senses form a fibrous cover
Through which glides this Fromerova.

30 May 02 - 06:14 AM (#720064)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: K. Wolf: Sonja Fromerova
From: Keule

Hi, thank you for the lyrics. My English is too poor for transcribing the sound file exactly. I love this song and many others of Kate's songs because of her wonderful soft and warm voice. HansD (Keule)

14 Mar 05 - 03:07 PM (#1434603)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: K. Wolf: Sonja Fromerova
From: GUEST,Kees

And now, after 3 years, to come back to Hans D's other question, Who was Sonja F.

I have copied the liner notes of the original 1973 LP to my page Kate's 1st album. In these notes Lionel Kilberg writes about the song:

Dear Sonja, please forgive me. In 1963 or 4, I received a telephone call from a voice that identified herself as Sonja Fromerova. She was a friend of a friend who needed some information. Her name and her voice inspired this lyric, which I showed her on our one face to face meeting. She then was to leave the country for Canada.

It still makes you wonder: What has become of Sonja...?