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Lyr/Tune Req: Rose of Allendale

28 Feb 02 - 10:06 AM (#659882)
Subject: rose of allendale
From: GUEST,beth

help! I am supposed to sing this song at a wedding and cannot find any words/music to do so. What's worse, the wedding is being held at a museum where the only music will be played by a dj, so i need to have my music taped. But at this point, I would settle for just having the sheet music, and trying to find someone to record it for me here. If anyone can help, please email me at Thank you! Beth

28 Feb 02 - 10:16 AM (#659886)
Subject: RE: rose of allendale
From: GUEST,Martin Ryan

Words and tune here: SWEET ROSE OF ALLANDALE


28 Feb 02 - 10:37 AM (#659897)
Subject: RE: rose of allendale
From: Malcolm Douglas

You can see sheet music at  The Lester Levy Sheet Music Collection,  but that's the original song rather than the Copper Family adaptation, which is probably what you want.  Barry Taylor has a midi arrangement of the "folk processed" version at  Taylor's Traditional Tunebook: Scottish Tunes  (though it's actually an English song).

If you save the midi to disk, you can then either use it as accompaniment or get somebody with midi-editing software to turn it into staff notation for you.  If it's just the melody line you need (most on the web were made by ear from recordings by a number of different people, so they vary a bit), you can see it at  J C's Tunefinder  (search for rose of allandale and select the "gif" option) or at  Yet another Digital Tradition:

Rose of Allandale.