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16 Feb 02 - 05:30 AM (#651406)
Subject: Mandolins
From: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull

I have seen a mandolin I want to buy, and I was wondering if it is any good, I am a complete beginer and don't want to spend much (maximum 100 pounds).I have phoned the shop but they have sold out and wont have any until Wednesday (today is Saturday), it is a Antoria A-3, and it is 69 pound from antones guitars (, has any body heard of it, & is it a good instrument to learn on? I will almost certainly buy it, unless somebody says" don't buy it it's crap" Thanks for any advice.cheers.john

16 Feb 02 - 08:23 AM (#651463)
Subject: RE: BS: Mandolins
From: bill\sables

The Picture looks OK John but try to take someone with you who plays or knows about instruments to check the playability, action etc. I know 69 sounds cheep but if it doesn't play it is 69 wasted.

16 Feb 02 - 08:42 AM (#651468)
Subject: RE: BS: Mandolins
From: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull

Cheers Bill, I am going to see John (harpmaker) tomorow I will see if he can go with me.

16 Feb 02 - 08:54 AM (#651470)
Subject: RE: BS: Mandolins
From: Jon Freeman

I don't know that particular make but there are quite a number of very playable mandolins in your price range. The biggest problem I have with the cheaper ones like the one you are considering is a lack of volume rather playability issues.

I went shopping in September last year and I picked a Vintage mandolin for 89. I find the neck is a little chunky on this one so maybe it's not the easiest one to learn on but it has got fantastic volume and tone - I can cut through in a session with pipes, fiddles etc. on it - sound wise, I think it would give many much higher priced instruments a good run for thier money!

The one I picked is a Vintage (a JHS brand) model shown here. I'm not sure whether it is a MD1 or and MD2 - the label in mine says MD1 but the JHS website calls mine the MD2 (mine is the larger bodied one).

Anyway, that was my recent experience. Bill Sables advice is very good, certainly take it if you can.

Oh and is the 69 mandolin on the web page I gave the same as the one you are looking at but with a different name?


16 Feb 02 - 11:12 AM (#651496)
Subject: RE: BS: Mandolins

Thanks Jon, I am looking forward to getting a new instrument on Wednesday, I will let you know if i buy it.

16 Feb 02 - 11:17 AM (#651500)
Subject: RE: BS: Mandolins
From: GUEST,John in Hull

The Guest was me. It looks like my cookie has worn out, I will get another one now.john

17 Feb 02 - 06:47 AM (#652012)
Subject: RE: BS: Mandolins

Hi John,before you buy the 60 Mandolin I have one for sale...I bought it new for 130, to learn on. I have now got a Davidson [ from Bristol ]if you want to have a look at it. 50 to you.

17 Feb 02 - 06:52 AM (#652014)
Subject: RE: BS: Mandolins
From: Big Phil

Oops lost my cookie again. John if you want to see Mandolin tell Bill Sables as he knows me, think he has seen old Mando. Regards Phil*

22 Feb 02 - 07:47 AM (#655213)
Subject: RE: BS: Mandolins
From: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull

Thanks everyone, I bought the mandolin but I got a different one to the one I mentioned, the one I bought is an Ozark, it is a bit better than the first one but I got it for the same price (69 pounds), I am getting mandolin lessons off harpmaker, he is a good teecher and if anyone around here (Hull area) wants to learn mandolin, I would reccomend you see him.

Phil-Thanks for offering me yours, I would probably have bought it but I did not see your message, this is just my luck! I usually look at Mudcat every day, the day I miss it somebody offers me a good bargain! oh well.Thanks again.john

22 Feb 02 - 08:40 AM (#655243)
Subject: RE: BS: Mandolins
From: Murph10566

Hello All -

I've long been a fan of the mandolin, but have never attempted to (seriously) learn this beautiful instrument. I'm taking a shot at it now, and struggling, but I'll get there... Hopefully with the help of some of the 'Catters -

I'm trying to tune my mandolin to concert pitch. I don't have the aid of an electronic tuner, nor the middle C of a piano for reference. I've tried using my guitar to no avail - (I tune the guitar to concert pitch by using a C key harp).

My question (finally) is: For standard mandolin tuning (E-A-D-G, hi to lo), which guitar string/fret should I use as a starting point to bring the mandolin 'into the ballpark' of concert pitch. (i.e. - E /1st guitar string, 7th fret = E /1st mandolin string, Open) ?

I've purchased a number of beginner's books, and none seem to offer the option I'm looking for here. I've asked the question on line at a couple of Mandolin web sites, but still no response... I pored over a number of Mandolin threads here, and, though filled with some great tips, didn't provide an answer. Can anyone help ?

I acknowledge that much of my problem comes from my ignorance of music theory (can't read), but there must be a solution for an old dog trying to learn some new licks... er, Tricks !

Many thanks, Murph

22 Feb 02 - 08:48 AM (#655249)
Subject: RE: BS: Mandolins
From: greg stephens

the low G string of a mandline should sound like the G-string on a guitar.the D string should sound like the D on the guitar 3rd fret Bstring. A should sound like 5th fret guitar first(E). E should be like guitar 1st (12th fret). always assuming your guitar frets in tune.

22 Feb 02 - 09:23 AM (#655274)
Subject: RE: BS: Mandolins
From: Murph10566

To Greg S.

Thank you.


19 Feb 05 - 06:46 PM (#1415210)
Subject: RE: Mandolins

Hows it going?