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Lyr Add: Mi Y'Malel

15 Dec 01 - 12:49 AM (#610221)
Subject: Mi Y'Malel
From: Genie

Here's a Hanukkah song that's in the "International Jewish Songbook" and the Unitarian hymnal "Singing The Living Tradition."


Mi Y'Malel

Mi y'malel g'vorut g'vurot Yisrael
Otan mi yimne?
Hen b'ekhol dor yakum hagibor,
Go-el ha-am.
Sh'ma!  Bayamim ha-hem baz'man hazzeh
Makkabi moshi-a ufodeh.
Uv'yamenu kol am Yisrael
Yitached, yakum veyiga-el

Who can retell the things that befell us?
Who can count them?
In every age a hero or sage
came to our aid.
Sh'ma!  On this very day so long ago
Brave Maccabee arose to smite the foe
And we today must be like Maccabee
And all unite to keep our people free!

08 Dec 04 - 12:29 AM (#1350623)
Subject: RE: Tune Add: Mi Y'Malel
From: Genie

I found a MIDI of the tune for Mi Y'Malel!

It's HERE.

This is a very lively and haunting tune!

08 Dec 04 - 03:32 AM (#1350706)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Mi Y'Malel
From: Joe Offer

Rise Up Singing says the English translation Genie posted is by Sam Hinton. The Unitarian hymnal Singing The Living Tradition gives no attribution.
-Joe Offer-

08 Dec 04 - 03:58 AM (#1350722)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Mi Y'Malel
From: Mark Cohen

I've been trying unsuccessfully to find an accurate translation of this song. Genie's lyrics are quite accurate, except that the third word is "g'vurot". Chappy Chanukah, everybody!