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Child ballads reissue

20 Nov 01 - 09:00 PM (#596882)
Subject: child ballads
From: GUEST,katya

Anyone know why the Child ballads haven't been reissued? Surely the interest is there? Thanks, Katy

20 Nov 01 - 09:03 PM (#596884)
Subject: RE: child ballads
From: Joe Offer

This is the thread to use. Sorry about the confusion. Katya started two threads, and Pene deleted one and I deleted the other. My Internet service has been slow all day, and that makes mistakes like this happen.
A Bookfinder Search (click) shows prices of $325 to $1,000 for the 1965 paperback Dover reissue of the five volumes, and hardcover sets for $5,000 and up. Another reissue would bring those prices crashing down (well, at least they'd destroy the prices of the Dover reprints). The high prices indicate there must be a market, so it's a wonder Dover doesn't reprint the books. I paid $100 for mine at a bookstore in Maine a couple years ago, thanks to a tip from Sandy Paton. While I was waiting for my five volumes to arrive, I found one volume for $3.25 at a store in Southern California, so I auctioned that one off for the benefit of Mudcat.
-Joe Offer-

20 Nov 01 - 09:11 PM (#596891)
Subject: RE: child ballads
From: Malcolm Douglas

Until recently, production costs -given the relatively small demand for such a large and specialised book- would have been prohibitive.  The question has been asked before; see  Loomis House Press  for the current state of affairs.  The new edition, when it appears, will probably not be cheap!

20 Nov 01 - 09:12 PM (#596893)
Subject: RE: child ballads
From: masato sakurai

The reissue announcement by Loomis House Press is HERE. Is it already published?

21 Nov 01 - 07:58 AM (#597101)
Subject: RE: child ballads

I was told through Amazon it was being republished between June and November this year, so I ordered a copy ... it hasn't arrived yet!

21 Nov 01 - 11:26 AM (#597230)
Subject: RE: child ballads
From: Gypsy

Check your prices, i got the Bronson ed thru Books on Demand. Pricey, but better than antique prices!

21 Nov 01 - 12:27 PM (#597285)
Subject: RE: child ballads
From: GUEST,Martin Ryan

Just collected a nice slip case to protect my bargain basement Dover reprint! ($35 in perfect condition)


21 Nov 01 - 02:19 PM (#597380)
Subject: RE: child ballads
From: Bill D

Loomis is reprinting just Child, not Bronson, right?...I have the Dover books bought in 1978 at face value.

21 Nov 01 - 02:28 PM (#597386)
Subject: RE: child ballads
From: SeanM

I'd also advise to hit all the local library booksales and used bookstores! I found a full 5 volume set of the paperback Dover for $2 each... now I'm realizing how little they really did know the value of what they had.

Oh well. At least the family drops $50 a month there anyway...


21 Nov 01 - 02:50 PM (#597401)
Subject: RE: child ballads
From: Joe Offer

Gypsy, tell us more about your copy of Bronson. How much can I expect to pay? I checked Books on Demand and found only two volumes, Ballads 1 to 53 for $153, and 54 to 113 for $181.40.

Looks like this would be another good project for Loomis House, depending on what price they can come up with. I'd expect to get the whole set for $150 or less in a paperback reprint, but maybe that's expecting too much. Same with the Child set - $150 is outrageous, but I guess I'd pay it.

-Joe Offer-

21 Nov 01 - 03:58 PM (#597458)
Subject: RE: child ballads
From: Dicho (Frank Staplin)

Libraries have limited budgets and space. Many good reference works have been put on bargain tables to make room for the new stuff "that people want." I go to local libraries just for this purpose; I seldom go there to borrow. If you have friends that use a library regularly, tell them to watch for books in the category that you are interested in.

21 Nov 01 - 10:59 PM (#597656)
Subject: RE: child ballads
From: Gypsy

My Bronson was 219.00 for hardcover, and it was done in one volumne. Got fed up with looking for 10 years, and not finding it for under 750.00. And yes, have HEARD to death all the stories of getting it for 2 bits. Just never when i could find it! Has been well worth it, they do a great job, and you get the book in a timely fashion.