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Hot Corn ruckus

21 Jun 01 - 02:20 PM (#489037)
Subject: Hot Corn ruckus
From: GUEST,Foddershock

welp,,that Library Of Congress looks like is my only hope for getting any proof.. I'm nearly finished with this album,, and would really like to get this song approved... I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get their database to respond. If someone here knows or has the capabilities to get the info out of there for me it would be greatly appreciated.. I'll even put your name on the album for all the help. Hot Corn, Cold Corn,,, or Green Corn. I just don't see having to pay for a traditional tune. I ain't made out of money,,, thanks,,, my e-mail is

Thanks, Fodder

21 Jun 01 - 05:30 PM (#489172)
Subject: RE: Hot Corn ruckus
From: Chicken Charlie

"Green Corn" was recorded by Leadbelly. Gimme a day or two to see if I can't get specifics.

PS There are now at least 3 threads on this.


21 Jun 01 - 06:18 PM (#489219)
Subject: RE: Hot Corn ruckus
From: GUEST,Foddershock

things are looking up,,, from what i can figure String Bean,, only has a copyright for that particular version,,, and every single person I've reffered to on this matter agrees that it is traditional. Hopefully this will get resolved and it can be included on my album Ghost Of Lonzo... when I was three i used to sit on his (Lonzo Perrigan) knee while he sang this tune... He was a homeless man that wandered these mountains and sang and played guitar for supper and a place to bed down for the night... Thanks All!!!