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21 Apr 01 - 03:17 AM (#445954)
Subject: song composer and lyrics
From: GUEST,Guest - Missy

Help!!! Has anyone ever heard a song with the lyrics:Happiness runs in a circular motion - Love is a little boat upon the sea - Everybody is a part of everything anyway - You can be happy if you let yourself be!!

21 Apr 01 - 08:16 AM (#446003)
Subject: RE: Help: Guest - Missy
From: DonMeixner

Hi Missy

Thats a Donovan song, Its was done, and done beautifully, by Donovan and Jennifer Warnes as an accapella tune on the Smother's Brothers Show once when there was a musicians strike on.

It may be on the "Gift From a Flower to A Garden " album.


21 Apr 01 - 02:52 PM (#446185)
Subject: RE: Help: Guest - Missy
From: GUEST,Dita (at work)

It is indeed a Donovan song, he did it live a lot. It's not on "Gift" although it would have fitted in there just fine. I don't think it was ever released in the UK, but was on a USA only album, ?"Barabagagel." His releases on Epic in the States were quite different, track wise, from the UK release. The only cover version I can think of was by Bridget St John, can't remember whch album though.
Don's album was released a few years ago as a 4CD box set with cardboard sleeves, I don't know about individual releases, and some of Bridget's Dandelion label stuff was released on CD. I can give you more info, confirm album titles and No.s when I get home. Hope this helps.
love, john.

21 Apr 01 - 06:33 PM (#446289)
Subject: RE: Help: Guest - Missy
From: Irish sergeant

I don't remember it but it sounds like a Donovan song. Don: How have you been? We're still going to have to meet sometime. How are things with The Flying Column? Neil PS Missy. Join this crew thee are some very talented and caring people here.

22 Apr 01 - 08:36 PM (#446961)
Subject: RE: Help: Guest - Missy
From: GUEST,missy

thanks for the information on the song - I taught it to my 2nd graders!! They loved it - but they want to know more. Is the title "Happiness Runs"???