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Where are they now Chapter 3 (group)

15 Apr 01 - 05:25 PM (#441281)
Subject: Where are they now Chapter 3 (group)
From: Kernow John

Back in the 60s there was a group around the UK folk clubs called Chapter 3.
Does anyone have any knowledge of them or what happened to them?
Appreciate any help you can give.
Regards KJ

16 Jan 12 - 05:46 PM (#3291635)
Subject: RE: Where are they now Chapter 3 (group)
From: GUEST,Martin Beeton

I remember that group - they had some great songs on an Album. Was wondering myself what happened to them, and if any albums exist.

09 Jun 12 - 02:29 PM (#3361336)
Subject: RE: Where are they now Chapter 3 (group)
From: GUEST,Earl Denmore

I wonder what ever happened to "Big Fun" a young British group of the 1980's.


18 Jan 13 - 04:24 AM (#3467951)
Subject: RE: Where are they now Chapter 3 (group)
From: eddie1

Never very sure of my long-term memory these days but did this group not come from Stirling?


17 Apr 17 - 12:39 PM (#3850850)
Subject: RE: Where are they now Chapter 3 (group)
From: GUEST,Pete LeRoy

I was in Chapter Three in 1966/67. I sang harmonies, played 12-string guitar and autoharp. We were based in a squat in North London.

We had an old Commer van we paid 30 quid for at the Ally Pally auctions.

Most of our gigs were in the north although we also played Brighton a few times. Didn't make enough money a afford a beer at gigs.
Alex Malcolm was the lead singer...a Scot. Bass player was John Rice who came from Durban in South Africa.
Basically, we starved for 12 months, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
I left the group in August 1967. They carried on for a few months with a girl singer, then chucked it in.

I'm a full-time songwriter for the last 17 years on a small farm 20 miles north of Cape Town, South Africa.

18 Apr 17 - 12:02 PM (#3851033)
Subject: RE: Where are they now Chapter 3 (group)
From: GUEST,John in Cornwall

Good to hear from you Pete. The group played at our club in Leytonstone (run by Terry Mundy) a couple of times. Didn't you buy your 12 string directly from the makers in Italy?

10 Aug 17 - 09:41 AM (#3870872)
Subject: RE: Where are they now Chapter 3 (group)
From: GUEST,Pete LeRoy

How the group got together was beyond strange.
I moved from South Africa to London with my friend John Kongos in April 1966.
He took up with a bird who had a posh flat in Chelsea.
I had to get a job: ended up at a tractor factory near Heathrow on night shift. Crap Job.
Got a letter from my mother in South Africa, enclosing a letter she had received, addressed to me. It turned out to be from a Scottish folk singer named Alex Malcolm I had run into now and then in Johannesburg folk clubs. He wrote: I'm here in Nice (France) with John Rice ( a bass player) drop me a line or call me at this number. So I called, said: I'm in London.
He said : why not come on down to Nice. I said OK. Then he said: Could you just collect John's double bass in London, and also my 12 string guitar...OK?
Thus began the journey through hell...a bass, a guitar case and my suitcase...london to the boat...Le Havre to Paris...across Paris to Gare St Lazare...train to Marseille...onward to Nice...
Just to add insult etc...I had a ticket but the train was overbooked...so I had to stand in the corridor from Paris to Nice...about 8 hours... played in Nice until mid-September, when all the tourists disappeared overnight. Got a lift to Paris. Onward to London. Arrived with no money and nowhere to stay. Looked in Melody Maker for a fok club open that night. Ended up at the Black Bull in Barnet. Asked the man in charge if we could do a set. He liked us. Stood up and said: Can anyone put these guys up? A singer called Dave Lipson said: My gran just died, you can stay in her house free as long as you like...a long strange journey.....best wishes....