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Chad Mitchell Trio anecdotes?

17 Jan 01 - 06:54 PM (#376541)
Subject: Chad Mitchell Trio
From: ray bucknell

Just wondering if anybody has any anecdotes involving the Chad Mitchell Trio that they'd care to share. I was too young to attend their live shows in the Sixties so I guess I'm trying to live vicariously through the experiences of others.

17 Jan 01 - 08:10 PM (#376581)
Subject: RE: BS: Chad Mitchell Trio
From: catspaw49

Hi Ray....They come up now and then around here of course. Try a couple of these old threads and I'm sure some other folks will pop in here too.

Mitchell Trio Songbook

Chad Mitchell Trio


31 Jul 09 - 12:08 PM (#2691107)
Subject: RE: Chad Mitchell Trio anecdotes?
From: GUEST,A friend of the group

I am looking for the song and musical score to the words in part say "He died upon the tree just for me." The title I can not remember I believe "When I Was Lost" or "Just For Me." In particular I would want the musical score.


31 Jul 09 - 12:57 PM (#2691137)
Subject: RE: Chad Mitchell Trio anecdotes?
From: Severn

On the CD "Live From Mars" (Hollywood Records HR 62090-2), Roger McGuinn gives some anecdotes (he was still called Jim in those days) of his time as an accompaniest for the trio.

31 Jul 09 - 01:59 PM (#2691168)
Subject: RE: Chad Mitchell Trio anecdotes?
From: DonMeixner

Joe Frazier is a Mudcatter and has given some great thread contributions in the past in the past. Search The Vicar and see where it takes you.


31 Jul 09 - 04:13 PM (#2691237)
Subject: RE: Chad Mitchell Trio anecdotes?
From: Songbob

Someone call or email Paul Prestopino (sp?), who was their multi-instrumental accompanist. He has some tales, for sure.

He also plays contradances in the northeast US (PA & north, I think). He still "has it" instrumentally, and is a character in his own right.


31 Jul 09 - 04:39 PM (#2691248)
Subject: RE: Chad Mitchell Trio anecdotes?
From: GUEST,Tinker in Chicago

First off, the song title that Guest is looking for is "One Day When I Was Lost" and I think it's on their album that was first called "In Action" and later "Blowin' in the Wind."

My Chad Mitchell anecdote involves my dad, who was a Big Band singer and who sidelined as an emcee for other acts passing through Chicago, including the original CMT (before Joe Frazier joined). Some years later we saw the trio perform on a pleasure boat on the Potomac River where there was no backstage area. So during the intermission my dad saw Mr. Mitchell relaxing away from the stage and asked me if I wanted his autograph.

Well, of course I did, but I didn't think the man would give it. So dad strolled over as if surprised to see him and said, "Chad? Chad Mitchell?" Mitchell was taken aback but accepted the handshake. Dad introduced himself by his stage name and asked if Chad would give me an autograph, which he did.

Walking away, I asked dad what just happened, why it was so easy. "Simple," he said. "He has no idea who I am and he couldn't take the chance that I was someone important."

11 Jun 10 - 02:26 PM (#2925598)
Subject: RE: Chad Mitchell Trio anecdotes?
From: Larry The Radio Guy

My anecdote is from a conversation with Roger McGuinn. My brother had met him in Bakersfield in the 60's, and when The Byrds came to do a concert in Edmonton, Alberta in the early 70's, he invited them over to my parents' house. I remember asking Roger about his experiences with the Chad Mitchell Trio, which, at the time, his memory wasn't particularly positive. He told a story about how Chad Mitchell punched him in the mouth once for using the F*** word.

At the time he also expressed some reservations about the group's integrity in doing those great political songs--but he didn't really give any examples (other than the story above), SO i suspected it had more to do with his own frame of mind at the time. (But then, being a great Chad Mitchell Trio fan, I was biased).

11 Jun 10 - 03:46 PM (#2925676)
Subject: RE: Chad Mitchell Trio anecdotes?
From: GUEST,TJ in San Diego

I was once "caught" by the Vicar (rightfully so, as it happens) for obliquely questioning the veracity and commitment of the group related to their "political" songs. I no longer have any such questions.

By the way, I thought their harmonies and arrangments were among the tightest in the business during their heyday. I first heard them via Harry Belafonte in a Carnegie Hall Concert album way back when. Odetta and Miriam Makeba were also first revealed to me on that disc, which I still have.

11 Jun 10 - 04:00 PM (#2925685)
Subject: RE: Chad Mitchell Trio anecdotes?
From: Larry The Radio Guy

What I liked so much about them was their range of material--and there willingness to introduce relevant and meaningful songs, as well as maintaining a certain respect for traditions. One song I've always been curious about (and maybe the vicar, or Chad Mitchell himself can clarify) was Run Run Run (from the In Action) LP. I know there was a previous thread about it, suggesting it was based on a traditional gospel song. The song was credited to Chad Mitchell, so I'm wondering if Chad Mitchell wrote all those great "political" verses.

12 Jun 10 - 07:30 AM (#2926116)
Subject: RE: Chad Mitchell Trio anecdotes?
From: GUEST,Gerry

Larry, I don't know about Run, Run, Run, but it was not uncommon in those days for trad songs on albums to be credited to the performers, their managers, etc.