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Joan Baez - 60 today

09 Jan 01 - 10:28 AM (#371404)
Subject: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: Wesley S

According to my newspaper this morning Joan Baez turns 60 today. I not only loved her voice but she helped redefine "sexy" to this young impressionable lad. Growing up in the 60's I always hoped I would find a barefoot woman with an old Martin , a social conscience, and the voice of an angel. How about you??

09 Jan 01 - 10:43 AM (#371414)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: Midchuck

She was maybe the second or third great love of my life. Brigitte Bardot was one of the first two.. I forget the other.

She and Dylan and Mohammed Ali and I are all within a year or so of one another in age. I think she's probably held up the best of the four of us.


09 Jan 01 - 10:58 AM (#371432)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: Little Hawk

Joan is an amazing lady. She was also the first great love of my life. Yes, I too was looking for a barefoot, dark-eyed, serious girl, with a social conscience and a beautiful voice.

Plus she hung out a lot with Bob (Dylan), even though they didn't see eye to eye a lot of the time. And Bob remains the biggest influence of all, I'd say.

Hooray for Joan! She will always be beautiful and forever young in my eyes.

- LH (George Coventry)

09 Jan 01 - 11:27 AM (#371469)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: jaze

Beautiful lady. Beautiful voice. And she has really stood the test of time. She just gets better looking. She pissed a lot of people off with her views a la Vanessa Redgrave and Jane Fonda. But it was a lifetime committment with her and not just a passing fad. That's why I admire her.Some don't like her voice or her politics, but the impact of both on a generation can't be denied.

09 Jan 01 - 01:11 PM (#371525)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: Doctor John

One of the best voices altho I haven't always like all the material she has done. Genuinely sincere committed lady and not just a jumper on bandwaggons: a rare virtue.
Are we really all getting that old? I doesn't seem it somehow.
Dr John

09 Jan 01 - 01:14 PM (#371529)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: Mrrzy

Happy Birthday, O Idol o-Mine! Back before I learned to like Bob Dylan's voice, yours taught me to like his poetry at least...

09 Jan 01 - 01:16 PM (#371530)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: catspaw49

I'd agree with every comment here.

........and yeah Doc, we are getting that old.


09 Jan 01 - 01:44 PM (#371545)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: Wesley S

As they say - If we're too old to cut the mustard that doesn't mean we can't lick the jar.

09 Jan 01 - 01:50 PM (#371553)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: Inukshuk

Lucky me, I actually got to ride down a few floors in an elevator with her during the peak of her career and at the height of my idol worship. All I could do was mumble and babble for a few seconds, but I did get to shake hands with her. From that moment on Kitty Wells was only a fond memory.

09 Jan 01 - 01:52 PM (#371554)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: mousethief

Happy Birthday, Joan!


09 Jan 01 - 07:10 PM (#371837)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: GUEST,Art Thieme

I saw a barefoot Joan open the show for Bob Gibson at the Gate Of Horn folk club in Chicago in 1959 I think. Of course, the voice blew me away.

But it was her sister, Mimi, that I fell for in the early 70s when I opened a show for her at the club on the Northwestern University campus called Amazing Grace.

My thoughts are with Mimi right now---as are Joan's--I'm sure...

Art Thieme

09 Jan 01 - 07:22 PM (#371847)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: Deckman

Merry Birthday Joan. Do you remember the Worlds Fair Concert you gave in Seattle in 1962. Afterwards, my bride Norma and I took you and your friend Natasha to a hoot at Dottie Broxins house on capital hill. Then you spent a couple of days with us to rest up on your tour. Good times, and there are many more good times to come. You MUST know how revered you are by so many. As my Finnish forbearers say, "Hauskaa Syntopaivaa". We have a candle burning for Mimi. Bob Nelson

09 Jan 01 - 10:31 PM (#371965)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: GUEST,Fran the man

Joan ignighted a passion for traditional music that has sustained me every day of my life picking me up and lifting me over the black holes that can suck our spirts down. Joan, the Clancy Brothers and Ian & Silvia are the reasons I perform today and feel I have something to give. May your light burn bright, thanks.

09 Jan 01 - 10:57 PM (#371983)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: Nancy King

Beautiful lady, beautiful voice, beautiful soul and undoubtedly one of those most responsible for the phenomenal growth in popularity of folk music in the 60s. She surely was one of my idols back then (and still is). I'll bet she brought a whole lot of us into the folk fold.

Happy Birthday and Thanks--


09 Jan 01 - 11:57 PM (#371999)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: Deckman

What's all this PAST TENSE stuff?

10 Jan 01 - 02:55 AM (#372032)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: Haruo

I love Joan Baez. I don't care if it is January 10th. And I don't care if I'm too young for her. I learned my Mary Hamilton (and the better part of all my Child Ballads) from her, and I agree with the comment about "before I learned to like Bob Dylan's voice..."


10 Jan 01 - 06:17 AM (#372087)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: GUEST,

Unbelieveable, is she really? Shit, time seems to be passing faster the last couple of years:-) but age is not a question of the number of years you wear but a state of mind. Or like Mr.B.D. said it "may ya stay FOREVER YOUNG" That's what she is for me since I met her in the early eighties in Germany.That lady is timeless. Happy birthday Joan and may god bless you.

10 Jan 01 - 07:44 AM (#372105)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: Seth

I saw her sing at a rally in San Francisco in 1968. I was surprised to see a small woman with short hair. Looked like a suburban woman in from Contra Costa county. Wow! What a voice! Rattled all the windows around the City Hall Plaza. I was in the Air Force at the time. She was one of the people who really turned my head around. Let's see if she is 60, then I must be....oh, never mind. Goddess bless ya Joan

Seth from China

10 Jan 01 - 08:22 AM (#372111)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: rube1

Rolling Thunder Revue 1976 Tallahassee-Tully Gym was packed (tiny venue) They wheeled a big speaker to the side door for the benefit of the crowd outside. Joan on the side steps, dancing by the speaker in a white halter top, doing the monkey and whatnot like a crazed hippie chick amped on substances--what a babe

10 Jan 01 - 07:32 PM (#372566)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: Little Hawk

Yeah, Rolling Thunder was a moment in time like none other...the tour of all tours. Bob never looked so great, except maybe in 65-66, and he sure was enjoying himself. And he and Joan were singing duets again. My God, it was incredible. I remember people were just crying in the audience, it was so amazing.

Blessed be, Joanie...we know you and we love you.

- LH

10 Jan 01 - 11:43 PM (#372687)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: Jimmy C

Wow, the queen is 60. just about 2 months younger than myself. Never did get to see her live but fell in love with her the first time I heard her sing, we were both about 21 I guess. she still remains one of my all time favourites.

Happy birthday lady.

11 Jan 01 - 12:10 AM (#372703)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: blt

I think the first songbook I ever got was the Joan Baez Songbook. I loved the photos inside and spent many, many days learning the songs inside. She really was the main inspiration for me to learn guitar and to play folk music. I deeply appreciate her voice. But, I think my main admiration is for her ability to combine social activism with her music, a trait that is difficult to pursue in the USA for any length of time, not to mention for 40 some years. I don't know how many people thought of themselves as "protest singers" during the 60s--or can think of their work now in that light--we will always need to be reminded, through music or any of the arts, that speaking up honestly is a divine act.

Happy Birthday, and best wishes, Joan Baez.


11 Jan 01 - 04:42 PM (#372959)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: beachcomber

Yes , Happy Birthday to Joan Baez, She is all the things you people have said, a living, singing Legend. Never did get to see or hear her in live performance but I still have her old Vinyls as well as many Cassettes and CDs. Its remarkable to be able to hear how her voice has modulated down the years. (Or is that ALL down to the improved technology?) Funny enough, she was the one who gave me, Irishman that I am, an introduction to Bluegrass back in the 60s.

12 Jan 01 - 08:42 AM (#373261)
Subject: RE: Joan Baez - 60 today
From: GUEST,no one in particular

I was lucky enough to hear Joan Baez sing in the late 60's when she could have easily commanded an army of kids like some modern Joan of Arc. Instead she provided something almost like a lullaby to a genration ready to rock...and she got confortable, asking if she could take offf her shoes on the formality and pretention of the time before her, the finally showing to the door....and we are all better for it,