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Autoharp Room on PalTalk!

18 Nov 00 - 03:44 PM (#343117)
Subject: Autoharp Room on PalTalk!
From: GUEST,harpgirl

I have created an autoharp room on PalTalk which I hope will attract autoharpers from around the globe. The password is "Marty" and the room is called Autoharpistry.
Question for Jon: Can I give the admin code out to everyone who might want to open the room? Or how is it opened when I am not there? harpgirl

18 Nov 00 - 04:08 PM (#343128)
Subject: RE: Autoharp Room on PalTalk!
From: Jon Freeman

Yes harpgirl, you can have an unlimited number of co-admins and it does need an admin to open the room. If you do hand out the admin key to others, remember that you are ultimately responsible for the room and the actions of the co-admins.


18 Nov 00 - 10:16 PM (#343272)
Subject: RE: Autoharp Room on PalTalk!
From: Geoff the Duck

It was nice that you dropped in on the Mudcat paltalk room tonight. Best wishes for the autoharp room. Remind us and we will look in [or listen, or whatever it is you are supposed to do on these computelers (or whatever they call them}]!!!