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Field recording ideas

09 Oct 00 - 02:06 PM (#314811)
Subject: Field Recording Ideas?
From: DHoldstock

I need advice on selecting field recording equipment. Can anyone see if the following makes sense? I want to do some field recording using a Mini disk recorder and to put the results onto CD. I have an iMac 350mz G3 with USB inputs and an analog audio input jack. Most mini disks don't have digital output so I wonder if the analog connection is good enough. The Sharp MD MS 722 looks good if analog output is OK. I lean toward the Sony EC mm S903 microphone to use with the 722. Because of the limited hardware available for iMac I might have to settle for a QPS 4X4X8 CD Burner. The QPS burner comes with Toast 4 to adjust the input to the burner. Any suggestions gratefully

09 Oct 00 - 03:47 PM (#314874)
Subject: RE: Help: Field recording ideas
From: GUEST,Alex H.

I put field recordings made with both minidisc and analog recorders on CD.

The analog connection is "good enough" if the results sound good enough to you. It would be best to try it and see how you like it. If you don't own a minidisc recorder yet, you might be able to borrow one from a friend. Actually you might go ahead and buy the minidisc recorder. I don't think you'll regret it. You probably won't go back to analog tape unless you've got some sort of super portable recorder. I've been very happy with the results of my efforts, but I'm not trying to produce CDs to sell.

If you decide that the analog connection isn't good enough, you'll need a portable minidisc recorder AND a minidisc deck with a digital out, e.g, a Kenwood MD-203, AND a soundcard with a digital in. The latter is easy with a Wintel machine but I don't know about iMacs.

10 Oct 00 - 01:58 PM (#315618)
Subject: RE: Help: Field recording ideas
From: DHoldstock

Thank you Alex. I have done it. Last night I purchsed the entire set up over the web. Your testimony on transfering to computer v analog encourages me.

Cheers Dick

11 Oct 00 - 12:25 PM (#316310)
Subject: RE: Help: Field recording ideas
From: GeorgeH

If you're field recording your mic is likely to be far more critical to the results than the question of whether you use the analogue or the digital output . . However I would have thought the few dollars extra to get a minidisc with digital output were well worth spending. (Can't remember our model numbers but I'm pretty sure both our portable MDs - Sharp and Sony - have digital out.)