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Recording Help

28 Aug 00 - 01:58 AM (#286370)
Subject: Recording Help
From: tradsteve

I've always had this recording problem, and I finally thought to ask you guys. I have TASCAM 424mkII and when I mix my songs I get a good mix in the headphones, but when I mix down to tape, it never sounds like it should. I must say that I am mixing directly, but I may get a compressor. Would that solve my problem? I have some nice real high-quality mics, and it sounds right in the headphones... any help?

28 Aug 00 - 08:35 AM (#286428)
Subject: RE: Recording Help
From: Whistle Stop

You'll only get so far mixing with headphones. They tend to give you unnatural separation -- the left channel is exclusively in your left ear, the right channel is exclusively in your right. With speakers there's a lot more "bleed" in the stereo separation, so listening back to your headphone mix on speakers is always a bit of an eye-opener. I don't know what your budget is, but if you're looking for a mix that sounds good through speakers, you really need to use monitor speakers during the mixing process.