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Review of New Joni Mitchell Album

20 Apr 00 - 05:11 PM (#215192)
Subject: Review of New Joni Mitchell Album
From: TerriM

If you haven't heard 'Both Sides Now' yet, do it now! It has some blissful arrangements of some fabulous old songs ( well, old to me) and a couple of her own, well known songs like Both Sides Now. Stormy Weather is one of the best arrangements I've ever heard and even though Ms Mitchell doesn't throw her voice around the high registers the way she used to, it's developed a rich, smoky tone that is wonderful to listen to( must be her 50 a day habit). Anyhow, as a Joni Mitchell fan I loved it but even people not familiar with her stuff would, I think, like this album which also features Herbie Hancock and arrangements by Vince Mendoza. What are you waiting for? Go and buy it!

20 Apr 00 - 05:26 PM (#215203)
Subject: RE: Review of New Joni Mitchell Album
From: mjm

I'll chance it. I grew up (most literally) listening to her.

Is that my problem...

Remember Miles Of Isles?

....people shake their heads, they say I've changed, yes! I have, but something's lost and something's gained in living every day....

I hope it's good. I hope I can be open enough (and not cling to the past so much) when I listen to her again.

Thanks for the info. I really need a female songwriter/musician to (re) relate to right about now.

Oh, that Thank You song by Alanis Morissette (Sp) did actaully send chills up my spine.


20 Apr 00 - 05:28 PM (#215204)
Subject: RE: Review of New Joni Mitchell Album
From: Peter T.

Alternative review: As a fan of Joni Mitchell and songs of that era, I should say that I was disappointed by the new album. "Both Sides Now" is perhaps the best -- just because of her voice and the interest in the song -- but this is really not her music, and the orchestration is too, well, orchestrated. She, Sinead O'Connor, and Linda Ronstadt (to name two other notorious retros) just have no real feel for what is required. It is better than Linda Ronstadt, for what that is worth. If you want to spend your money wisely, go and buy Ella Fitzgerald's songbooks. If you can't do them as well as Ella, or can't find some other way of making them work, what is the point? I am in favour of people reinterpreting this music -- otherwise it is museum dead -- but why do a bad copy?
yours, Peter T.