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Linda Allen, Songwriter

16 Apr 00 - 06:06 PM (#212787)
Subject: Linda Allen, Songwriter
From: Amos

AT the San Diego Roots street festival this weekend I had the great pleasure of meeting a first-rate Washington State songwriter and performer named Linda Allen. She sings with verve accuracy, and style, and her songs are coherent, rhythmic, with beautiful images and lovely phrasing in the best traditional vein, although often placed in modern context.

She has a website here, which includes the follwong blurb:

Her songs have been sung and/or recorded by many artists including Rebel Voices, Seattle Women's Ensemble, Wisconsin Women's Chorus, Cindy Mangsen, Frankie Armstrong, Judy Small and Faith Petric. They have appeared in publications such as Sing Out! and Broadside, in books and song collections, and have been used for numerous educational radio and television programs.

Her albums and CD's have featured outstanding artists including Margie Adam, Betsy Rose, Frankie Armstrong, Alison Brown, Geof Morgan, Cary Black, Julian Smedley, Philip Boulding, Nina Gerber, Tracy Spring and Erin Corday.

<embedded image deleted (they ain't allowed, because they make messes) -Joe Offer->

A prolific writer, Linda is also a song collector. In 1988/89 she was Resident Songwriter for the State of Washington's Centennial Project; she also worked extensively with the Washington Women's Heritage Project and the Washington Grange Music Heritage Project.

Linda has organized two community folk centers and in 1991 was awarded an Artist Trust Fellowship. She teaches classes, retreats and workshops throughout the year, serves as an artist-in-residence and enjoys going into schools, communities and conferences to give customized workshops on history, spirituality, singing, songwriting, and creativity

Linda Allen is a passionate and engaging performer whose songs are rooted in tradition and honed by years of commitment to an art that both informs and transforms. Her songs are bold, poignant, funny, informative, insightful and best described in a review from Folknik which called her music "…good holistic medicine for the spirit

I have invited her to come hang out here at the Mudcat, and I think she will be a natural.

16 Apr 00 - 06:10 PM (#212789)
Subject: RE: BS: Linda Allen, Songwriter
From: GUEST,mary g

I heartily second the invitation....she is truly a wonderful writer and person.. mg

16 Apr 00 - 06:25 PM (#212796)
Subject: RE: BS: Linda Allen, Songwriter
From: Barbara

She's written some wonderful songs. One of them is here: Weaving and Quilting

16 Apr 00 - 08:52 PM (#212844)
Subject: RE: BS: Linda Allen, Songwriter
From: Mark Cohen

It's so good to hear that Linda is still active in songwriting and performing. She's one of many old friends I haven't seen in almost ten years. (Amazing what a difficult marriage can do to the rest of your life...) Amos, the link you provided doesn't seem to work, but if you could send me Linda's email address in a personal message I'd be much obliged. I heartily recommend Linda's music, and hope she stops by the Mudcat. A few of her songs (not nearly enough) are on the DT - just put her name in the search box. Thanks for the message, Amos. I'm glad you got to meet her.


16 Apr 00 - 09:24 PM (#212868)
Subject: RE: BS: Linda Allen, Songwriter
From: Amos

Her page is which should be linked to this here blue clicky thing. Sorry the other one didn't work --it went relative on me so it was looking for her site under mudcat, which of course produces the error you experienced. My booboo.


16 Apr 00 - 09:27 PM (#212870)
Subject: RE: BS: Linda Allen, Songwriter
From: Amos

Dang! I refuse to be thwarted by a code Hex!  Her site is at this blueclickything, goldarn it!

Sorry about the image, Joe -- I didn't see it creeping into the source code I copied from her page.

16 Apr 00 - 09:29 PM (#212872)
Subject: RE: BS: Linda Allen, Songwriter
From: Amos

ALways prufreed when being cantankerous, eh? Her site is at this blueclickything.

16 Apr 00 - 09:48 PM (#212883)
Subject: RE: BS: Linda Allen, Songwriter
From: Mark Cohen

Thanks, Amos, the link worked. But I'm on cellular here at home and it takes forever for the page to load. I'll have to wait till I get back to work in another week to look at it.

21 Apr 00 - 07:57 PM (#215819)
Subject: RE: BS: Linda Allen, Songwriter
From: Croney


My name is kamalla rose and I am on Linda Allen's staff. Linda was so excited about this Cafe and this thread that I wanted to come check it out myself. And my! It is a real thrill to read your appreciative words about my beloved Boss- who is just as wonderful as you all say she is and then some.

Thank you all so very much. Thanks particularly to Amos! I know Linda plans to pop in here whenever she can.

Love and Light- kamalla rose

21 Apr 00 - 07:59 PM (#215821)
Subject: RE: BS: Linda Allen, Songwriter
From: Amos

I heard from Linda yesterday and she is as thrilled with the 'Cat as I had hoped. She's a little concerned it might become addictive, though. Dunno where she got such a notion...

22 Apr 00 - 08:16 AM (#216007)
Subject: RE: BS: Linda Allen, Songwriter
From: AllisonA(Animaterra)

It's great to see Linda Allen being praised here! Didn't she write October Roses? It's a wonderful song. My father was driving along in a rental car in California about 12 years ago when as he puts it he nearly drove off the road when the song came on the radio. He had to pull over and listen to the whole thing. Back at the hotel he called the radio station to get the record info. Thanks, dad!
My only question is: why the BS designation?