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Songs w/mental or emotional associations

07 Apr 00 - 11:54 PM (#208717)
Subject: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Caitrin

I was just thinking about how we often tend to associate particular songs with people or situations, and how that may color our view of those songs. For instance, I have fond memories of singing "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" at the top of my lungs in my backyard with 6 other people, disturbing the neighbors. As a result, the song always brings a smile to my face. On the other hand, The Eagles' "Lyin' Eyes" was on the recirculating-every-hour CD at the movie theater I worked at last summer. I can't hear it without smelling the nauseating odor of All Purpose Cleaner and popcorn oil.
What are your songs with specific associations?

08 Apr 00 - 12:04 AM (#208728)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Mbo

Man, you asked for it! Clint Black says in an excellent song: "Ain't if funny how a melody can bring back a memory, take you to another place in time, completetly change your state of mind?" Oh boy, here we go:
Any Old Time Will Do (Roy Wood), Someday (Choral Union), Only Lonely (Hootie & The Blowfish), Isn't Life Strange (Moody Blues) about guess what..

Could Have Been Me (Billy Ray Cyrus), First Time For Everything (Little Texas) from leaving America for Japan..

So many songs that make me think of all the many places we've lived in the last 20, it would take FOREVER to name them all!


08 Apr 00 - 12:34 AM (#208738)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Amos

For me the Vietnam era protest song, "Next Stop is Vietnam" brings back perfect images of a small bar on the waterfront of a harbor down the coast from Copenhagen, where I first heard it. And "People Get Ready, They's a Train A-Comin'" similarly locks in visions of the harbor in Kerkyra on the Greek coast.


08 Apr 00 - 12:34 AM (#208739)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Kelida

"Ain't My Bitch" (Metallica)--what I was listening to when I dumped my last boyfriend. hehe. . .

anything by "Weird Al" Yankovic--makes me think of my best friend and how much fun we had at his concert in August and doing the chicken dance with him at Oktoberfest Zinzinnati [sic]--where, incidentally, we were wearing our homemade buttons that said "'AL'-coholics love Oktoberfest 1999!"

"People Are Strange"--my very own theme song. . .

not to mention every other song I listen to. Really, all (good) music evokes an emotional response in me. . .


08 Apr 00 - 01:29 AM (#208752)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: The Beanster

So many songs, so many memories!! Celine Dion is NOT my favorite singer (I'm being tactful here) and I never liked any of her songs but just after I landed in Ireland (first time there) last December, "That's the Way It Is" was playing on the car radio as we drove into Carrick-On-Suir. I just heard the song again a few weeks ago and I realized that I now LOVE it! hahaha

I will always love "I'm Not In Love" by 10cc because it always seemed to be playing on the radio when I was with my first love, Gary. But see, he didn't know I loved him, I was too shy to tell him and eventually, I lost him...aahh the boy that got away. (sob, sob, sniffle, sniffle)

SO many of these, though...could go on forever...

08 Apr 00 - 01:40 AM (#208759)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Chocolate Pi

a good deal of overlap with the "romantic songs" thread:
Closer, by Nine Inch Nails: first kiss (it was onstage, in a play, where my character was supposedly seducing the guy I kissed; but I was terrified and had no idea what I was supposed to do)
Mahler's eighth symphony: I understood the Baudelaire poem we had to read in Humanites about getting drunk on Beauty to stop Time the first time I heard this.
Red is the Rose: the beginning of my first major relationship in college.
The Water is Wide: "I leaned my back against an oak, thinking it was a sturdy tree, but first it bent and then it broke as did my false love to me." Probably the end of this relationship. He's just sort of been ignoring me for the last month, which really takes some effort when we live across the hall from each other.

and more serious stuff: Almonds and Raisins: my sister and I played this for my grandmother in the nursing home; one of the songs she remembered/responded to the longest.
That's What Friends Are For: we sang this at my eighth grade graduation (K-8 school district) and I realized how fast time was going and how I would never see many of these people ever again.
Light One Candle: I sang this with a choir at the dedication of the Boston Holocaust memorial. Elie Weisel spoke. Before the official ceremony, a survivor talked to us in broken English about how he tried to look healthy enough to work. I remember the woman who lived down the block who had blue numbers on her arm. Julian of Norwich: Just repeating the mantra, All shall be well again, seems to help nearly anything.

and everything else I sing; these are the specifics I can think of now.

Chocolate Pi (it's Friday night; I must be coding!)

08 Apr 00 - 01:43 AM (#208760)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Eluned

"Rose Garden" takes me back to a car-ride in Spain when I was little. "I'd rather be a ..." takes me back to the kitchen, with the radio playing, when I was about 8, In Scotland. "Silver seeds of the sun", a-capello version, places me, frozen with epiphany, standing in the upstairs hallway of our old NJ house.
The one that has always been most evocative, though, is a song that had brief popularity in the early 70's called "Don't lose that Number". When I hear that song, I SEE the hotel curtains blowing in the gentle Hawaiian wind, I FEEL the excitement of that foreign beach just out of sight, waiting for me. I think it hit the top of the list when we were there.

08 Apr 00 - 01:47 AM (#208762)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Eluned

Sorry, that "I'd rather be a ..." is the song "El Condor Pasa", but it was sung in a soprano woman's voice rather than the Simon and Garfunkle version. I don't know who, but her voice was lovely.

08 Apr 00 - 01:52 AM (#208766)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Metchosin

Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon, a song that I couldn't listen to for years and still brings a tears to my eyes that was popular and I always associated with a dear friend, who disappeared on a fishing boat with her husband and other family members, in a storm off the coast of B.C.... especially the lines "taken by the wind" and "taken by the sky". I have lost other friends over the years but for some reason or other this loss, circumstance and song always hits me the hardest.

When I was four I had a little red record player and in my collection of little red and yellow records was a children's song with the line " and darn my old Daddy as if he were socks". I loved to sing it at the top of my lungs. I thought I was swearing at my Dad and it was a very liberating feeling for a four year to somehow be allowed to do this with impunity.

08 Apr 00 - 03:07 AM (#208784)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Clinton Hammond2

Garnet Rogers "Night Drive" is -THE- song for driving late at night down dark highways to!! LOL!!!

But it makes my foot AWFUL heavy!


08 Apr 00 - 02:53 PM (#208924)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: rangeroger

I think that every song I do has either an emotional association or mental image attached to it.Even songs that I have just listened to, I seem to form mental images for.
The most recent case can be found in my "joni Mitchell, River" thread.
The most emotional association I have with a song,I mentioned in the "Tom Rush" threads. I sang "Urge for Going" followed by " No Regrets" to the love of my life,when she told me she was leaving me for a mining engineer from Utah.After she married him,she called me up and wanted to know the name of the albums where she could find them.I'm afraid I was a bit brusque with her.
Another major emotional experience with a song came at my parents 50th wedding anniversary.Tom Rush again (well,Murray McLaughln) "Child's Song". My sister had to hold the book,I stiil had a hard time seeing the lyrics through the tears, Got the entire family crying.When I was done, my Mother said,"you're going to Idaho aren't you".
And here I am.

08 Apr 00 - 05:15 PM (#208970)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: GUEST,JenEllen

"Hit the Road Jack" singing with my sister and my mom when she ditched my dad. That would have to be the first one.
"Love and the 5 and Dime" I was driving with a friend, and the harmonies just meshed like they hardly ever do. I can't listen to it now without smiling.
"Jump in the Line" my teensy British Nana cleaning house to calypso music and shaking her groove thing.
"Leaving London" from my first love with a capital "L"
"Ashes won't Burn" when the "L" went to lower case again
*nice job Caitrin, it's a thinker*

08 Apr 00 - 05:26 PM (#208975)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations

Well that lets out folk songs and ballads.

08 Apr 00 - 06:38 PM (#208995)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: thosp

well just a couple that pop to mind from the 60's

catch the wind

visions of johanna

peace (Y) thosp

08 Apr 00 - 07:04 PM (#208999)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: GUEST,Wavestar

Wow... well several, especially recently, since my boyfriend of five years just broke up with me, maybe temporarily, maybe forever, who knows...

So Far Away (Carole King) - A lot of our relationship was long distance, in the end very long distance... I used to sing this for him, and I copied out the lyrics for him.. it used to hang on my wall and his.

Circle (Harry Chapin) - My mother sang this at my grandfather's funeral, and all through my childhood. I makes me feel like I'm at home, makes me think of family. Gorecki's Third Symphony - Indescribable... I've listened to it in tears and in ecstasy, and no matter what, it curls my spine and brings out every emotion in me.

For My Lady (Moody Blues) - I had this playing on repeat for hours, one night when I was young and stupid and in love... reminds me of that night and my very first childhood love.

Testimony (Ferron) - Don't know why, but this one's linked to my heart.

A Girl Needs a Knife (Flash Girls) - One of my own personal theme songs, this was the song that prompted a friend of mine to send me a CD, anonymously as a gift.. a very dear friend who is no longer in my life...

So very many I can think of... several for my friends, and all the good times we have. Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Tori Amos (mostly the first two albums), Werewolves of London... I could go on... and a few for specific friends,

Ready For the Storm (Dougie MacLean) I sang with my friend Gary, The Water is Wide, which I taught to all my friends in Scotland, Iris (Goo Goo Dolls), which always makes me think of Brent.. and, of course, the recent ex. *sigh*

I'll shut up now...


08 Apr 00 - 07:53 PM (#209006)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: catspaw49

Its too broad a thread Caits......and the older you get the worse it becomes.

"Bob Dylan's Dream" speaks so accurately and beautifully to college in the 60's; to my friends of protest; to a night atop Clingman's Dome with close friends, and listening together quietly to the Spring snowmelt as the dawn broke........Geeziz, I'm sitting here crying now. I can't sing this one anymore.

Harry Chapin's "Cat's in the Cradle" came home to me as I spent every night on the road after the birth of my first son. It made me look at myself in the mirror in a motel room...3-piece suit, short hair, wing tips....and I suddenly ask myself, "What the hell happened to ME?" I called Karen and then placed another call to corporate headquarters and told them I was beginning my last 3 weeks on the job.

"The Rose".....I didn't meet Karen til I was 36 years old. I wasn't looking to get married and our meeting was an absolute fluke that I now recognize as fate. It was to this song that we got married on the square in Marietta, Georgia. Like the words, we had both weathered much and now were ready to bloom together.....and she most certainly is my rose.

Someone mentioned Donovan's "Catch the Wind" which I voted for on another thread as the best Love Song. I have been truly in love three times in my life and that song has always been there. " the warm hold of your loving vine".. Isn't that the feeling we get when the passion of love is within us?

On that same thread, Sandy Paton voted for "Maggie" ("When You and I Were Young"). The older I become, the stronger my love for Karen grows. And age with a wonderful relationship has brought this beautiful old song close to my heart........
And now we are aged and gray, Maggie;
The trials of life nearly done.
But to me you're as fair as you were, Maggie,
When you and I were young.

Last year when I almost "checked out".....I received a lot of wonderful music along with the warm thoughts and prayers of so many here at Mudcat. After coming out of the coma, I was able to read the thread printouts Karen brought to me. That same Sandy Paton sent a Golden Ring Reunion CD, "For All the Good People".. and it was the first one I played. A tremendous album (buy it folks) and I listened to them and allowed them to put me to sleep when the painkillers didn't cut it. The first song on the album is "Singer's Request" and when I hear it now it brings back that time and the love which Karen and I received from Mudcat, from wonderful people in this wonderful place........
"Dark the night and long till day; Do not bid us further stray."


08 Apr 00 - 08:17 PM (#209015)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Susan A-R

I don't even know if I could sit through Angels are Hovering 'Round yet. It was the last song of the evening at a weekend singing party I hosted at my family cabin. We all knew that my Dad was in a lot of pain and very ill. The next morning Mom and my brother came up to tell me Dad had died in the night, probably not long after we had sung the song. I can't see to write this.

08 Apr 00 - 08:31 PM (#209020)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Mbo

I agree on "Catch The Wind", it's one of my favorite songs ever! More:

--I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (first song I can ever remember hearing, it was played by a toy camera I had)
--Shoulda Been a Cowboy, by Toby Keith (the summer of '93...building models, learning chess, riding bikes, being 14 years old...)
--My Heart Will Never Know, by Clay Walker/This Is Me Missing You, by James House (leaving Japan for America)
--Roll On, by Alabama (when my Dad was overseas back in '84)
--"The Sting" Soundtrack (The Christmas of '94, I first discovered ragtime.."Little Girl" is one of my favs ever)
--Wild Mountain Thyme/Static On Your Radio/Beloved Gregor/Gardyne Castle/In Every Circumstance/She Will Find Me/Norland Wind/Shades of Gloria/Storybooks of Ullapool/The Mhairi Bhan/ELO's album "Face The Music" (all remind me of my first crush, in Fall of '98.)
--Say Goodbye (a song I wrote, reminds me of when The Music Gang broke up)
--George Harrison's album "All Things Must Pass" (coming up here to ECU last Fall)

That clears up a FEW!!


08 Apr 00 - 08:39 PM (#209024)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Mbo

Spaw, isn't it "loving mind", not "loving vine"?


08 Apr 00 - 08:50 PM (#209025)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Dave (the ancient mariner)

I Will Love You, sung by Finbar Furey. All Through The Night. Anyone. My Sweet Lord, George Harrison. Eternal Father. Hymn. Come By The Hills. Anyone. My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose. Anyone. The reaons are usually the same as anyone here; with the exception of Eternal Father... That one should be obvious to anyone who has read my profile..Yours,Aye. Dave

08 Apr 00 - 08:54 PM (#209026)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Susan A-R

Of course The Monster Mash will always conjure 4:00 a.m. road trips, as that's when the song tends to surface. I also can't hear Janis Joplin without thinking of a journey to Pennsylvania in somebody's tuna boat car, blasting Mercedes Bens out the windows to a very surprised tollbooth operator. And all of us have those songs that are glued to summer/suntan lotion/radios at the beach, such as Wild Thing, Hot Time, Summer in the City, Yellow Submarine, or the Rolling Stones albums my siblings used to blast out the windows while we gardened. Then there is the recording of Cecilia which was the ONLY single one of my camp buddies had for our month at Quinibeck. The single must have had another side, but we certainly never heard it. I am amazed that I can tolerate Paul Simon. Seems to me that, about three years later, I was at music camp with someone else who had a recording of Me and Julio Down By De Schoolyard with the same one-sided trait. I guess when Paul puts ot a single, he puts out a single.

08 Apr 00 - 09:16 PM (#209031)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Sorcha

"When You and I Were Young, Maggie"--my grandad, who died over 30 yrs ago, and then I played it for a best friend's father's funeral last year. His wife's name is Maggie.
"Amazing Grace"--yea, I know the stoopid tune of all time, but it was sung at the funeral of our Super Friend, Lt. Mark, who was killed in the line of duty here in Small Town USA. We booked it out of the funeral and headed for Highland Games. Got there in time to hear the Massed Pipe Bands play it as the closing tune at the Tattoo. We were not the only ones standing proud, with tears running. That was 10 yrs ago, and we still can't listen to it without tears.
"Morning Has Broken"--my wedding
CCR's "Proud Mary", for a lot of reasons....

08 Apr 00 - 10:52 PM (#209064)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: catspaw49

I've gone from crying to LMAO...........

Yes Meebo, it is "loving mind." The other would only make sense if you were interested in having sex with Luther Burbank or you and those college cronies you had just written so tearfully about had written a parody to the song (as was our wont) where the next line is: "Just wrap your legs around me, I'll slide it in and we'll both grin. Ah but Baby, I love to stick your quim."

Alright, we were a bit bawdy......uh, gross......but uh........Anyway, there is a problem at times in knowing the parody versions to songs...............If you require the rest of this "masterpiece" I'll send it e-mail, but I imagine you get the idea of the rest of it.


08 Apr 00 - 11:07 PM (#209070)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Mbo

Spaw, why mess with perfection?


08 Apr 00 - 11:26 PM (#209080)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Susan A-R

Because perfection isn't near as much fun or interesting as the alternatives.

08 Apr 00 - 11:43 PM (#209088)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Sorcha

Oh my,.......muff said.

08 Apr 00 - 11:56 PM (#209098)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Caitrin

Some more...
"Paradise" is one of my father's favorites. I remember riding to the beach in his truck, singing along and having a great time.
Steeleye Span's rendition of "Misty Moisty Morning" always reminds me of going to school on rainy mornings, singing the song with my brother and mom. We weren't very good, : ), but we had fun.
I'm enjoying reading these...our songs range from the sad to the ecstatic. Beautiful, everybody.

08 Apr 00 - 11:57 PM (#209100)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: catspaw49

You're my kind of woman Sorcha....

And I should add that about half that group ("and each one of them, I have never seen again.") was women.

Quite accidentally, I ran across the wife of one of them on the 'Cat and he and I have been corresponding some by e-mail, and he's steered me to a few more of the know the ones......we were gonna' change the world. Did too....a little......just not enough for my liking yet.


09 Apr 00 - 12:02 AM (#209103)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Sorcha

'spaw, you better quit makin me cry.........trubble gonna get you boy, and bad moon risin'.......

09 Apr 00 - 08:29 AM (#209189)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Teasle

I've really enjoyed this thread! Had a few sniffles over some of your stories - so maybe better not think of my own!!



09 Apr 00 - 12:49 PM (#209237)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: kendall

My vote goes to a song titled FOND AFFECTION..."I'll give you back your ring and letters, and the picture I loved so well, and, henceforth we will meet as strangers, but, I will never say farewell.."

Or how about Slim Dusty of OZ singing about an oddball drunk whos dog was impounded , and put to sleep while he was passed out.. "then someone found him dead one day 'neath a table in a pub with a collar and a chain clutched in his hand.." MAN, if that doesn't get to you, I dont want to know you.

09 Apr 00 - 01:08 PM (#209244)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Mbo

Then there's "The King of Dixie" by Marty Stuart, from the VERY first CD we even bought, back in '93...we used to listen to it every Saturday afternoon, on the way to my classical guitar lessons when we lived in Japan. My mother would turn the volume up as high as it would go, and we'd all be singing at the top of our lungs "The King of Dixie, he's still around, the King of Dixie, in every town, the King of Dixie, tried & true, rocking his way to me and you--LONG LIVE THE KING OF DIXIE!!"


10 Apr 00 - 12:48 AM (#209455)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: GUEST,Wowbugger

Whistling Gypsy Rover always brings back to me the sight of a young woman who's name I never learned, though I tried but she was already taken, singing it at a campfire one night many, many years ago. It was the first time I was away from home and it fit with the way I felt about myself at the time.

10 Apr 00 - 10:09 PM (#209976)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: ceitagh

There's so many...."Feild behind the plow" is dedicated to my dad forever in my mind even tho he was an ontario dairy farmer, not a prairie farmer....similarily, "Lies" also by Stan Rogers makes me think of my mom, especially those lines,
"So this is beauty's finish, Like Rodin's "Belle Heaulmiere", the pretty maiden trapped inside the ranch wife's toil and care. Well, after seven kids that's no surprise, But why cannot her mirror tell her lies?"
I'd have to quote the entire song to express it right...but there's seven of us, and the song just fits her so beautifully....
then there's "in the arms of an angel" which I danced to at entire Liam and Clancy cassette which evokes memories of numerous childhood cartrips, Roger Whittaker singing "Felice Navidad" at Christmas....most recently "send in the clowns" as a summary of my most recent romantic many more.


11 Apr 00 - 12:32 PM (#210081)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: BEK

A BOY AND HIS FROG--Okay, I am fessing up. I'm a dirty rotten filker and this Tom Smith song about Jim Henson and Kermit always gets me....

GREEN FIELDS OF FRANCE--Tabor's version is the definitive, but it's still hard to listen to with other good performers.

LILI--Joan Baez--How many women can relate to going back and seeing an old high school friend and finding that some things have changed and some have not? The first time I heard this song was in concert at Portland Zoo. Joan apparently had some kind of trouble onstage and had to leave. The band ended up finishing the song with a nice upbeat African style motif, but I still feel the worry I had over Baez' quick departure from the stage--and my joy that she returned a few minutes later okay!

11 Apr 00 - 12:51 PM (#210095)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Wesley S

We had a cousin named Sherry who was born on the same day as my sister. At the age of fourteen they found a tumor in her brain. Her favorite song had been "Que Sera Sera - whatever will be will be". It continued to be her favorite song all during her illness. It was sung at her funeral. To this day - many years after her death - it makes a lot of members of our family misty eyed whenever we hear it.

11 Apr 00 - 04:06 PM (#210217)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Kim C

Oh, man. So many. How far back can I go? I was a teenager in the 80s and have very fond memories of Bryan Adams and Duran Duran. Seventeen years later, Bryan is still around.

I used to love Stevie Ray Vaughan, and I loved a guy who loved Stevie Ray Vaughan. (He did not love me back, or so he said.) Anyway one bright sunny day I took him on a beer run and "Trouble is Knockin'" was on the radio. An omen, perhaps, but I didn't listen, and got my heart broke.

Mister was a teenager in the 70s and consequently a big Springsteen fan. The live acoustic version of Thunder Road is sort of "our" song... average guy & average girl, let's hit the road and see what happens. Ten years later we are still seeing. If I get enough beer in him, I can get him to sing it for me.

I said before that Annie Laurie is one of my favorite songs to sing. This song was played by one of the Confederate Army bands just before they charged the Federal lines at Franklin, TN, in 1864 --- a veritable slaughter in which thousands were killed, thanks to a rash decision by a substandard general. I can't sing it without thinking of all those lads, blue and gray, who died there. Also reminds me of Charles Badger Clark's poem, A Bad Half Hour: "Wish that fool would quit a-singin Annie Laurie out on guard."

My favorite song of all-time, though, is the Beatles' In My Life. The older I get, the more it means to me.

Regards -------------- Kim

11 Apr 00 - 08:53 PM (#210351)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: Hotspur

"October Winds"--my mother used to sing that to me as a lullaby, also the one that starts "lullaby and goodnight, with roses bedight" (not that I knew what that meant!)

My dad, on the other hand, favored Flanders and Swann, particularly "I'm a Gnu" and "I don't Eat People." He used to perform in the silliest voices and we'd laugh hilariously...

11 Apr 00 - 09:04 PM (#210357)
Subject: RE: Songs w/mental or emotional associations
From: GUEST, A.C.

Songs with mental associations.....let me think, now.

Oh, yes