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Lyr/Chords Req: Songs by Phil Ochs

27 Jan 00 - 03:02 PM (#169242)
Subject: Chords Req: Songs by Phil Ochs

Does anyone know the chords to the any of the following Phil Ochs songs: Some of them are at the Ochs homepage, but the chords with them, don't sound right, several have no chords listed. Thanks for any help.

A.M.A. Song
Another Age
Ballad of Oxford (Jimmy Meredith)
Ballad of William Worthy
Bullets of Mexico
Chaplain of the War
Davey Moore
Days of Decision
Fifty Mile Hike
First Snow
Freedom Riders
Going Down to Mississippi
Hunger and Cold
I'm Tired
Kansas City Bomber
Knock on the Door
New Town
No More Songs
Rivers of the Blood
Sailors and Soldiers
Song of My Returning
That's What I Want To Hear
The Hills of West Virginia
The Iron Lady
The Scorpion Departs but Never Returns
The Trial
This Old World Is Changing Hands
William Butler Yeats Visits Lincoln Park and Escapes Unscathed

Again thanks

27 Jan 00 - 05:01 PM (#169296)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Phil Ochs
From: Roger in Baltimore

For those who are searching: Phil Ochs Home Page.

Roger in Baltimore

16 Dec 13 - 12:56 PM (#3584639)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs by Phil Ochs
From: GUEST,vitvrn

Haven't find chords to "Ballad of Oxford" too, so here's my version (in Am):

Ballad of Oxford (Jimmy Meredith)

By Phil Ochs

    Am                      F                      G             Am
I'll sing you a song about a southern town where the devil had his rule
    Am                F            G               Am
When marshalls faced an angry mob to send one man to school
    Am             G
His name was Jimmy Meredith
    F                E
the tide he helped to turn
       F                     G
For he chose to stay on that terrible day
    F       E       Am
The land was soon to learn

          Am                         Dm
There was blood, red blood, on their hands,
Am                   Dm
Yellow dirt on their clothes
F                           G
What they thought they were doing,
    F                  E
Only god and the devil knows
          Am                        Dm
There was hate, cold hate, in their hearts,
Am                           Dm
Shot from their souls like a gun
    F                   G
And as they threw their stones and bricks,
    F             E             Am
They screamed, "see what you have done!"

26 Nov 14 - 12:27 AM (#3680056)
Subject: ADD: Bracero (Phil Ochs)
From: Joe Offer

(Phil Ochs)

Wade into the river through the rippling shallow water
Steal across the thirsty border, Bracero
Come bring your hungry body to the golden fields of plenty
From a peso to a penny, Bracero
Oh, welcome to California
Where the friendly farmers will take care of you

Come labor for your mother, for your father and your brother
For your sisters and your lover, Bracero
Come pick the fruits of yellow, break the flowers from the berries
Purple grapes will fill your bellies, Bracero

And the sun will bite your body as the dust will draw you thirsty
While your muscles beg for mercy, Bracero
In the shade of your sombrero drop your sweat upon the soil
Like the fruit your youth can spoil, Bracero

When the weary night embraces sleep in shacks that could be cages
They will take it from your wages, Bracero
Come sing about tomorrow with a jingle of the dollars
And forget your crooked collar, Bracero

And the local men are lazy and they make too much of trouble
Besides we'd have to pay them double, Bracero
Ah but if you feel you're fallin' if you find the pace is killing,
There are others who are willing, Bracero

Phil Ochs
On his There But for Fortune & In Concert On Joe Jencks Links in a Chain, Annie Wenz Let's Dance

27 Nov 14 - 01:42 AM (#3680379)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs by Phil Ochs
From: GUEST,threelegsoman

I have sung a number of songs by Phil Ochs and have a playlist on my Youtube channel of the ones I have uploaded there.

Playlist of Phil Ochs' songs

I found it difficult to work out the chords for these until I realised that the tuning he used was the American tuning of 330 for C as opposed to the British tuning of 440.

I show the lyrics and chords on screen for all my videos and the ones in this playlist are:
Another country
The Ballad of William Worthy
I Ain't Marchin' Anymore
What Are You Fighting For
When I'm Gone
There But For Fortune
There Was A Time
The Confession
Ballad of the Carpenter
That Was The President
United Fruit

02 May 16 - 04:30 PM (#3788298)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Songs by Phil Ochs
From: Jason Xion Wang

New Town
Kansas City Bomber
The Trial
Song of My Returning
First Snow