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Child Ballads resources

09 Mar 21 - 09:43 AM (#4096829)
Subject: Origins: Child Ballads resource
From: GUEST,#

I tripped over the following site while looking for something else. Thought it might be a good resource for people interested in such things. Just click on the song title.

09 Mar 21 - 11:02 AM (#4096840)
Subject: RE: Origins: Child Ballads resource
From: Reinhard

That is Roel 'Halewijn' van Dijk's Child Ballad Database. It used to be in a very spartanic layout at . This old link still worked in April 2020 but seems to have gone by now. But even the new site exists for some years by now.

09 Mar 21 - 11:04 AM (#4096841)
Subject: RE: Origins: Child Ballads resource
From: Reinhard

More Child Ballads ressources:

Lesley Nelson-Burns: A complete list of Francis J. Child ballads
Sacred Texts: The English and Scottish Popular Ballads
Wikisource: Child's Ballads

09 Mar 21 - 06:48 PM (#4096912)
Subject: RE: Child Ballads resources
From: Bill D

"Halewijn" and "Audie O.Fyle" posted most of those on USENET in 2010. This was done in two parts... as a first run, then as 'remnants' that were missed the first time. They were available for as long as a good newsserver cared to retain them...from one to 4-5 years. I can't find any place that still has them. (I think there were 4-5 thousand of them posted.)

10 Mar 21 - 04:44 AM (#4096974)
Subject: RE: Child Ballads resources
From: GeoffLawes

Thanks Mudcatters -Some may find this youtube recording interesting Ballads and Songs of the Blue Ridge Mountains
Side A:?
Hanging Of Georgie (Paul Joines) - 00:00?
Returning Sweetheart (Sarah Hawkes) - 01:41??
Barbry Allen (Granny Porter; Fiddle: Wade Ward) - 03:45??
Young Men And Maids (Paul Joines) - 06:38??
Ho Lilly Ho (Sarah Hawkes) - 09:08??
Walkin' In The Parlor (Kilby Reeves) - 11:30??
Little Sparrow (Sarah Hawkes) - 12:59??
County Jail (Kilby Reeves) - 14:56? The War Is A-Raging (Aunt Polly ?
) - 16:53??
Pig In A Pen (Spud Gravely; Fiddle: Glen Smith) - 18:20??
Roving Ranger (Paul Joines) - 21:00??

Side B:?
Pretty Polly (Ivor Melton; Band: Glen Neaves' Band) - 24:01??
George Allen (Spud Gravely) - 26:18??
Roving Gambler (Hobart Delp) - 27:39??
Ten Thousand Miles (Ruby Vass) - 30:16??
1809 (Glen Neaves) - 33:49??
Little Maggie (Ivor Melton) - 37:12??
Death Of The Lawson Family (Glen Neaves) - 41:00??
Lonesome Day (Ruby Vass) - 43:02?

10 Mar 21 - 07:49 AM (#4096989)
Subject: RE: Child Ballads resources
From: Cattia

10 Mar 21 - 11:39 AM (#4097025)
Subject: RE: Child Ballads resources
From: Bill D

In the link
One mention is of Bruce Olson's 'website', which is now hosted here at Mudcat. You can find it at 'quick links' at the top or at:

Many interesting and arcane items from his years of research. His Mudcat posts are still available with a search.