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BS: vegan casserole

13 Dec 19 - 12:07 PM (#4023566)
Subject: BS: vegan casserole
From: leeneia

I would like to have a couple of recipes for tasty vegan casseroles. Vegetables and pasta are obvious, but what about a binder?

I tried searching online and I wandered into site after site which promised a recipe, but only if I "downloaded browser extension" (no way) or provided my e-mail address (not happening.) Others called for ingredients I've never heard of and don't know where to get. Not that I'm unwilling to learn.

I have a nifty deal where I can make a 9x13 casserole, put a lid on it, put a heat-pack under it, zip it into a padded carrier and take it to church quite easily. Now all I need is something vegan to put in it.

13 Dec 19 - 01:20 PM (#4023572)
Subject: RE: BS: vegan casserole
From: Jack Campin

What do you mean by "binder"? Are you wanting it to set solid? Tofu might work.

13 Dec 19 - 03:48 PM (#4023591)
Subject: RE: BS: vegan casserole
From: lefthanded guitar

I don't know what you mean by a binder either, but I just made a simple casserole with a small amount of meat ( chuck steak) that you could make without the meat. Perhaps substituting beans for the meat, or just stay pure veggie. . Leeneia , this is a family style casserole - or stew- which means no real recipe- I just put any vegetable I like in the oven, with some water and slow cook for a verrrryyyyy long time. The secret is to cook it now and reheat it another day/- the flavors blend nicely that way. I use garlic (I buy the already peeled pieces ) and scallions for flavoring - this time I made it with onions, potatoes, red and yellow peppers, parsnips, carrots and string beans . I still have some leftover in the freezer which I plan to take out tonight. Can be served as is or over pasta ( shells, linguini ,etc) or brown rice. I only add salt after it's done, for those who want it.

I' m sure the other catters have some interesting recipes , and likely more sophisticated than this- but when I have the time and patience to chop and peel (can be fun actually) - I enjoy this I've a lot.

Good luck

13 Dec 19 - 04:37 PM (#4023605)
Subject: RE: BS: vegan casserole
From: Dave the Gnome

My daughters, not vegan but vegetarian and lactose intolerant, suggested a vegan sausage and bean cassoulet. I have tried theirs and it is lovely.

13 Dec 19 - 06:55 PM (#4023625)
Subject: RE: BS: vegan casserole
From: Steve Shaw

I'm thinking of making vegan meatballs this weekend. The shallots, chilli flakes, salt and pepper are totally vegan. I'm taking advice on the pork and beef mince...

14 Dec 19 - 02:46 AM (#4023640)
Subject: RE: BS: vegan casserole
From: lefthanded guitar

Oh I forgot to mention the squash, not zucchini, a little smaller in size and the outside is not dark but a sort of mild green - very enjoyable.May be called summer squash but it 's not summer now.