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Remembering Art Thieme

14 May 18 - 10:33 PM (#3924526)
Subject: BS: Remembering Art Thieme
From: olddude

Art taught me so much he was a treasure and I sit here remembering him. Miss him and so many others terribly.   Here to you Art thank you for teaching me this one that i play often. We all love you
for art

14 May 18 - 11:00 PM (#3924529)
Subject: RE: BS: Remembering Art Thieme
From: olddude

for you my brother

15 May 18 - 12:36 AM (#3924535)
Subject: RE: BS: Remembering Art Thieme
From: Stilly River Sage

Thanks, Dan. I have several of his CDs in view from my desk, ready to pop into the CD player when the mood strikes. And don't forget, The older I get, the better I was!

15 May 18 - 01:02 AM (#3924538)
Subject: RE: BS: Remembering Art Thieme
From: olddude

He was amazing my brother taught me so much

15 May 18 - 01:08 AM (#3924539)
Subject: RE: BS: Remembering Art Thieme
From: olddude

I miss talking to art he was so amazing in every way really taught me a lot

15 May 18 - 10:29 AM (#3924665)
Subject: RE: BS: Remembering Art Thieme
From: CupOfTea


I think of Art fairly often, each time I sing something that came my way through him, or the folks he influenced, who make up some of my favourite people. I live in a town where he was not really known the way other Chicago folkies were. When I introduce a song where Art was the proximate source, I mention him, and tell a bit why he's an important name in Midwestern folk culture. Over the decades since I moved back to Cleveland, I have been able to help bring so many Midweatern folks out here to the ragged eastern edge of the Midwest, but sadly, Art was never one of them.

Some people actually pay attention to what I say about folk music, so I am going to keep talking about him, in hopes that he will be discovered through recordings, the way many have been inspired by those who've passed on. Sad that it can't be first-person influence, yet a valuable source.

Glad you have these memories, Dan.

Joanne in Cleveland

Agreed, Joanne, and moved accordingly. ---mudelf

15 May 18 - 11:17 AM (#3924674)
Subject: RE: Remembering Art Thieme

I regret like hell never taking the chance to tell him (assuming he wasn't aware of it already) that his "Cottage Cheese" was a major radio hit in the 70s on what I like to call the First Alt-Country Station, WKKW in Bridgeport, WV. Station played great scads of bluegrass, newgrass, outlaw, and what I call Mountain Stage (others say "Americana"), during the last 4 or 5 years of the decade. They even had a live bluegrass show for a while, with a local band, and I won tickets to a festival at (Walker's Field? near Parkersburg WV) on the air in 1978. Station was sold a year or two later, and new management turned it Top 10 Nashville crap. The amazing collection of records former manager Chris Boyles (+RIP) had assembled was donated to a "record-smashing" competition at a local festival, where you vied for breaking the biggest stack of LPs in one chunk. The winner got to paint a mustache on the Mona Lisa.

"Cottage Cheese" got airplay minimum of 5 or 6 times a day for weeks, most of it by request. First time I ever heard of Art Thieme. They also played some of his music, not just the jokes (but the joke was the hit), and when I stumbled upon a copy of the album I bought it, which I still have.

15 May 18 - 08:07 PM (#3924788)
Subject: RE: Remembering Art Thieme
From: GUEST,Jerome Clark

A few years ago, in connection with another interest unrelated to folk music, I was conversing with a colleague over the phone. In some passing context I happened to utter the words "folk music," to which the voice on the other end inquired, "Folk music? Have you ever come across my brother Art Thieme?" He didn't mean "brother" in some loose sense. He was speaking of a genetic relationship. (As it happened, I had seen Art perform, and I had a couple of his albums in my collection.) He and Art were close all their lives, and through him I got to know Art and to learn a great deal about how they came to be who they were.

Richard Thieme, who has no connection with the kind of music we celebrate here, is a very interesting, accomplished man in his own right. You might look him up on Google.

15 May 18 - 08:55 PM (#3924794)
Subject: RE: Remembering Art Thieme
From: olddude

And his sense of humor was priceless

21 May 18 - 06:09 PM (#3926232)
Subject: RE: Remembering Art Thieme
From: Elijah Browning

In five days, it'll be three years.
Thanks for remembering. Means a lot to have others help carry the weight of it.

21 May 18 - 07:33 PM (#3926242)
Subject: RE: Remembering Art Thieme
From: Bob Hitchcock

Many years ago I happened to tell a joke to Sandy Paton during the recording of Boarding Party's second album. A year later I went to an Art Thieme concert here in Washington D.C. and Art told the same joke. Needless to say I was honored that he had liked it enough to include it in his act. the joke was:-

My high school was so small they taught driver ed. and sex ed. in the same car.

I miss you Art.

Bob Hitchcock.

22 May 18 - 01:29 AM (#3926266)
Subject: RE: Remembering Art Thieme
From: Sandra in Sydney

I thought I had posted to this thread (oops)

I'm currently listening to Art - years ago he sent me an MP3 of past concerts so I have a lot of Art to listen to!


7984 posts by Art, Feb 1998 to Oct 2013

22 May 18 - 09:43 AM (#3926361)
Subject: RE: Remembering Art Thieme
From: GUEST,Waddon Pete without a biscuit

Oh yes, I remember Art too. How could I ever forget? A lovely man. I always give him credit when I share his songs.


22 May 18 - 02:56 PM (#3926436)
Subject: RE: Remembering Art Thieme
From: Rex

I never tire of telling his story of a road trip to California in the 60s driving what else? A VW microbus. He got as far as "Shy-Anne" and met a cowpoke named Del Bray who taught him the cowboy version of Barbara Allen. I always tell the story as an introduction when I do the song.