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OBIT: Hank Snow Passes

20 Dec 99 - 12:36 PM (#151963)
Subject: OBIT: Hank Snow Passes
From: Rick Fielding

Simply one of the finest singer-guitarists, and writers who ever lived. What a legacy!
So long "ranger"

20 Dec 99 - 12:51 PM (#151975)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Dale Rose

That is sad news indeed, though not unexpected. He was the first singer who truly captivated me as a child. I came in just slightly late in his U S career as Golden Rocket was leading in the charts, though I'm Movin' On was still hanging in there. My very first album purchase was a Hank Snow.

He's one I always wanted to write to and say how much his music meant to me. I guess that is a reminder to say good things to people we love while we have the chance.

20 Dec 99 - 01:07 PM (#151983)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Fortunato

Hank Snow was an early, strong influence on my singing and guitar playing. I carried the cadence and pulse I heard in "Golden Rocket" over to the folk music I was learning at the time; I remember consciously investing that feeling in "The Mobile Line" a jug band tune back in 1969. So long "Singing Ranger", happy trails.


20 Dec 99 - 01:17 PM (#151988)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: annamill

This really saddens me. I met Hank Snow, a little guy with a big white hat, along with a lot of other country stars, one night when my first husband was playing MC to a country show in Rhode Island. Of all the stars I met, he was the sweetest and the gentlest. I sat next to him back stage at a piano, and he was asking me about who I was. I fell in love with him and of all the stars I met that night so many years ago, he is the one that remains in my mind. The world will be a little emptier with him gone.

Love, annap

20 Dec 99 - 01:31 PM (#151995)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: MTed

I can't do anything but echo what everyone else is saying--he was a singer/songwriter/guitarist before it was cool, and he could really rock!!

For all our Australian mates, he told the story that his biggest hit, "I've Been Everywhere" was sent to him by an Australian, the cities and towns were all Australian--he wrote told the writer that he loved the song, but his American audiences wouldn't recognize any of the names in it--the writer apparently got out his US map and repopulated the song with American names--

So my question is--does anyone have the original lyrics, and did anyone every record them?

20 Dec 99 - 01:59 PM (#152004)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Big Mick

God be good to him. That must be a helluva band he is in now.


20 Dec 99 - 02:23 PM (#152017)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Willie-O

Well he was from Nova Scotia ya know..."I've been everywhere" has suffered quite a few parodies, such as Stringband's "Mail-Sorting Man"--which is a sort of hybrid parody that also draws on John Henry. And Stompin Tom Connors has given it a turn...both these versions draw a lot on Canadian place names. And the version in the DT has both American and Canadian (and maybe Mexican?) places in it. No author is listed. I'm very curious though. Never heard this Australian business before, but Winnemucca sure sounds Australian.


20 Dec 99 - 02:33 PM (#152024)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: McGrath of Harlow

"Everywhere" - now including Heaven. I'm sure.

20 Dec 99 - 02:39 PM (#152026)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Dale Rose

I started a separate thread to inquire about the Australian lyrics ~~ the writer was Geoff Mack.

Winnemucca is in Nevada.

20 Dec 99 - 02:55 PM (#152038)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Fortunato

One night after hours in a little smoke-filled honky-tonk in Nashville a jam session was cookin' late. All the great session players were there and the music was hot. When suddenly the back door to the club swings open and fog drifts in through the open door. There in the fog, outlined in a halo of light, stood Hank Snow. The music stopped. The players watched frozen as he walked slowly over to the stage, opened his guitar case, took out his Gibson Hummingbird, and stepped up on the stage.
"You boys mind if I join in?" he said.
"No sir," the guitar player said, but Mr. Snow, uh, you're dead right?"
" Yes, son, I'm dead, but once in a while St. Peter lets me slip out to play a tune or two. Do ya'll know "I've Been Everywhere in E?"
So they played the tune. At the end of the song the sparse crowd applauded, though they looked a little shaken.
"Mr. Snow", the guitar player said, "What's it like in heaven?"
"It's fine, son, everybody's there you know, Hank and Roy and Patsy and all. We all get together and play every day. There's just this one thing, you know?"
"What's that Mr. Snow?"
"Well God's got this girl friend and she thinks she can sing."

20 Dec 99 - 03:47 PM (#152058)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: catspaw49

His staff in Nashville was very active in a Christmas thing done for foster children. His generosity was well known. Many thanks Ranger.


20 Dec 99 - 03:48 PM (#152059)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: bob schwarer

Hank,Hank, and Lefty helped me survive the army back in '51-'53. Sorry to hear he died.

Found out that Rex Allen died last Friday. He is probably the last of the "Singing Cowboys". Maybe ought to have a separate thread about him.

Bob S.

20 Dec 99 - 04:24 PM (#152077)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: kendall

Now, all of my favorites are gone (country that is) I'm unable to see what I'm typing..hope my fingers have a good memory

20 Dec 99 - 04:45 PM (#152085)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Dale Rose

That set me to thinking, kendall ~~ I am afraid you are just about right. My last remaining giant hero is Bill Bolick of the Blue Sky Boys.

20 Dec 99 - 04:51 PM (#152086)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: kendall

so many great musicians have passed recently Hiefitz Segovia and on another level Marty Robbins Roy Acuff. Hank Snow. Cant you just see the young folks of today 30 years hence, standing around the old upright synthisizer trying to remember two words from Twisted Sister? Gawd, have I lived too long or what?

20 Dec 99 - 08:01 PM (#152169)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Banjer

Via con Dios, mi amigo! Hank Snow is one of the first stars I can remember hearing on the Grand Ole Opry, broadcast live on radio station WSM out of Nashville. I think one of his first songs I heard was The Golden Rocket. They don't write stuff like that anymore! He will be missed, but his legacy will live on!

21 Dec 99 - 01:19 AM (#152315)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Rick Fielding

Hey I got an idea. Let's each of us that were influenced by Hank re-learn (if neccessary) one of his songs and sing it over the next 2 weeks. Remember "Now and Then there's a fool Such as I", Bluebird Island (with Anita Carter) and of course those country boogie songs in "E". Damn he was good. Hey Kendall, when I meet you lets duet on "I,m Movin' On".

21 Dec 99 - 09:04 AM (#152372)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Peter T.

Let us not forget all the work he did for abused children (being one himself). Fine man: movin' on...

21 Dec 99 - 09:24 AM (#152380)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Fortunato

Good idea, Rick.

I'll learn Rhumba Boogie, the way I'm been layin' off to do for years.


21 Dec 99 - 09:42 AM (#152385)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Dan Evergreen

My favorite was, "The Late and Great Love of My Heart." I have always intended to learn it. Does anybody have the chords and lyrics?

21 Dec 99 - 09:48 AM (#152387)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: WyoWoman

Great story, Fortunato. Thanks, and thanks all for your postings. I was only peripherally familiar with some of his music, but I'm enjoying these remembrances.


21 Dec 99 - 10:37 AM (#152412)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Art Thieme

In '64 I had been trying to break into the New York folk scene---with little success. I went from there to D.C. & tried to do the same there with similar results---but got to be friends with Joe Hickerson then. Wound up somehow meeting Horton Barker that summer---but then went to Nashville & met Hank at the Opry in the old Ryman Auditorium. He gave me his schedule of county/state fairs he was playing that summer and I followed him to several---the last being in Illinois. I'd been hung up on Hank's voice and his train songs since I was barely haired out---1950 or '51. It became a fantasy summer for me.

(Joe & I are scheduled to do a session together at the Folk Alliance gathering in Cleveland this coming February of 2000. I hope to see a bunch of you there--for certain sure.)

Art Thieme

21 Dec 99 - 10:46 AM (#152417)
From: Gene

A little known recorded tribute to Hank Snow!


Recorded by Orval Prophet
Words and music by:
Henry [Hank] Lariviere and Orval Prophet

From his hometown, Nova Scotia
He went out and won great fame
Hank Snow, "The Singing Ranger"
Country Music, he did reign;

A star at the Grand Ole Opry Show
In Nashville, Tennessee
And he won the hearts of millions
As he sang for you and me;

Hank was never spoiled for luxury
He fought hard all the way
From cabin boy to salesman
Somehow he made it pay;

He worked down 'round the shipyard
And he sailed the deep blue sea
He'd pick and sing with his guitar
Just as happy as could be;

Yet another town is calling him
And the Snowman moves along
The Golden Rocket keeps on rollin'
Keep those big wheels a-movin' on;

Hank Snow, The Singing Ranger's
Now a legend of our time
And behind that jumbo Martin
Beats a heart so true and fine;

From Arizona to Alaska
Alabam' and to Maine
Old Montana and Nebraska
To New York and back again;

Yes, he flew across the ocean
To countries that were war torn
And he entertained the soldiers
In their Khaki uniforms;

He has a song about the railroad
And a song for lovers too
For the Navy and the Army
And the one who's feelin' blue;

If the Rhumba Boogie twists a guy
Hank Snow can do them all
You go see the Grand Ole Opry
When the works all done this fall;

Hank now resides in Madison
Near Nashville, Tennessee
It's a Snowman's home in paradise
He's happy as can be;

To his many friends and neighbors
And his country far away
We salute the Singing Ranger
From down Nova Scotia way.

21 Dec 99 - 10:58 AM (#152427)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Rick Fielding

Wow, look forward to meeting you there Art.
Just finished reading an idiotic obit of Hank by the Toronto Star's rock critic. Eg: "He was called the 'singing ranger' because of his flamboyant rhinestone outfits...." Oy Vay, I wish they'd have something intelligent to say, or just leave it alone.
I opened for him in the mid 70s at a country music venue called "Rockcliffe park", and was a bit taken aback by his unwillingness to leave his bus until it was time for him to play. He didn't mix at all with the other musicians, but signed a lot of autographs for the fans after the show. I think he was pretty suspicious of "folky pickers", and figured we were all "dope smokin commies". He knew his audience well though. Didn't bother me at all, though. Even though I would have loved to talk to him, just being there was a huge kick. Did get to meet (and get a picture with) Conway Twitty though!

21 Dec 99 - 02:32 PM (#152510)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: kendall

Sounds good to me Rick. I like to sing Hanks songs, and, I have some of his vinals.

I feel lucky because being born and raised in extreme eastern Maine, I grew up on Canadian music.. Don Messer, Dave Landry , Hank Snow, Wilf Carter etc. I knew his music before he went to Nashville and got famous.On New Years eve, I'll be doing a tribute to Hank.. if I can keep the throat open.

21 Dec 99 - 06:40 PM (#152624)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: kendall

thats NED Landry not Dave.

21 Dec 99 - 07:03 PM (#152633)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Rick Fielding

I wasn't going to be the one to correct you Ken

21 Dec 99 - 07:43 PM (#152649)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: kendall

my father used to say, "I know a lot, I just cant think of most of it."

21 Dec 99 - 09:13 PM (#152682)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: fox4zero

During my college years at Syracuse University (1947-1951) I kept my sanity by keeping my ears glued to "The WSYR Buckeroos" which played all the greats. Hank Snow was my favorite...Movin' On was great, and the Golden Rocket still gives me chills down my spine. Miss you.


22 Dec 99 - 11:11 AM (#152906)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: arkie

Just have to say a word of thanks to my favorite of the three Hanks and my my all-time favorite country singer. Got to see him in person once, on the tour that was introducing Elvis Presley, and since I had gone to see Hank, was a little impatient with all the hype surrounding Elvis. After his performance, Elvis received a polite but mild response from the audience, The audience was there to see Hank, the MC came out and tried to whip a more enthusiastic reponse and wangled an encore. I commented to my cousin that somebody was sure trying to push this cat. It was much later when I learned that he was also under the wing of Col. Parker. Hank did not need the help of the MC to get his encore, and he has certainly left a legacy of wonderful recordings and songs. His golden voice and acoustic guitar picking is still with us. Thanks Mr. Snow.

22 Dec 99 - 10:31 PM (#153186)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Pete Curry

I've loved Hank Snow since the Fifties. So distinctive, so right with every reading of every lyric. Whenever I make up a tape of favorite songs for someone, I always include his version of "No One Will Ever Know." We sure have lost a lot of great ones lately. As George Jones once sang, "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes?"

23 Dec 99 - 01:57 PM (#153441)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: kendall

I believe it was Hank Williams who wrote and recorded No one will ever know..

23 Dec 99 - 02:25 PM (#153451)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Dale Rose

Quite true, kendall, but Hank Snow also recorded it on CD4 of the 9CD Singing Ranger Volume 4 ~~ part of Bear Family's wonderful 39 CD tribute to Hank.Link to the whole works ~~ it is a nice file to save to your hard drive for reference. I have all but the two big sets of his later works.

Idle aside, The Governor's Hand is on the same CD.

23 Dec 99 - 03:48 PM (#153485)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: kendall

great, it took me 2 solid months to come up with the Governors Hand

24 Dec 99 - 12:56 PM (#153849)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Art Thieme

Has anyone been able to find a tribute program of Hank Snow singing his own songs on the CNN Nashville Network? I would've thought they'd do one the night he passed away but there was just the old stupid Waltons & Dukes Of Hazard stuff.

Art Thieme

24 Dec 99 - 03:20 PM (#153875)
Subject: RE: Hank Snow Passes
From: Dale Rose

I thought the same, Art, but then ya know TNN stands for The Nothing Network now. I saw David Holt a few months ago, and he said that the network was now run by a bunch of people who care nothing about the music. All that counts is the bottom $ line.

but back to Hank. I checked their website and found no mention of programing, but quite a few better than average stories. Go to and click on keywords and enter hank snow. That will get you a nice list of stuff. I tried their artist search, too, but it did not seem to turn up as much.