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Seek recording: H. Schneyer-Somber,Sacred,& Silly

31 Mar 17 - 04:51 PM (#3847890)
Subject: Tune Req: Want H. Schneyer-Somber,Sacred,& Silly
From: GUEST,Heidi Hackney

I'm looking for Helen Schneyer's album SOMBER, SACRED, & SILLY. Does anyone have a digital source for it?

Many thanks!

31 Mar 17 - 06:26 PM (#3847901)
Subject: RE: Tune Req: Want H. Schneyer-Somber,Sacred,& Silly
From: Joe Offer

There are some CDs available used at Amazon, but not digitally.

Folk-Legacy Records has two album by Helen Bonchek Schneyer, but not this one. None of Helen's albums are available at CDBaby. The two Folk-Legacy albums are available on MPs, but this one album has always been difficult to obtain.

Maybe some of the Washington DC Mudcatters can connect you with Helen's daughter Riki Schneyer, who might be able to help.


31 Mar 17 - 06:43 PM (#3847905)
Subject: RE: Tune Req: Want H. Schneyer-Somber,Sacred,& Silly
From: Bill D

Any digital source today would be an illegal pirated version. I own the CD, and knew Helen personally for many years. I hope the Amazon link will help.

01 Apr 17 - 12:14 AM (#3847928)
Subject: Track List: Somber,Sacred,& Silly (Helen Schneyer)
From: Joe Offer

I have four Helen Bonchek Schneyer CDs in my collection:

  • Ballads, Broadsides, & Hymns
  • On the Hallelujah Line
  • Somber, Sacred, and Silly
  • What a Singing There Will Be

Here are the tracks from Somber, Sacred, and Silly:

  1. Mary on the Wild Moor
  2. Soon One Morning
  3. Lonesome Robin
  4. The Long-Lost Gold Mine
  5. Over There
  6. My Flower, My Companion (Lost Love)
  7. Queen Jane (Child #170)
  8. Don't Marry a Man if he Drinks
  9. The Nurse Pinched the Baby
  10. Old and Gray and Only in the Way
  11. Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl
  12. He Turned the Water into Wine
  13. Only Remembered
  14. This Old World
  15. Are All Your Matches Sold Yet, Tom?
  16. The Cruel Mother (Child #20)
  17. Seek and You Shall Find
  18. Better Home (When I Get Home)

Of the four albums, this is the only one I can't find available other than as a used CD. The others are available as I've shown, and they're also at Amazon and at the usual MP3 outlets.

01 Apr 17 - 12:23 AM (#3847929)
Subject: Track list: On the Hallelujah Line(Helen Schneyer)
From: Joe Offer

Here's the track list for On the Hallelujah Line, Folk-Legacy CD-85
  1. Meeting in the Air
  2. On the Hallelujah Line
  3. Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight
  4. Shout in the Camp
  5. My Father, How Long
  6. Shine for Jesus
  7. He Set Me Free
  8. The Sweetest Words He Ever Said
  9. Jerusalem, My Happy Home
  10. There Is a Land
  11. I Know Moonlight
  12. Fountain Filled With Blood

01 Apr 17 - 12:31 AM (#3847931)
Subject: Track List: Ballads, Broadsides, & Hymns(Schneyer)
From: Joe Offer

Here is the track list for Ballads, Broadsides and Hymns, Folk-Legacy CD-50.
  1. Wayworn Traveler
  2. The Shoofly
  3. Avondale Mine Disaster
  4. Miner's Prayer
  5. Dwelling In Beulahland
  6. The Flying Cloud
  7. Roll the Woodpile Down
  8. Bully in the Alley
  9. The Nightingale
  10. I Will Guide Thee
  11. The Sheath and Knife

01 Apr 17 - 12:38 AM (#3847932)
Subject: Track List:What a Singing There Will Be (Schneyer)
From: Joe Offer

Here's the track listing from Helen Schneyer's final CD, What a Singing There Will Be, which is available from Gordon Bok's Timberhead Records:
  1. Cross Over to the Other Side of Jordan
  2. Palace Grand
  3. Shallo Brown
  4. Keep on the Firing Line
  5. Nelly Was a Lady
  6. That's All Right
  7. Leave You in the Hands of My Lord
  8. I was Right, I Was Wrong All Along
  9. Driving Saw Logs on the Plover
  10. Queen Jane
  11. Coal in the Stone
  12. Better Home
  13. Lonesome Robin
  14. By and By I'm Going to See the King

01 Apr 17 - 09:02 PM (#3848094)
Subject: RE: Seek recording: H. Schneyer-Somber,Sacred,& Silly
From: Thomas Stern

In addition to the 4 CD's noted above,
there are trachs in the following

FOLK LEGACY CD-75    CD 2004
The Continuing Tradition Volume 1 - Ballads
track 8. Driving Saw-Logs on the Plover - Helen Schneyer

Life's Trolley Ride
Jonathan Eberhart
performers include: David Paton, Riki Schneyer, Helen Schneyer, Caroline Paton, Dave Tucker , Joe Hickerson, Jay Ungar, Pete the Spy, Andy Wallace, Sandy Paton, Terry Leonino, Mike Holmes, Greg Artzner, Jeff Deitchman.


HIGHBRIDGE Audio                         4-CD 2015
A Prairie Home Companion 40th Anniversary Collection
9) Please, Mr. Conductor Helen Schneyer with Lisa Neustadt, Lisa Null, Claudia Schmidt.

ANY OTHERS ?????? Thanks!

02 Apr 17 - 09:20 AM (#3848147)
Subject: RE: Seek recording: H. Schneyer-Somber,Sacred,& Silly

Thank you all!