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'In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain' boxset errors?

18 Jan 16 - 01:56 AM (#3766455)
From: GUEST,Kegan Mahon

Hello all,

I purchased this box set from Amazon back in November of 2012.

Amazon lists four formats for this boxset, with the following release dates:

1. Audio CD, Box set, Import, August 8, 2000         

2. Audio CD, Box set, Import, September 12, 2000         
$396.35 (newer edition?)
3. Audio CD, Box set, August 8, 2000 (no copies)

4. Audio CD, September 12, 2000 (no copies)         

This review was posted by an Amazon member (Eric N. Hermann) and dated August 21, 2009;

It pains me to give a slightly negative review to such a great collection. But as someone who takes this music seriously, I can't believe how poorly this has been edited. There are innumerable discrepancies between the song notes in the book and the CDs: song names are different (e.g., "My Virginia Rose" becomes "My Virginia Rose is Blooming"), songs are located on different discs than they're supposed to be (e.g., "On a Hill Lone and Gray" and "The Cuban Soldier"--does this mean the songs did not appear in those recording session indicated in the notes, or are they just included on the wrong CD?), and by far the most troubling, some songs listed in the notes don't seem to be on the CDs at all (e.g., "What does the Deep Sea Say?", "Be Careful Boys, Don't go Too Far.")

I can handle a few typos, but this is shoddy and unacceptable (in an otherwise fantastic release). What happened to the missing songs above?

Obviously such mistakes make it problematic as a scholarly resource
The box set dated for August 8, 2000 was my purchase, and upon reading the review above, I was wondering...are there any corrections made between my edition of the box set, and the later, September issue?

Are the aforementioned errors in the hardback book itself, or are they printed on the CD inserts?

If they're only in the text, what is the edition of the hardcover book? I bought the box set without a book and later on bought a copy, so maybe it's a revised edition - I don't have my set here to try and verify.

If anyone can explain his confusing remarks to me, I would appreciate it. I do plan to use this set for scholarly writing in the future, so I'd like to get things figured out if I can.