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Seegerfest - FREE !!!!

18 Jul 14 - 08:45 PM (#3643290)
Subject: Seegerfest - FREE !!!!

Lincoln Centre, NYC - this weekend - free!!!!!

More info. here:!memorial-concert/c1al2

Streamed online:

A Memorial Concert for Pete and Toshi Seeger is a free, large-scale
event presented by Lincoln Center Out of Doors. The musicians who knew
Pete Seeger the best and worked with him the most are coming together
to play tribute to their lifelong friend and mentor. There will be
performances by Judy Collins, Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary,
Holly Near, Fred Hellerman of The Weavers, Paul Winter Consort, Dar
Williams, Martha Redbone, Guy Davis, Tom Chapin & The Chapin Sisters,
David Amram with Adira & Alana Amram, Tiokisan Ghosthorse, Emma's
Revolution, Kim & Reggie Harris, Magpie, Mike + Ruthy, Sarah Lee
Guthrie & Johnny Irion, Kristen Graves, The Vanaver Caravan, New York
City Labor Chorus, The Owens Brothers, and Michael Moore. Speakers
will include singer/activist Harry Belafonte and filmmaker Michael

20 Jul 14 - 11:57 AM (#3643631)
Subject: RE: Seegerfest - FREE !!!!
From: ChanteyLass

Sounds wonderful!

21 Jul 14 - 12:01 AM (#3643764)
Subject: RE: Seegerfest - FREE !!!!

WOW!!! 3 1/2 hours of the top folk acts in the US!!!

A free 'sell-out' concert with world-wide sing-along participation via the Internet.

The video was streamed live from the Lincoln Centre in NYC last night.

The concert will also be streamed in a loop for the next 24 hours (about 7 repeats) at:!

However I am astonished at the complete and utter lack of interest from Mudcatters in this concert, indeed in Peter Seeger himself.

Also I am astonished at the commensurate lack of interest from the UK folk fraternity in Peter Seeger and the influence that he had on peoples' lives. This includes the BBC.


21 Jul 14 - 10:09 AM (#3643852)
Subject: RE: Seegerfest - FREE !!!!
From: GUEST,Hootenanny

On what do you base you knowledge of lack of interest in Pete Seeger by poeple in the U.K?


21 Jul 14 - 08:13 PM (#3644013)
Subject: RE: Seegerfest - FREE !!!!
From: ChanteyLass

Here in the US, many of us who are unable to get to this Seegerfest have already been to local tributes to Pete. I've been to three. I don't know that there's a lack of interest, just the realization that we can't get to everything. And I don't stream, but at least two friends of mine did stream this Seegerfest. I'm hoping it will be shown on public television or made available on a DVD that I can borrow from a library.