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Brass band competitions

14 Jun 14 - 05:20 PM (#3633006)
Subject: Brass band competitions
From: Black belt caterpillar wrestler

Last night after going to see our MP (see fracking thread in BS) we thought we would have an "evening off" and went over to Denshaw to have a look at one part of the Whit-Friday band competitions.
This must by now rate as traditional music as it has been going on for so long 1884 at least.
I had never been to such a contest before and found it quite enthralling, though not my usual type of music. We arrived about 8:30 in the evening and stayed until the end, well after midnight.
Each band forms up and performs a march while moving to the position where they will be judged on a second piece of music that is presented to a judge who cannot see who is performing.
We saw more than 30 bands, there having been 65 at this venue during the contest. There are many contests running in different villages on the same day and to figure in the area contest each band has to perform in at lead six villages.
You do tend to get repeats of the piece of performed music but surprisingly this means that you start to get the finer points of the presentation coming to the fore. I was very impressed by Black Dyke when they performed close to the end of what must have been quite an endurance feat and produced what to me sounded like an impeccable rendition of a piece that I had already heard three times from other bands, adding nuances to the music that showed their high level.
This really was high class music being presented free to the public and we shall be making sure that we can get there in time to hear even more next year.
It might not be folk but it surely trains your listening ear, trying to guess how the judge is going to sort out an order.

14 Jun 14 - 06:34 PM (#3633017)
Subject: RE: Brass band competitions
From: John J

Aye, the Brass Band Competitions were featured on the local TV last night. I used to be a member of Delph Band Club.... for the beer and the music.
Happy days!

15 Jun 14 - 06:57 AM (#3633159)
Subject: RE: Brass band competitions
From: Weasel

I followed one band around the villages on Friday - we managed only four contests because of long queues at a couple of the villages. I know that at least one band managed eleven. The queue at Delph afforded us time to sample a few pints!

It was my first visit to the Whit-Friday contests and a good night!



15 Jun 14 - 12:54 PM (#3633278)
Subject: RE: Brass band competitions

Interesting how brass is being used in folk bands now

15 Jun 14 - 07:10 PM (#3633370)
Subject: RE: Brass band competitions
From: Kenny B (inactive)

Played in Brass band for 35 years before learning guitar
The same pieces you heard being played were probably the compulsory competition piece , the bands would be being judged on that as well as the pieces of their own choice. Its music to very high standard
I was on a work camp course once and heard a cornet practising i the first aid block and asked the guy who was o the same course as me if i could try his cornet. H had the music fo "Under the Double Eagle" out to play , I played it thro and his comment was " aye sounds like it but its nowhere near whats actually written there " I took the first part as complement as i was a tuba player, and the sceond part as constuctive criticism as i was playing from memory and ear and not from the actual music, he was a senior competition band 1st cornet and a great musucian.

16 Jun 14 - 09:04 AM (#3633520)
Subject: RE: Brass band competitions
From: Weasel

Strawhead were using brass players years ago.