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28 Jan 14 - 02:05 PM (#3596297)
Subject: Folklore: Carickfergus
From: Duke

So many people have performed this song and I love it myself. I was wondering just why it is so special to so many people.

28 Jan 14 - 06:31 PM (#3596364)
Subject: RE: Folklore: Carickfergus
From: GUEST,Triplane

A haunting melody and some nice memorable phrases that folks can relate to .
We performed it unrehearsed with Guanjo vocal and mouthie(harp) at local pub session to "unfolky" folks and got great unnexpected applause.

28 Jan 14 - 06:36 PM (#3596367)
Subject: RE: Folklore: Carickfergus
From: GUEST,michaelr

It's the pathos!

29 Jan 14 - 02:03 PM (#3596575)
Subject: RE: Carickfergus

I think the lyrics were cobbled together arounf the end of WWI. But the melody is much older.

29 Jan 14 - 02:36 PM (#3596582)
Subject: RE: Carickfergus
From: MartinRyan

There have been a number of threads about Carrickfergus on Mudcat over the years. For the most comprehensive treatment - and links to the other threads -
Click here


30 Jan 14 - 11:29 AM (#3596790)
Subject: RE: Carickfergus
From: Duke

Thanks, Martin Ryan! Lots of information to go through. I appreciate the help from one and all.