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Columbia SC

29 Oct 99 - 06:33 PM (#129633)
Subject: Columbia SC
From: Susan of DT

I will be in Columbia South Carolina Nov 13-17 for a meeting and wonder if any mudcatters live there or if there are any music happenings during that time? Contact me thru the thread or personal messages. thanx.

29 Oct 99 - 07:03 PM (#129645)
Subject: RE: Columbia SC
From: Chet W.

Susan, glad you're coming. On Sunday nights about 7:00 a group of us gather at a place called the Publick House. It alternates (from song to song) between Irish and Old-Time. The address is 2307 Devine St, Ph. 256-2207. It is Very close to Five Points, one of the major nightlife areas, but not close enough to hurt. On Saturday nights there is usually a bluegrass and country Jam Session at Bill's Pickin' Parlor in West Columbia (right across the river), 710 Meeting St, West Columbia, ph. 796-6477. There is a new place IN Five Points that has Irish music on Tuesday nights, but the playing is only by invitation and I've never been there, but I know the players are very good. I can't remember the name of the place and it's not in the phone book yet. Send me a message if you'd like directions or whatever.

Hope you like it here, Chet

30 Oct 99 - 01:15 AM (#129763)
Subject: RE: Columbia SC
From: JedMarum

I spent a few weeks consulting on a project in Columbia. I fell in love with the place! Nice people, good food, beautiful country ... it's a big small town!

30 Oct 99 - 02:29 PM (#129869)
Subject: RE: Columbia SC
From: Dani

I'm spitting distance from 85 South if you'll stop by for some NC hospitality!

01 Nov 99 - 10:53 PM (#130720)
Subject: RE: Columbia SC
From: Susan of DT

Thank you all, including the 2 personal messages.
Dani - I won't have wheels, so I won't make it out of town.

02 Nov 99 - 05:18 PM (#131000)
Subject: RE: Columbia SC
From: dwditty

Ah, Columbia, SC. While stationed at Fort Jackson in 1968, I used to sneak out to a little coffee house run by the towns only hippies. A bluesman named Drink Small would play solo, ripping up a cheap electric guitar played through a tiny little amp. Plenty of slide, too. Without a doubt, those evenings were the highlight of my year spent there.


BTW, about two years ago, I ran across a Drink Small CD. Most of his songs were about how he had never made it in the music business, but had busted his ass doing so.

03 Nov 99 - 11:14 AM (#131295)
Subject: RE: Columbia SC
From: Dan Evergreen

Drink Small is still around and has made a name for himself; plays at all the blues jams and concerts. I see him on the street all the time. Still wears his turban. Come see us!

Susan, I got my Bill's Music Shop calendar this morning. They have a concert on the 13th featuring J. Max McKee Family at 8, a jam thereafter.