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Origins: Shame On Me

17 Aug 12 - 12:26 AM (#3391221)
Subject: Origins: Shame On Me
From: GUEST,M. Hersher

I'm trying to hunt down the original source of a song that's uncited in an old collection I ran across.

The title is "Shame on Me" and the a verse/ the chorus is:

Shame on me for loving you
I forgot what a woman like you can do
Shame on me for being me
I forgot that I was free
Shame on me

You say that I should change
Well I'm the only thing I know
I hope you find you can get along
There are lots of things I should have done
A long time ago, I guess I've always known

Anyone recognize it?

17 Aug 12 - 08:10 PM (#3391576)
Subject: RE: Origins: Shame On Me
From: GUEST,999

The only Google reference I can find is your post here, M. Sorry.

24 May 13 - 01:27 PM (#3518871)
Subject: RE: Origins: Shame On Me
From: GUEST,Aaron

My band covered that song. The original is by Sumner McKane.


23 Jun 13 - 10:02 AM (#3529372)
Subject: RE: Origins: Shame On Me
From: Jim Dixon

Here is Sumner McKane's web site, but I don't see any mention there of a song called SHAME ON ME.

I listened to samples of several of his works and they seem to be all instrumentals of a rather meditative "new agey" flavor.

23 Jun 13 - 09:20 PM (#3529604)
Subject: RE: Origins: Shame On Me
From: GUEST,Gern

I doubt this is it, but I recall a Bobby Bare country song in the 60s called "Shame On Me." It was later redone by Donna Fargo. Your lyrics don't quite fit it, but they're not that far off: "Shame on me for hurting you/What can I say, what can I do? Last night I was blind but today I see/I figured wrong; shame on me."

04 Feb 16 - 02:20 PM (#3770594)
Subject: RE: Origins: Shame On Me

For anyone looking in the future:

The song is by Matt Troxell, who is also the singer. Sumner McKane produced it and played many of the instruments on it.